Spawn - Season 2 Episodes

Spawn S2E1
Episode 1

Home,Bitter Home

Spawn S2E2
Episode 2

Access Denied

Spawn is tortured, and tormented by relentless dreams of Terry sleeping with Wanda. Nightmares where the two of them are happy to be rid of Al Simmons, happy that he's dead. They are the distorted fever dreams of a Hellspawn twisted by the ugly hand of Clown and his boss, Malebolgia. Clown tries to get Spawn to blame Terry for stealing his wife, and ruining his life. Clown will do anything to prod the Hellspawn and turn him into the evil leader of the damned that he was born to be. Meanwhile, Terry is being framed by Jason Wynn because of the private investigation that Terry has been running in order to expose Wynn for selling illegal arms to outlaw countries. The frame-job is clever and air-tight. Terry is in deep trouble. To make matters worse, Wynn sends MERRICK, a company assassin to kill Fitzgerald. Spawn is there every step of the way, tracking Terry, and putting down the hit-men as he goes. He doesn't want anybody else to kill Fitzgerald, because Spawn wants him for himself.


Spawn S2E3
Episode 3

Colors of Blood

Wynn's search for the missing Terry Fitzgerald continues. He sits and meets with Wanda, while outside Merrick and a team of killers waits to ambush Terry when he arrives home. Terry tries to call his wife, but hears Jason is there and hangs up. Confused, panicked, and on the run, Terry wanders not knowing what his next move will be. Back in the alley, drug dealers have invaded and are terrorizing the Spawn protects. Burke and Twitch try to roust the dealers, but have little. It is only after the dealers brutally murder one of the residence of the alley that the Spawn, reluctant to be a hero, becomes involved. One by one the Hellspawn eliminates the dealers until only the leader is left. In a final act of poetic justice, Spawn leaves the lead dealer to the mercy of the inhabitants of Rat City.

Has this Hellspawn found some scrap of humanity within himself? Or is this the act of a predator whose territory has been invaded? Has his basic instinct to kill taken hold of him? He knows he h

Spawn S2E4
Episode 4

Send in the KKKlowns

A sick and twisted killer who answers to the master, Malebolgia is on a mission of death. The killer is stalking the city in search of minorities and murdering them in the name of cleansing. Little does Spawn know, but this and other evil men are in his mist. They are drawn to the alley because of him. Drawn to the sound of Malebolgia'a whisper. Drawn to the evil that lurks in the shadows. Meanwhile, Wynn is relentlessly pursuing Terry Fitzgerald and keeping a close eye on Wanda in case the traitor shows up to see her. Merrick is convinced that Wanda knows where he is and demands that she be allowed to get the truth out of her. Wynn will not allow it. Instead, he plans to get close to Wanda, have dinner with her, and gain her trust. Maybe then she will let Wynn know where Terry is hiding.

After Wanda contacts Terry, Wynn gets suspicious and sends men to follow her. Spawn has been watching the whole time and when the agents try to attack Wanda, the Hellspawn acts. Spawn takes out the

Spawn S2E5
Episode 5


Spawn S2E6
Episode 6


Now, it is Jason Wynn who is the haunted man. His schemes are crumbling. His sleep is an endless series of nightmarish visions. He is convinced that he is being called by an evil force and somehow he finds comfort in its familiarity. But the comfort is short lived when a visitor comes to his tower office for a visit. The visitor is Spawn. He has come to Wynn to issue a warning, and show the evil Wynn a glimpse of Hell. But before the visit is concluded Wynn wakes and finds it was all a dream. Or was it? In the alley Spawn and Cogliostro argue. Cogliostro tries to tell Spawn to forget about his former life. It is time for the Hellspawn to forget the past and worry about the future. He tells Spawn that he and Wynn are entangled. That Malebolgia has always guided both their lives. Spawn demands that the old man say who he is and Cogliostro confesses that the dark one, Malebolgia was once his master too. He knows that if Spawn kills Wynn he will deliver Wynn to the fold and in turn, do M

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