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So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance - Season 7 Episodes

So You Think You Can Dance - Season 7

So You Think You Can Dance - Season 7

So You Think You Can Dance is a United States television reality program and dance competition airing on the Fox Broadcasting Company network. Season seven premiered on May 27, 2010. In the August 12 finale, contemporary/jazz dancer Lauren Froderman was named "America's Favorite Dancer" and received the grand prize of $250,000, as well as an appearance on the cover of Dance Spirit magazine and in print advertising for Gatorade. Contemporary dancers Kent Boyd and Robert Roldan were named runner-up and third place finisher, respectively.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E1
Episode 1

Auditions #1 and #2

Welcome back to So You Think You Can Dance! Ahhh, I'm SO excited for this season: All-Stars, 10 solid new contestants, single eliminations, and the return of Mia Michaels! Tonight's premiere started with the words "The toughest season ever is about to begin." Bring it on.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E2
Episode 2

Auditions #3 and #4

The second episode of Season 7 kicked off with Los Angeles auditions. So You Think You Can Dance goes to L.A. every season for auditions, and why wouldn't they since Nick Lazzarini, Donyelle Jones, and All-Stars Dominic Sandoval, tWitch, and Lauren Gottlieb were discovered at L.A. auditions. Also, the weather is tolerable for the countless dancers who lined up around the block to audition.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E3
Episode 3

Auditions #5 and #6 / Vegas Callbacks, Part 1

When watching some reality TV shows, it can feel like they're trying to spread a little bit of content into a long block of time. This was not the case with the third episode of So You Think You Can Dance's seventh season. In two hours, we traveled to Dallas, Texas for two days of hometown auditions, then jetted to Nashville, Tennessee for two days of auditions, and then went to Vegas for two days of intense auditions.

Within these two hours of dance we saw tears, twirls, dancing for your life, and hairography. We also learned what city isn't the hub for spectacular dancers.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E4
Episode 4

Vegas Callbacks, Pt. 2

It was another jam-packed episode of Season 7. In two hours, we'd witness the second half of Vegas auditions and then we'd find out which 10 danced their way into the judges' hearts.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E5
Episode 5

Meet The Top 11

We saw snippets of the Top 11 over the past few weeks, and now it was time to see them dance in their own styles. This was a fabulous addition during Season 6 and I'm so excited to have it back. At the start of the show, we saw snippets of the 11 contestants and 12 all-stars and I got chills nearly 23 times.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E6
Episode 6

Top 11 Perform

Here we go...It was the first night that the Top 11 got to perform live for our votes, and it was the very first live So You Think You Can Dance performance show...ever! The results shows are always live, but the performance shows were typically pre-taped. And with 11 couples instead of 10, would the show manage to fit everything into the two hour time slot?

So You Think You Can Dance S7E7
Episode 7

1 of 11 Voted Off

Tonight we'll find out how America voted for the first time this season. Cat Deeley just hates Thursdays!

So You Think You Can Dance S7E8
Episode 8

Top 10 Perform

We've made it to the Top 10! On a typical season, this would be a huge milestone, but we've only just begun. Tonight, the dancers were introduced alongside their early dance photos. The four girls and six guys danced on the stage, and since we've always eliminated one guy and one girl per week, this is the first time it's been uneven.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E9
Episode 9

1 of 10 Voted Off

Cat Deeley welcomed us to So You Think You Can Dance and the evening kicked off with the Top 10's Sonya Tayeh jazz routine to "Royal T" by Crookers feat. Roisin Murphy. The female dancers have matching tattoos on their arms for this least I assume it's just for this performance and not some bonding activity they took part in late last night after the show.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E10
Episode 10

Top 9 Perform

The third live performance show opened with a black and white trailer about the dancers inspiring us, and tonight we found out who inspires them. The Top 9 were introduced and it was sad when Cat Deeley said, "Here are your girls," and only three marched forward.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E11
Episode 11

1 of 9 Voted Off

After an amazing night of partner performances, solos, and some live TV wardrobe malfunctions, who did America vote for? We'd find out within the hour, but first the Top 8 took the stage and danced a piece by Jamel Gaines to "O Fortuna" from Carmina Burana. The guys were good sports and wore spandex and mesh, and the girls looked like hip royalty in white pleated collars. Everyone is so talented...but I don't need to tell you that if you watched last night!

