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South Park - Season 8 Episodes

South Park - Season 8

South Park - Season 8

During this season, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny again find themselves at the centre of a number of hot political issues and celebrity shenanigans.

South Park S8E1
Episode 1

Good Times with Weapons

Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenney pretend they are Japanese warriors after they buy martail arts weapons at a local flea market. Thier sworn enemy, Professor Chaos (Butters), confronts them and a stylized anime battle ensues, with Butters paying the price.

South Park S8E2
Episode 2

Up the Down Steroid

Jimmy is in training for an upcoming sporting event and he's determined to win at any cost. Cartman decides he can easily take first place against Jimmy. He just has to convince the judges he's handicapped.

South Park S8E3
Episode 3

The Passion of the Jew

Kyle finally sees the movie The Passion of the Christ and admits that Cartman has been right about the Jewish people all along. After Stan and Kenny see the film, they hate it and pursue Mel Gibson to get thier money back.

South Park S8E4
Episode 4

You Got F**ked in the Ass

Stan is callenged to a dance-off. Now he has to put a team of South Park's best dancers together to compete against a team from Orange County. While Butters has won awards for his dancing, he refuses to help Stan. He hasn't danced since he caused the deaths of many audience members at his last competition.

South Park S8E5
Episode 5


Cartman dresses up like a robot, calls himself Awesom-O and moves in with Butters in a plan to learn all of Butters' secrets and use them against him. While Butters is thrilled to have a new best friend, the U.S. Army believes Awesom-O is some new secret weapon, and Hollywood is after the phony robot to develop thier next big blockbuster.

South Park S8E6
Episode 6

The Jeffersons

All the children of South Park are attracted to "Mr. Jefferson" and his home of games, toys, and animals. Cartman goes out of his way to be "Mr. Jefferson's" best friend while Stan, Kyle and Kenney try to help his son. Meanwhile, South Park's police force decides to take down "Mr. Jefferson" for being a rich, black man.

South Park S8E7
Episode 7


When humans from the year 4035 travel back to our time through a time portal looking for work, Stan, Kyle, Kenney, and Cartman, as well as the rednecks of the town, become angry that the time immigrants are taking thier jobs because they are willing to work for next to nothing.

South Park S8E8
Episode 8

Douche and Turd

PETA cries out agianst the use of a cow as South Park Elementary's mascot, forcing the students to choose a new one. As the election gets closer, Kyle tries to convince everyone that his candidate, a giant douche, is better than Carman's nominee, a turd sandwich. Meanwhile, Stan is kicked out of South Park until he learns the importance of voting.

South Park S8E9
Episode 9

Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes

The stores of South Park go out of buisness when a Wall Mart comes to the town with its incredible bargains. Cartman, along with the rest of the town, becomes possessed by the power of Wall Mart. Only Stan, Kyle, and Kenney are left to save thier town and destroy the Wall Mart, while Cartman attempts to stop thier plan.

South Park S8E10
Episode 10


For five long years, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenney, and Butters have kept a secret about an illegal incident that happened back in pre-school. Now, the boy they blamed it all on is out of juvie, with revenge on his mind.

South Park S8E11
Episode 11

Quest for Ratings

Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenney, Butters, Jimmy, and Tolken produce thier own morning news show on the school's closed-circuit television station and are immediately caught up in the intense competition for ratings. During thier quest for ratings, the boys discover a terrible secret about the school.

South Park S8E12
Episode 12

Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset

All the fourth-grade girls idolize the rich, famous, and spoiled socialite, Paris Hilton. Disturbed by the corruptive influence the trashy celebrity has on little girls, one of the towns favorite citizens, Mr. Slave, challenges her to a "whore-off" when Wendy approaches him about the situation.

South Park S8E13
Episode 13

Cartman's Incredible Gift

After suffering from a severe head injury after attempting to fly off his roof, South Park detectives now believe Cartman has telepathic powers, and enlist his help in finding a killer who's been murdering the citizens of South Park. Catman agrees to help them...for a price, of course.

South Park S8E14
Episode 14

Woodland Critter Christmas

Stan is asked by a group of cute woodland critters if he could help them build a manger for the arrival of thier Lord and Savior. Stan agrees to help them, only to find out they serve Satan.

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