Sit Down, Shut Up

Sit Down, Shut Up

Sit Down, Shut Up - Season 1 Episodes

Sit Down, Shut Up - Season 1

Sit Down, Shut Up - Season 1

This is a comedy about a small Florida fishing town (Go Baiters!) who never lose sight of the fact that the children must ALWAYS come second. We watch them grapple with their own egos, needs and personal agendas, their petty insecurities and prejudices, unrequited loves and ruthless battles for power - and that's just at the staff meeting. Sit Down, Shut Up is a series for the young and old at heart. It lampoons modern society while exposing the dreams, flaws and struggling humanity of our first and most formative authority figures: teachers.

Sit Down, Shut Up S1E1
Episode 1


We are introduced to a group of teachers and staff at an elementary school and learn what really happens when the students go home. Knob Haven High School is facing a financial crisis and Acting Principal Sue Sezno has to either win a future football game in order to obtain donations from alumni or fire a faculty member. Meanwhile, Vice Principal Stuart Proszakian becomes addicted to pills that were confiscated from a student's locker.

Sit Down, Shut Up S1E2
Episode 2

Miracle's Are Real

Miracle decides to celebrate spring by distributing flowers to the staff, but fails to realize that she is actually giving out hemlock, which ultimately puts Andrew in a coma. This, along with Larry's pragmatism, causes Miracle to lose her spirituality, but Larry ends up trying to get her to regain her faith nonetheless. Meanwhile, the school's fundraiser is put in danger due to Helen's grudge against Sue.

Sit Down, Shut Up S1E3
Episode 3

World's Greatest Teacher

When Knob Haven High has an opportunity to be named a "Distinguished School," Larry offers to give a speech to the school board but is substituted after a viral video of Ennis surfaces. Meanwhile, Willard decides to teach Driver's Ed in order to prevail over his fear of driving.

Sit Down, Shut Up S1E4
Episode 4

Back in Time

In an effort to impress the PTA, the faculty and staff of Knob Haven High School throw a party at Huey Lewis' house. Things start to become like the movies of the 1980's, especially after Willard travels through time in a DeLorean.

Sit Down, Shut Up S1E5
Episode 5

High School Confidential

High school scandals are uncovered.

Sit Down, Shut Up S1E6
Episode 6

Taming of the Dude

The teachers get schooled in lessons of love.

Sit Down, Shut Up S1E7
Episode 7

Hurricane Willard

It's Willard to the rescue.

Sit Down, Shut Up S1E8
Episode 8

Mr. Hofftard Goes to Washington

It's Washington, D.C. or bust!

Sit Down, Shut Up S1E9
Episode 9


Heart attacks are all the rage.

Sit Down, Shut Up S1E10
Episode 10

Helen and Sue's High School Reunion

Never get in the middle of a girl fight.

Sit Down, Shut Up S1E11
Episode 11

Math Lab

Knob Haven High School just says "no".

Sit Down, Shut Up S1E12
Episode 12


Knob Haven High provides a unique brand of special education.

Sit Down, Shut Up S1E13
Episode 13

High School Musical Musical

Andrew's musical brings down the house!

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