Shark Tank

Shark Tank

Shark Tank - Season 2 Episodes

Shark Tank S2E1
Episode 1

Seafood Chef, Premium wine glass

The Sharks are stunned by the exploits of two sisters with a children's dance company; a chef with tasty seafood products and more

Shark Tank S2E2
Episode 2

Toygaroo, Nose filter, Bacon alarm clock

A shark wants to invest $4 million in a business; a toy-rental business; a bacon-scented wake-up call; an update on a deal from last season.

Shark Tank S2E3
Episode 3

Kids seek an investor for their idea

Children seek a backer for an idea spawned during a family trip and the sharks fight for a piece of a mother's furniture business.

Shark Tank S2E4
Episode 4

HillBilly, BrocoliWad, Airline child seat

Comic Jeff Foxworthy makes his debut as a guest Shark investor and actor Vincent Pastore pitches a business proposition.

Shark Tank S2E5
Episode 5

Maternity Gowns, CaddySwag, SweepEasy

An entrepreneur presents a line of luxury maternity gowns; a woman tries to impress the sharks with her homemade cakes; the sharks fight over a stay-at-home dad's product.

Shark Tank S2E6
Episode 6

Football hydration, Games2U, EcoMower

A former athlete believes his product can save lives; environmental lawn-mowers; solution to car sickness; kids birthday party franchise.

Shark Tank S2E7
Episode 7

ThinSpeakers, Fart candle, Firehose valve

Tensions rise when Mark Cuban urges entrepreneurs to ignore the other sharks and negotiate only with him.

Shark Tank S2E8
Episode 8

CitiKitty, OneSole, Due In...

A woman seeks an investment for a toilet training kit for cats; the sharks fight for a piece of a million-dollar company owned by a pharmacist.

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