Sleeper Cell


Sleeper Cell - Season 2 Episodes

Sleeper Cell - Season 2

Sleeper Cell - Season 2

A new cell awakens with Sleeper Cell: American Terror, the provocative next chapter in the riveting series. The hidden face of terrorism is again revealed and a new attack is underway.

Sleeper Cell S2E1
Episode 1


FBI agent Darwyn Al-Sayeed is enlisted into one last routine recon mission, which leads Darwyn down a dangerous road to a possible new Cell.

Sleeper Cell S2E2
Episode 2


FBI agent Darwyn Al-Sayeed must protect his cover and work with the terrorists to unmask their secret attack plan.

Sleeper Cell S2E3
Episode 3


FBI agent Darwyn faces a dangerous dilemma when he is ordered by the terrorist network to secure a military explosive and his new FBI handler refuses to cooperate.

Sleeper Cell S2E4
Episode 4


FBI agent Darwyn Al-Sayeed must risk blowing his cover to stop a cell member who embarks on a deadly vendetta against a progressive Islamic televangelist.

Sleeper Cell S2E5
Episode 5


The future of the Cell will be changed forever when Darwyn receives a special delivery from a newly energized Farik.

Sleeper Cell S2E6
Episode 6


A new leader is calling the shots for the Cell, and Darwyn learns more details about the planned nuclear strike against Los Angeles.

Sleeper Cell S2E7
Episode 7


The day of reckoning has arrived. The Cell members prepare to launch the attack, even as the FBI springs its trap.

Sleeper Cell S2E8
Episode 8


On the heels of successfully thwarting the attack on the Hollywood Bowl, Darwyn deals with the loss of Gayle and his failure to stop Mina's bombing in Las Vegas.

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