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St. Elsewhere

St. Elsewhere - Season 1 Episodes

St. Elsewhere - Season 1

St. Elsewhere - Season 1

The storylines illustrate the human characteristics of doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel, and how their tremendous responsibilities affect their lives. Understaffed and overburdened, the doctors, first-year residents, and nurses of the chaotic hospital often rely on humor to cope with daily pressures. Presiding over them is the sagacious, avuncular Dr. Donald Westphall, vice chairman of the division of medicine.

St. Elsewhere S1E1
Episode 1


Chaos abounds at St. Eligius as Dr. Cavanaro searches for a mental patient lost amid hospital bureaucracy, and Dr. Morrison fights to prevent a risky operation on a young girl with dysentery.

St. Elsewhere S1E2
Episode 2


A young woman, the victim of a terrorist bombing, fights for her life, while a conflicted Dr. Morrison must treat the reprehensible terrorist.

St. Elsewhere S1E3
Episode 3

Down's Syndrome

Dr. Cavanaro must break the news to a young couple that their baby will be born with Down's Syndrome. Meanwhile, Dr. Beale pays a visit to the loathsome bomber, and an overworked Dr. White makes a near-fatal mistake.

St. Elsewhere S1E4
Episode 4

Cora and Arnie

Cora and Arnie, a homeless couple, face a life-threatening medical decision, while Lillian and George, a middle-class couple, discover the surprising cost of a series of routine tests to determine the cause of Lillian's fainting spells.

St. Elsewhere S1E5
Episode 5

Samuels and the Kid

Dr. Samuels is deeply affected when a precocious boy admitted for surgery reminds him of his own painful past, while Dr. Chandler tries to have a veteran nurse fired.

St. Elsewhere S1E6
Episode 6

Legionnaires (1)

Dr. Westphall suspects an outbreak of legionnaires' disease in Ward Five and clashes with a hospital administrator over whether to close down the ward or not.

St. Elsewhere S1E7
Episode 7

Legionnaires (2)

Dr. Westphall risks unforeseen ramifications by ordering the closure of the ward to prevent the spread of suspected legionnaires' disease, and Dr. Beale is shocked to discover that Tweety, a psychiatric patient who thinks she's a parakeet, is pregnant.

St. Elsewhere S1E8
Episode 8

Tweety and Ralph

Dr. Beale grapples with the question of whether to release Tweety and her mate Ralph, the "Birdman of St. Eligius," into the outside world, and Dr. Fiscus begins packing a handgun after having been assaulted in the E.R.

St. Elsewhere S1E9
Episode 9


Dr. Morrison makes an unheard-of house call, but regrets it when he's pestered with demands for more of the same, and the rift between Dr. White and his wife widens when their daughter is admitted to the E.R. after swallowing moth balls.

St. Elsewhere S1E10
Episode 10


Someone calling himself Dr. Bullfinch is posing as a physician and making the rounds at St. Eligius, and an obese woman is shocked to learn that her intense stomach aches are actually labor pains.

St. Elsewhere S1E11
Episode 11


Frustrated by his own vain attempts to heal a dying boy, Dr. Morrison allows the boy's parents to perform a Chinese folk ritual on him, and Dr. Samuels performs emergency surgery on a gunshot victim.

St. Elsewhere S1E12
Episode 12


Dr. White faces an ethical dilemma as he tries to convince a grieving family to sign an autopsy consent form, and Dr. Craig is stunned when his old college roommate checks in for a sex-change operation.

St. Elsewhere S1E13
Episode 13

Family History

Dr. Armstrong investigates a man's medical and family history to determine the cause of his chronic nose bleeds, while Dr. Chandler struggles to help an amnesiac patient regain his memory.

St. Elsewhere S1E14
Episode 14


Dr. Auschlander faces the prospect of undergoing chemotherapy for his liver cancer, while a female flasher stalks the halls of the hospital. Dr. Fiscus makes life dificult for Dr. Ehrlich when he "temporarily" moves in with him.

St. Elsewhere S1E15
Episode 15

Monday, Tuesday, Sven's Day

The E.R. is swamped with casualties resulting from a wave of racial violence plaguing Boston, and a hospitalized streetwalker attracts a steady stream of shady well-wishers.

St. Elsewhere S1E16
Episode 16

The Count

An affable porno star tries to duck a repugnant summons server, and Dr. Armstrong suspects that a surgeon is receiving kickbacks for unnecessarily installing expensive pacemakers.

St. Elsewhere S1E17
Episode 17


A man's request that his brother be allowed to die with dignity is denied by hospital administrators, and sparks fly when Dr. Fiscus substitutes for Dr. Ehrlich on a date with Nurse Daniels.

St. Elsewhere S1E18
Episode 18

Dog Day Hospital

Brandishing a pistol, a pregnant woman takes Doctors Ehrlich and Craig hostage because the mother-of-eight is enraged over her husband's botched vasectomy.

St. Elsewhere S1E19
Episode 19


Dr. Morrison treats a man determined to drink himself to death, and Dr. Chandler faces a malpractice suit after a patient suffers a fatal coronary. Meanwhile, Dr. Craig is attracted to Dr. Anya, a visiting Hungarian surgeon.

St. Elsewhere S1E20
Episode 20

Craig in Love

Dr. Craig's disposition is uncharacteristically upbeat as he's further drawn to Dr. Anya, and Dr. White's increasingly reckless behavior lands him in jail.

St. Elsewhere S1E21
Episode 21

Baron Von Munchausen

Doctors Morrison and Ehrlich are at odds over how to treat a man who, unknown to them, is a "Baron von Munchausen,"a patient who revels in having unnecessary surgeries.

St. Elsewhere S1E22
Episode 22


Dr. Morrison tries to focus on his work while his wife lies in labor, and the drug-addicted Dr. White is suspected of pilfering prescription medication.

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