So Weird

So Weird

So Weird - Season 1 Episodes

So Weird S1E1
Episode 1

Family Reunion

Molly Phillips' new gig in Chicago is in an old waterfront building that turns out to be haunted by the ghost of a drowned boy. Her daughter, Fiona (Fi), who seems to always investigate the paranormal, becomes curious when the drowned boy keeps appearing to her.

So Weird S1E2
Episode 2

Web Sight

Fi receives unknown emails predicting the future and she believes they're from her dead father.

So Weird S1E3
Episode 3


Enroute to Tulsa, Fi and the gang visit a town in Oklahoma where it seems that aliens have repressed the memories of everyone in the entire town after their ship crash landed the previous night.

So Weird S1E4
Episode 4


While lost in the woods Fi helps a Bigfoot like creature remain undetected by humans at the risk of her own life.

So Weird S1E5
Episode 5


Fi discovers that a girl is astroprojecting herself to escape the problems in her life.

So Weird S1E6
Episode 6


Fi and the gang stay in a small town where mischievious gremlins break everything that's mechanical.

So Weird S1E7
Episode 7


The apparition of a man runs the tour bus off the road and Fi believes he's death himself. But he's really an angel come to tell Fi that she's a bone marrow match for Jack's new friend Gabe.

So Weird S1E8
Episode 8


While visiting her aunt and twin cousins, Fi inadvertently conjures up a creature using a Celtic spell and learns of her family's history with Celtic magic.

So Weird S1E9
Episode 9


When Molly meets up with her old time friend, Rebecca 's daughter, Fi dicovers a mysterious secret.The girl is actually the Rebecca from Molly's past and is immortal which is the reason why she mysteriously dissapeared many years ago.

So Weird S1E10
Episode 10


So Weird S1E11
Episode 11


Clu becomes lost in a wormhole at the playground and it's up to Fi to save him.

So Weird S1E12
Episode 12


Fi uses the computer game SimCity to help a comatose woman wake up from her own mind where she's been trapped since she was a child.

So Weird S1E13
Episode 13

Will O' the Wisp

While viewing the Ghost lights of Marfa, a mischievious will-o'-the-wisp takes over Jack's body and freezes time leaving Fi to decipher his riddles and guess his name or the world as Fi knows it will end.

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