Sons of Tucson


Three wealthy young brothers hire a hustler to pose as their father when their real one goes to prison for committing a white collar crime in this FOX comedy project.

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An intelligence analyst discovers a secret pattern he can't explain. As he unravels a series of clues, he's drawn into a world of conspiracy & murder. Rubicon: not every conspiracy is a theory.

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‘Sons of Tucson’ and ‘'Til Death’ Cancelled Animation reigns supreme on Fox, where the network has now cancelled its last two standing live action comedies. According to Variety, both the short-lived Sons of Tucson and the four year old 'Til Death have been given their walking papers.

Sons of Tucson has been pulled off Fox's current Sunday night line-up schedule. The network plans to air the rest of the unseen episodes this summer starting June 6th. Animated sitcom American Dad! will take over the open slot left by Sons of Tucson at 9:30 pm starting April 11th.

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Tyler Labine and Justin Berfield Speak Out on ‘The Sons of Tucson’ Fox is getting ready to debut its brand new series, The Sons of Tucson, which will premiere on Sunday, March 14 at 9:30 PM ET. One of the stars of the show, Tyler Labine, who plays Ron Snuffkin, recently joined executive producer Justin Berfield on a conference call to discuss this new show. Here's what they had to say.

An actor once told me that one of the things he looks for in a good character is an interesting name. He said that if he's got a character that's got an interesting name or a weird name he's halfway home in figuring out what his character's all about, and I was thinking with a name like Ron Snuffkin, is there anything to that theory? What do you think?

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