Skins - Season 1 Episodes

Skins S1E1
Episode 1


Tony's a smart kid. So smart he believes that he can get his best friend Stanley laid, and make a profit in the bargain -- with a drug deal. Inevitably that deal goes wrong. Stanley doesn't lose his virginity...again. And a stolen car, carrying the unpaid drugs, goes into the lake. Now the kids are really in trouble.

Skins S1E2
Episode 2


Tea's beautiful and gay. Everyone loves her, and they certainly can't help but want more from her. But she won't even think about it - she just carries on being happy and untouchable. Until one day, she meets her match, and her once blissful life is set ablaze.

Skins S1E3
Episode 3


Happy-go-lucky Chris wakes one morning to find his single Mom has left him a thousand dollars on the kitchen counter and blown town. Twenty-four hours later, the cash is gone - spent on a wild party. It is only then that Chris realizes his Mom's not coming home. Ever.

Skins S1E4
Episode 4


Cadie's cured - released from the hospital. Great. Except that Cadie's no better. Her friends are anxious to share her Rolodex of prescriptions. Her parents just want her to be good. But Cadie's worst problem is love -- an illness that can't be cured with pills. But that won't stop her from trying.

Skins S1E5
Episode 5


Stanley's in trouble. If he plays truant once more, he'll have to repeat his junior year. So one morning when he misses the school bus, Stanley has no choice but to commandeer his dad's car... just this once. The day gets weirder - his best friend Tony gives him Michelle. Now Stan finds himself in his dad's "borrowed" car with the girl of his dreams. What could possibly go wrong?

Skins S1E6
Episode 6


What happens when you go on a class trip into the woods for a little self-discovery? You create your own "trip" any possible means. But no amount of drugs, no buzz will make Abbud forget that he's completely in love with his best friend. He longs for the day when those feelings are reciprocated. Sadly, it looks like that day may never come.

Skins S1E7
Episode 7


Michelle has finally caught wind of Tony's betrayals - no thanks to her friends who seem to have known all along. So Michelle cuts Tony loose and sets off on a social cleanse. After the dust settles, she embraces a new friendship. Will she get Tony out of her system for good?

Skins S1E8
Episode 8


Daisy has big dreams, not that she can focus on them when she feels bound to clean up the messes her friends and family make of their lives. She's good at school, great at playing the trumpet and excellent at managing her friends' disasters. But can she ever get what she wants?

Skins S1E9
Episode 9


It's Tina's birthday and she's feeling like an adult who still hasn't grown up. She makes efforts to change her life and fails disastrously, winding up even more of an adolescent than ever.

Skins S1E10
Episode 10


Tony is depressed and all of his friends have shunned him. His younger sister, Eura, is here to help lead him back to salvation.

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