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Stargate Universe - Season 2 Episodes

Stargate Universe - Season 2

Stargate Universe - Season 2

The second season of Stargate Universe was announced by Syfy on December 13, 2009. Like the first season, the second season consisted of 20 episodes. Nine episodes have already been reserved by the primary series writers. The series was moved from the franchise's usual time on Friday to Tuesday, along with Caprica. This is due to Syfy picking up WWE Friday Night SmackDown. The series resumed on September 28, 2010, USA. In Ireland & UK, the series resumed on October 5 at 9pm on Sky1 and Sky1 HD.

Syfy announced on December 16, 2010 that it would not be picking Stargate Universe up for a third season and that the Spring 2011 season would be the last to air on its channel. There has been no word from MGM Television on this decision.

Stargate Universe S2E1
Episode 1

Intervention (3)

Control of the Destiny hangs in the balance as the battle continues between the crew and the Lucian Alliance.

Stargate Universe S2E2
Episode 2


With food and water supplies running dangerously low and tempers flaring, a shuttle is deployed to an unstable planet whose Stargate has been locked out of Destiny’s controls.

Stargate Universe S2E3
Episode 3


The crew encounters a ship similar to Destiny and uncover startling secrets.

Stargate Universe S2E4
Episode 4


The crew of the Destiny faces more interplanetary peril.

Stargate Universe S2E5
Episode 5


While investigating a planet with his team, Lt. Scott is infected by an alien organism that affects both his mind and body.

Stargate Universe S2E6
Episode 6

Trial and Error

A series of realistic visions cause Col. Young to question his ability as commander of Destiny.

Stargate Universe S2E7
Episode 7

The Greater Good

Dr. Rush and Col. Young are stranded aboard an alien ship.

Stargate Universe S2E8
Episode 8


Lucian Alliance prisoner Simeon escapes, creating a manhunt on a remote planet.

Stargate Universe S2E9
Episode 9


Crewmembers left behind on a seemingly ideal world (“Faith”) over a year earlier make a mysterious return.

Stargate Universe S2E10
Episode 10

Resurgence (1)

All is not as it seems when Destiny follows a remote energy signature that leads them to a sea of damaged and lifeless ships.

Stargate Universe S2E11
Episode 11

Deliverance (2)

Dr. Rush checks on the team as they try to run a bypass through a section of the Destiny to boost power. Slow and steady seemed to be the right road until they pushed a little too far and the plan backfires. The team tries to assure Rush that it’s just going to take more time.

Stargate Universe S2E12
Episode 12

Twin Destinies

Excitement spreads through the ship as Eli believes he's found a way to dial Earth, only Dr. Rush has serious reservations about the plan and abandoning Destiny.

Stargate Universe S2E13
Episode 13


An attack on Homeworld Command traps Greer and Wray.

Stargate Universe S2E14
Episode 14


Another consciousness finds it's way into Chloe's body through the stones, while Volker succumbs to an illness Tamara may not be able to treat.

Stargate Universe S2E15
Episode 15


Homeworld Command tries to convince an ally they suspect might be infiltrated by the Lucian Alliance to let them use their planet to dial Destiny. Meanwhile Rush is trapped in a simulation created by Amanda Perry.

Stargate Universe S2E16
Episode 16

The Hunt

While exploring a planet the team is attacked and members taken captive by an alien creature.

Stargate Universe S2E17
Episode 17

Common Descent

Destiny discovers the survivors of an interplanetary expedition who claim their civilization, Novus, was founded two thousand years earlier by Destiny's crew.

Stargate Universe S2E18
Episode 18


Returning the settlers to their home planet Novus, the Destiny crew discover the planet has been abandoned and on the verge of seismic destruction.

Stargate Universe S2E19
Episode 19


Alien drones create a blockade of viable power sources forcing Destiny to recharge in a star so hot it could destroy the ship.

Stargate Universe S2E20
Episode 20


Blocked by Command Ships at every star and unable to gate for supplies without alerting the drones, Destiny must take a stand or be left adrift.

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