“Q Should Watch This”

September 14th, 2010

It was 1989 i'd just seen the review for TNG and well thought I'd give it a look in but I had to wait for the videos to be released (1992) to watch it as the BBC didnt really treat shows like this very well I mean look how they treat Family guy.

Anyway the series at first looked shakey rikers beard was just bum fluff

the ferengi appeared and were actually pretty cool.

the new alien/human border dispute was kicking off and we were on good terms with the Klingons until sisko screwed it up.

The ships the effects the infamous head exploding scene during the alien parasite takeover of high command and datas evil brother lore and yars death by goo (lol) kept us gripped to our sights hoping for more.

The 2nd season had drastic changes gone was dr crusher replaced by the godawfully bland dr pulaski,whoopi goldburg popped up as gowron sorry guinan and Q popped up again in a superb episode Q-who

the third and fourth series brought us the wonderful Borg season four was much longer and downright better with more stories on the Klingons and introducing the cardassians also miles o brien was featured more not to mention the silly jumpsuits were gone replaced by two piece outfits

the amazing set design and the introduction of the borg were basically the main highlights here so when ro laren was introduced i thought the series was on its last legs as the marquais episodes were boring.

season 5 and 6 had there silly moments even the daft fistfull of datas and starship mine (actually a good episode) couldnt ruin it i guess my favourite episode was unification with spock followed ny the cliffhanger descent

so sadly off we trot to the final season its a great show at this point and some

great episodes Gambit ,lower decks dealing with promotion and loss within the confines of the ship and of course my favourit liasons worf dealing with wierd alien ambassadours.

again what ruined it was the silly end to the series just like voyager it just didnt make sense and enterprises finally was also a let down lets hope aTNG type series appears soon I miss it...


killing of yar

worf and gowron

gowrons scary

Admiral Pressman

the cardassinan and the ferengi

Q the alien who cant die and is more powerful then batman superman and spiderman combined

lore and the borg

exploding head in season 1

Deanna Troi ...phoar!!

the amazing reg barclay

Kelsey Grammer in cause and effect

Kurn worfs brother


Geordi La Forge'S super-vision

aint that terry hatcher...strange guest stars

the traveller an alien that can bend time and space and bore you with it

wesley nerd boy crusher

datas ropey laugh that Q gives him as a reward i wouldve asked for a timepiece

ro laren's mop of hair

scotty in the series!

riker without a beard

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