Silversun - Season 1 Episodes

Silversun S1E1
Episode 1

Alien Presence

The year is 2050 and the Star Runner is two years into its 90 year voyage; a voyage that will take them to the Silver Sun. Frozen in the hold is the precious cargo of 550 frozen New Settlers, waiting to colonise the new planet.

After encountering a solar fog, the sensors on the Star Runner pick up a non human entity. Is it an alien? A search is organised before the life form is discovered; Squirt the Cat, smuggled aboard by TYCHO the youngest member of the crew.

Alls well that ends well until a major computer glitch threatens the entire mission.

Silversun S1E2
Episode 2

Electronic Sheep

The glitch caused by the solar fog is to be solved with a down load from Earth.

But leadership tension between TANE and DEGENHARDT can not be solved so easily.

Via the holophone, LEONELLA learns a lesson in change from Earth.

TYCHO and CINNAMON want more responsibility.

PANCHA strange illness is discovered to be from her developing an empathetic link to the ships computer. Although unexplainable, it proves invaluable when she detects an imminent system failure and sounds the alarm.

Silversun S1E3
Episode 3


The emergency that PANCHA detected turns out to be a potential meltdown of all the frozen cryons. MARA and TANE repair the damage just in time.

PANCHA finds being permanently connected to the computer is draining in unexpected ways. SHENG comes up with the solution with some electronic blockers. But they work too well at blocking things.

To determine that they have saved the New Settlers, the crew decide to reanimate one to run tests. The crew select Dr Flickadello, but PANCHA sees DEGENHARDT purposely change the computer selection to another cryon.

Silversun S1E4
Episode 4

Chill Out

The crew bring the pod containing the New Settler to be reanimated, out of the hold. But when opened, it's not the old Dr Flickadello but instead the young ZANDIE BROKOW. What has gone wrong?

CYRIAX questions DEGENHARDT to try and work out what happened. PANCHA stays quiet about what she knows of DEGENHARDT's swapping of the pods.

LEONELLA splices together the genes from lavender with a daffodil and creates a blue daffodil. But who wants a blue daffodil?

ZANDIE decides to stick around for a bit after she bonds with DEGENHARDT

Silversun S1E5
Episode 5

Staying Alive

ZANDIE and DEGENHARDT continue to bond after ZANDIE decides to stay on board.

Not everyone is happy with this decision least of all TANE who sees ZANDIE's presence as a destabilising influence on the Star Runner.

When the greenhouse plants dies, TANE is the first to accuse ZANDIE and demands that she be re-suspended.

Silversun S1E6
Episode 6

Trade Off

When the truth comes out that DEGENHARDT is responsible for reanimating ZANDIE, he is hauled over the coals. But his punishment will be his to decide.

Unimpressed that DEGENHARDT interfered with her life ZANDIE tries to settle into her new life by moving into the girls dorm.

Silversun S1E7
Episode 7

Frozen Exile

Everyone tries as best as they can to stop Degenhardt from being suspended. They all organise a party for him. Because of Degenhardt being suspended in Zandie's place, Zandie thinks Cyriax is tricking her into reanimation. When Tycho and Cinnamon are set to find Degenhardt, they discover he's missing. Cyriax decides to stop Degenhardt from being suspended in frozen animation, and they all have a party. Later that day, the crew are getting too close to the orbit of a new planet.

Silversun S1E8
Episode 8

No Probe-Lemo

Zandie and Degenhardt believe that Cyriax is the ONLY person controlling the ship, and no one else gets a say. The ship are saved from the gravitational pull of the planet they discover. The crew discover that the planet is habitable, and Pancha chooses to call it Blue-Two. To see if Blue-Two is habitable, they decide to send a probe down to investigate. It doesn't return, and when Squirt, the cat, is missing, Tycho & Cinnamon believe it's on the probe.

Silversun S1E9
Episode 9

Hot Seat

Mara is given the chance to be in an interview that will be broadcast all over Earth, and she is worried that she might muck up the interview, and humiliate herself in front of the whole of Earth. Tane is angry because Mara gets chosen to be in the interview, and not himself. Meanwhile, Leonella is continually frustrated with her mother as she believes she is meddling in her and Tane's relationship. But she's offered help, by the most unlikely person.

Silversun S1E10
Episode 10


Zandie is angry that she is told what to do and when to do it. Leonella & Tane become too close, and Lillian tells them to break it off. Degenhardt, Zandie and Leonella lock themselves in a room until their demands are met that everyone should have a fair share on the ship. Pancha and Sheng begin to work together more often and is startled when the computer tells them they are a perfect match! But is the computer right?

Silversun S1E11
Episode 11

Can Opener

Everyone discovers that Zandie is a "Hard Target", a person that is frozen in suspended animation because she can fight if there are any living creatures on the Silver Sun. Leonella gets worried about being locked in the room. Mara & Tane have a fight, and Mara tries to get Zandie, Degenhardt & Leonella out of the locked room. The Star Runner ship is about to go through a wormhole, a space-time singularity. If they go through the wormhole, they will go into a different dimension, and may not get out alive. They discover Leonella knows a little bit about wormholes, and they need Degenhardt's help. So they send a code-red report to get Leonella and Degenhardt out of the room. They stay in because of their demands. When Tycho and Cinnamon go and try to tell them that it isn't a drill, Degenhardt & Leonella go to the bridge. The two of them help out, and the ship makes it through the wormhole. Only problem is, how do they get out?

Silversun S1E12
Episode 12

Where's My Star?

