Spider-Man - Season 3 Episodes

Spider-Man S3E1
Episode 1

Sins of the Fathers (1): Doctor Strange

Peter discovers that Mary-Jane is working with a mysterious cult. Baron Mordo, head of the cult, wants them to steal the Wand of Watoom to free his master, Dormammu. And when Mordo manages to get his hands on the wand, Spider-Man must team up with Doctor Strange and his sidekick Wong, to stop them!

Spider-Man S3E2
Episode 2

Sins of the Fathers (2): Make a Wish (1)

Tired of Jameson giving Spider-Man the rap for all the crime in New York, Peter decides to give up the superhero business once and for all, until he meets his biggest fan, a little girl named Tyina. Can she get Spidey to change his mind?

Spider-Man S3E3
Episode 3

Sins of the Fathers (3): Attack of the Octobot (2)

Spider-Man loses his memory and becomes partners in crime with Dr. Octopus. Can a little girl and a cabbie save him?

Spider-Man S3E4
Episode 4

Sins of the Fathers (4): Enter the Green Goblin

Harry's father Norman Osborn disappears after an explosion at his chemical plant. Spidey's search for his friend's father one way or another meets with complications. Namely an airborne fiend who calls himself the Green Goblin!

Spider-Man S3E5
Episode 5

Sins of the Fathers (5): The Rocket Racer

While a gang of jet-pack wearing thieves run by Jackson Weele, an ex-pilot in a rampaging gyro-wheel plunder the city, Peter tries to deal with his alter-ego giving him competition with Felicia. Meanwhile, a good kid with a criminal record, Robert Farrell, tries to help his ailing mother by using his science-savvy and the gang's technology to arm himself as The Rocket Racer. Will the Rocket Racer return to his criminal past, or will he be an ally to Spidey? While Spidey's fighting crime, the mysterious "Jason Phillips" starts to make moves on Felicia...

Spider-Man S3E6
Episode 6

Sins of the Fathers (6): Framed (1)

Peter is framed for a crime he didn't commit and it's up to blind lawyer Matt Murdock to prove his innocence, who is also known as the Man without Fear, Daredevil.

Spider-Man S3E7
Episode 7

Sins of the Fathers (7): The Man Without Fear (2)

Spidey and Daredevil manage to recover the disk that can clear Peter Parker's name. However when Matt Murdock hands the disk over to the FBI, Det. Terry Lee discovers Agent Choi may not be working for the right side when she hands it over to Richard Fisk. After learning that Aunt May is in the hospital, Peter risks his life to go visit her, but he and Mary Jane are kidnapped when the Chameleon disguises himself as Anna Watson. With Peter and the disk in the hands of the Kingpin, Daredevil must stop the criminal mastermind and clear Peter's name.

Spider-Man S3E8
Episode 8

Sins of the Fathers (8): The Ultimate Slayer

Worried that Kingpin is going to eliminate him after the botched framing of Peter Parker, Alistair Smythe arranges a meeting with Spider-Man to give him information about Kingpin. However, when Spidey arrives, he discovers Smythe has been turned into a cyborg. Part man, part machine, he is now the ultimate spider-slayer! However, when his programming malfunctions, he goes after the man he feels responsible for his father's death...Norman Osborn! Peter must fight a crazed Smythe, as well as his feelings when he discovers Mary Jane, the woman he loves, and Harry, his best friend, are engaged!

Spider-Man S3E9
Episode 9

Sins of the Fathers (9): Tombstone

Robbie Robertson is losing his son, Randy, to a gang of thugs lead by Tombstone. When this harder-than-stone hit man tries to use his history with Robbie to kill a story about his new boss, Alicia Silvermane, he runs afoul of Spider-Man. Both discover Robbie's bond with his child and his ethical resolve is mightier.

Spider-Man S3E10
Episode 10

Sins of the Fathers (12): The Spot

Spider-Man S3E11
Episode 11

Sins of the Fathers (10): Venom Returns (1)

Spider-Man and Venom must put aside their differences and help Iron Man stop Carnage and Baron Mordo from releasing Dormammu.

Spider-Man S3E12
Episode 12

Sins of the Fathers (11): Carnage (2)

Ex-employee of Stark Industries, Dr. Jonathan Ohn, invents a portable interdimensional technology that accidentally makes him the living embodiment of a portal. Calling himself the Spot, he tries to steal money to fund his research. But his unstable invention has created a vortex that threatens to engulf New York. How can Spider-Man fight that?

Spider-Man S3E13
Episode 13

Sins of the Fathers (13): Goblin War! (1)

When Dr. Ohn's Time Dilation Accelerator falls into the wrong hands all the criminal minds of the city vie for the portal technology. Peter and Mary Jane are celebrating Felicia Hardy's engagement to Jason Macendale when they overhear plans for a major heist!

Spider-Man S3E14
Episode 14

Sins of the Fathers (14): Turning Point (2)

Peter Parker and Mary Jane are finally a couple, but there happiness is short-lived as the Green Goblin, armed with a time distorter and the true identity of Spider-Man, seeks to destroy Spidey, by any means necessary.

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