Shannen Says

Shannen Says

Shannen Says - Season 1 Episodes

Shannen Says S1E1
Episode 1

Rules of Engagement

Shannen Doherty and fiancé Kurt Iswarienko plan to marry in seven weeks. Shannen realizes she can’t plan alone and hires wedding planner David Tutera to help execute the wedding of her dreams.

Shannen Says S1E2
Episode 2

Location, Location, Location

With the wedding only six weeks away, Shannen knows she needs to find a venue. Having previously looked at magnificent properties in Malibu, Shannen knows there’s only one place she wants to have her wedding – at her good friend Chris Cortazzo’s ranch. With Chris on board to provide the wedding location, Shannen can’t wait to show it to David Tutera. But, Shannen’s dream wedding location runs into a roadblock when she and David have differing views on the layout. Meanwhile, Kurt surprises Shannen by volunteering them both to baby-sit her manager’s baby for the night, saying it will be a good test for them to see how they handle their own future children.

Shannen Says S1E3
Episode 3

Shannen's Ready, Is Kurt?

David Tutera has some changes in mind to make Shannen’s wedding venue work, but he’s not sure how she will react. With five weeks until her wedding day, Shannen begins the search for her wedding and reception dresses. When Rosa offers up her own wedding dress, Shannen decides she will alter it, and have three dresses on her wedding day. Shannen’s business managers put her on a restrictive allowance. Shannen and Kurt get dance lessons from Louis Van Amstel of Dancing With The Stars.

Shannen Says S1E4
Episode 4

When It Comes to Kurt's Career, He's Single

When Kurt reveals to Shannen that the photo shoot in Prague has come through, Shannen isn’t happy. This great job opportunity will take Kurt out of the country for a week – only three weeks before the wedding. Shannen and Kurt argue over priorities. Kurt receives an additional job he can’t turn down in Madrid, which requires that he leave right away. When Kurt leaves for Madrid without saying goodbye, Shannen wonders if the wedding will even happen.

Shannen Says S1E5
Episode 5

A Wedding in Prague-ress

With Kurt still in Madrid, Shannen is unable to make decisions, leaving wedding planner David Tutera frustrated. When Kurt returns, Shannen won’t talk to him. Unsure of where their relationship is headed, Kurt makes a last ditch effort to rekindle their relationship by inviting Shannen to come to Prague. At first she says no, but then Shannen says yes. In Prague, they work on their differences and rekindle their love. The wedding is back on.

Shannen Says S1E6
Episode 6

Dress Mess

After returning from Prague, Shannen makes a mad rush to find vendors that can take care of her wedding needs. Luckily, Shannen’s Uncle Ben comes to town to add some much needed support. Later, BFFs Roger and Roxana decide to kidnap Shannen for a night out on the town. When Kurt returns from Prague, he finds Shannen in tears. Her wedding dresses look nothing like how she envisioned them, and she now has very little time to fix them. Kurt’s parents come to town and Shannen and Kurt’s mom (Irene) meet David Tutera, who will help Irene find the perfect dress.

Shannen Says S1E7
Episode 7

The Wedding Gift

With only a week before the wedding, Kurt scrambles to find the right wedding gift for Shannen and pulls off a great surprise. Last minute meetings with wedding vendors yield the perfect designer for Shannen’s two wedding dresses. However, less than 24 hours before the wedding, her dresses are held hostage. And, with all the chaos leading up to their wedding, Kurt and Shannen forgot to get a marriage license.

Shannen Says S1E8
Episode 8

The Wedding

It’s the big day. Wedding planner David Tutera has transformed the Cortazzo Ranch into the dream wedding Shannen always envisioned. With a wedding dress code of “all black” strictly enforced and a breathtaking walk up the aisle, Shannen and Kurt tearfully exchange vows while media helicopters circle overhead. Shannen’s father is remembered at “Tom’s Place,” the reception restaurant. Guests enjoy a cigar and perfume bar and Shannen, Kurt, friends and family dance to live music.

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