Being in a different dimension means that Star Runner has lost all contact with Earth, and the only computer access they have is through Pancha's connection with the computer. Degenhardt, Zandie and Leonella are put on probation because of their lockdown decisions. Mara, Sheng and Cinnamon try to find the wormhole. Cinnamon discovers a planet and names it after herself. She also finds an asteroid and names it after Tycho. Pancha, Mara, Leonella and Sheng discover they can use the energy force from the asteroid's orbit of the planet to get back through the wormhole, and back on track to the Silver Sun. The plan is successful. Meanwhile, Cyriax lets Degenhardt, Zandie and Leonella go back into the locked room. Leanella refuses, as does Degenhardt, and Zandie gets angry. Later on, Tycho discovers a green blob, and the episode ends.

Silversun S1E13
Episode 13

Jelly Belly

The crew believe Tycho is joking about the green blob he spotted, but it appears at the hull of the ship again, and gets annoyed when no one believes for the second time around. Mara is impressed with Degenhardt's ability to work on the ship by himself, and Leonella suspects a little romance arising. Mara gets angry at Zandie, and tells her off. Pancha & Sheng discover something is stuffing up the ship's scanners, so Cyriax goes into space, out of the ship, to investigate. He finds out that a piece of hot metal from a satellite dish caused the problem, and returns on board the ship. The episode ends with Cyriax being attacked by the green blob, that somehow made its way into the astronaut outfit.

Silversun S1E14
Episode 14

Last One Standing

Cyriax begins to feel pain, and a holographic alien of himself appears, which can't be seen by Tycho, who is watching him. He gets worse, and begins to tell Sheng off for no reason, which makes Sheng feel sad, but Pancha comforts him. Zandie takes Leonella's bed again, and gets angry at her. Mara tells Leonella to fight Zandie, but Leanella takes it too seriously, and decides to have a martial arts fight, that Zandie accepts. Everyone worries about Leonella fighting with Zandie, and when the time comes, they all cheer on Leonella. Zandie wins, and everyone treats her awfully, and Zandie begins to feel left out. A voice begins to talk to Cyriax, who is seen getting stronger at the end of the episode.

Silversun S1E15
Episode 15

Two Faced

Zandie feels a bit left out, and Cinnamon, wanting to be Zandie's friend, steals some champagne from Steve & Karen and gives it to Zandie. She decides to drink it, and becomes really sick. Meanwhile, Cyriax begins to get stronger, and Tane and Degenhardt begin to suspect something's up when he goes off at them. When Cyriax and Tane play basketball, Cyriax pushes Tane against the wall and hurts him. Degenhardt tries to show the difference with Cyriax to Mara, but he shows no signs of difference. Cyriax gets stronger, and tries to hurt Degenhardt because he's a threat. Pancha wants to look different, and feels sad about her implant, so she creates a different look of herself, and tricks Sheng into thinking it's Amber Leigh, a girl from Earth.

Silversun S1E16
Episode 16

Call Waiting

Zandie receives credits to talk to relatives or friends back on Earth. She receives a million credits, and when she has no one to talk to, she gives some of her credits to Mara so she can talk to her sick gran, who might die. Meanwhile, Sheng uses his credits to talk to the "supposed" Amber Leigh, who is just Pancha with an English accent. Pancha reveals this to Sheng shortly after, and they both reveal their feelings toward eachother. Also, Cyriax has a feeling something is wrong with the engine of the ship, and orders everyone around angrily. The episode ends with Cyriax ordering everyone to turn the ship around immediately, and head back to Earth!

Silversun S1E17
Episode 17

Hole In The Heart

Cyriax orders Mara to spy on everyone, and tell him when someone is doing something wrong. She reports the meeting that Degenhardt is calling about Cyriax's behaviour. Pancha & Sheng feel difference between eachother, so Pancha creates a timetable for when she can see Sheng and when she can see her computer. Cyriax points out that there is a germ that is sabotaging the whole ship. He yells out that Mara is a disgrace to the ship, and she should be crushed. Mara's grandma takes a turn for the worst, and Mara feels lost. She decides to resign from the mission. And, as the episode concludes, Cyriax takes a turn for the worse.

Silversun S1E18
Episode 18


The crew turn the ship around, back toward the Silver Sun when Cyriax falls victim to the green germ. Sheng & Leanella try to find a way to kill the germ. They find a chemical, but if they feed it to Cyriax, he will die. The crew search the whole ship for any other traces of the germ. Meanwhile, Squirt is lost, and Tane & Degenhardt find him in a room, but they get locked in, and the chemical that could kill them is released into the room. Squirt gets saved, and Degenhardt and Tane make it out alive, using their suits and oxygen. Pancha blames herself and feels guilty for Tane and Degenhardt almost dying, and she breaks up with Sheng, because he's a distraction.

Silversun S1E19
Episode 19


Lillian reckons they should freeze Cyriax in suspended animation, and unfreeze him when they reach the Silver Sun. That way, he could get help. They discover the only way to save Cyriax is to send him back to Earth on an escape pod. Two people have to pilot the pod. Steve chooses Tane and Mara, but Mara doesn't want to go back to Earth, so Leonella decides to take her place, fighting many difficulties along the way. Sheng feels annoyed when he is not selected to pilot the escape pod, and stops communicating with Pancha for good.

Silversun S1E20
Episode 20

One Way Ticket

Degenhardt hears Cyriax say something about BACKUP 397, so he, Pancha and Mara hold a search using the computers to find out about BACKUP 397, disobeying Steve's orders. Leonella & Tane are chosen to take Cyriax back to Earth. Cyriax is loaded on to the escape pod, and Tycho asks for Squirt to be sent back to Earth too. Meanwhile, Degenhardt and Mara check the final 397 thing they can think of, and try the cryon pods. They discover pod 397 supposedly has no one inside, but when they open it, Cyriax is revealed in there. But isn't Cyriax on the escape pod to Earth?

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