Cat Deeley introduced the three judges were present, and judge Nigel Lythgoe announced that next week the Top 8 will dance with an all-star they never danced with before, and they will also dance with one of their competitors! And due to the uneven genders, the partnering could be unexpected like it was with last night's final routine.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E12
Episode 12

Top 8 Perform

With seven minutes until show time, the earth began shaking. Southern California was hit by an earthquake, but that wasn't the only shake up this week. Contestant Alex Wong was rehearsing the night before the show and was injured. With a plaster cast on his foot and the possibility of a ruptured Achilles tendon, the doctors ordered the ballet dancer to sit out from tonight's show until they get the MRI results back. Nigel Lythgoe explained that with the new rules this year, he'll be placed in bottom three and if he can't appear next week, he'll be out of the competition. When Nigel asked Alex if it hurt, the dancer replied, "Only in my heart." A teary-eyed Alex sat in the audience to root on his fellow contestants. But that wasn't the only injury this week...

So You Think You Can Dance S7E13
Episode 13

1 of 8 Voted Off

Heaven's gates opened and revealed billowy clouds and the Top 8 with Ade Obayomi substituting for Alex Wong. This dancing angels piece was choreographed by Mia Michaels to Sting's "When We Dance."

So You Think You Can Dance S7E14
Episode 14

Top 7 Perform

This week's performance show started off eerily and unfortunately similar to last week's. Cat Deeley introduced the "Top 7" but only six were on stage. We saw Billy, Robert, Jose, Lauren, AdéChiké, Kent...where's Ashley? There was only one girl, so Cat couldn't even say, "Here are the girls, and these are your guys."

So You Think You Can Dance S7E15
Episode 15

1 of 7 Voted Off

The Top 7 results show started with a group dance that had both all-stars and contestants in it. They danced an old bar scene Broadway routine to "Charleston (from Billion Dollar Baby)" from Jerome Robbins' Broadway. Choreographer Tyce Diorio used this song in his Broadway choreography for the Season 7 Vegas hopefuls. At the end of the performance, host Cat Deeley was wheeled out on a bench in a yellow frock and heavy eyeliner.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E16
Episode 16

Top 6 Perform

For the second week in a row, we said goodbye to an injured dancer as Ashley Galvan's doctors required her to rest up for the tour. This week, the remaining six dancers try their best to stay healthy as they compete for your votes on Wednesday, July 21st at 8/7c on FOX. This special show marks the 150th episode of So You Think You Can Dance! The contestants will perform with an all-star, with another competitor, and they'll dance a solo in their own style.

The Top 6 results show will kick-off with a group performance by choreographer Kelley Abbey. You're in for a treat when Enrique Iglesias takes the stage with Pitbull to perform "I Like It." Specialty dance acts from the American Ballet Theatre and from DJ Smart (a Season 7 Top 24 hopeful) will blow your mind. At the end of the night, we'll find out which dancer tip toes away in sixth place.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E17
Episode 17

1 of 6 Voted Off

So You Think You Can Dance S7E18
Episode 18

Top Six Perform Again

On Wednesday, the Top 5 take the stage and try to win the hearts of the judges and America. See which finalists and All-Stars get paired up together and which choreographers they get to work with on.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E19
Episode 19

Two of Six Voted Off

On Thursday, one more dancer will be eliminated from the race for the title of America’s Favorite Dancer. Find out who is safe and who will be sent home.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E20
Episode 20

Top 4 Perform

On Wednesday, it’s time for the Top 4 finalists to take the stage and try to earn their spot in the upcoming finale. Tune in to see who’s quick on their feet and who trips up.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E21
Episode 21

1 of 4 Voted Off

On Thursday, one more dancer will be eliminated from the race for the title of America’s Favorite Dancer. Find out who will compete in next week’s season finale.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E22
Episode 22

Top 3 Perform

On Wednesday, the final three dancers left in the competition must leave it all on the dance floor during their final performances. This is the last chance to hit their marks, land their jumps and convince the judges and the viewers they have what it takes to be America’s Favorite Dancer.

So You Think You Can Dance S7E23
Episode 23

Winner Announced

On Thursday, the votes have been tallied, and the moment America has been waiting for is finally here! Find out who has been chosen as America’s Favorite Dancer.

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