Married… with Children’s Bud Bundy, David Faustino, is back with Corin Nemec ("Parker Lewis Can't Lose") and Coolio, humiliating himself and trying to get back on top of the show biz heap.

SDCC 2009: EXCL VIDEO: David Faustino and Corin Nemec Are ‘Star-Ving’!

David Faustino and Corin Nemec are former childhood celebrities that have fallen into the dustbin of history. Faustino rose to fame as Bud Bundy on the hugely popular Fox sitcom Married with Children, and Corin was the star of Parker Lewis Can't Lose. That was the 80s. Now, they are broke and depressed. In what can only be described as the anti- Entourage, the two suicidal former teen stars have teamed up for Star-ving. This hilarious new sitcom follows the dumpster diving adventures of these two once-prominent personalities. While At Comic-Con 2009, we caught up with both Faustino and Nemec to find out what we can expect in their eagerly awaited second season. Check out what they had to say below...

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Star-Ving’'s David Faustino Serves His Last Meal!

Married...with Children ended its very successful, genre shattering run on June 9th, 1997. After eleven seasons on Fox, the Bundy clan parted ways, leaving an indelible legacy behind them. For better or worse, they changed the American television landscape. Now they reside in the hollowed halls of entertainment history as an iconic 80s era family. One that broke all the rules and laid the groundwork for everything else that has come in their wake. While most of its cast soon found work outside the genre once the show ended, David Faustino, who played Bud Bundy on two hundred and fifty-nine episodes, slowly drifted into quiet obscurity. Appearing in a handful of straight to DVD movies, he kept mostly quiet on the tabloid front. The young actor was able to fortunately buck his status as a "former childhood star" simply by forgoing any distasteful adventures held within the public eye.

Faustino didn't become a recluse by any means. Always eager to work, David took on numerous television guest spots and bit parts in various B movies over the years. In 2000, he teamed up with best friend and former star of Parker Lewis Can't Lose Corin Nemec for the comedy Killer Bud. Though it garnered a small cult fan base, the film quickly disappeared from the general consciousness. Despite its lofty ambitions, it did prove the duo to be a comedic force of unparalleled talent. Despite efforts to work together again, they soon parted ways. It wasn't until late last year that they finally found another project to collaborate on.

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