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Storage Wars

Storage Wars - Season 3 Episodes

Storage Wars - Season 3

Storage Wars - Season 3

Season 3 of Storage Wars continues to follow its favorite teams of bidders as these characters look to "get rich or die buyin'." In the world of storage auctions, these bidders get only a quick peek inside each unit to guess at its value, outfox the competition, and find hidden treasure. These veterans and their teams sometimes pay as little as ten dollars for items valued in the thousands. Watch as the quest for gold heats up in California. Jarrod and Brandi finally expand, but the re-opening of their store could drown them in a sea of red. Darrell Sheets works his way out of a yearlong hole and finally gambles on some overhead.

Storage Wars S3E1
Episode 1

Third Eye of the Tiger

The third season begins at the crack of dawn in La Verne, CA, and finds "The Collector" in training. Dave Hester enjoys bidding, and bidding people up. Darrell Sheets shows up alone and quickly detects a find of his own. And Jarrod and Brandi start the new season with a system...but will it help them find zen?

Storage Wars S3E2
Episode 2

May The Vaults Be With You

The buyers venture back to the notorious vault auction, this time in Chattsworth, CA. Jarrod and Brandi find something that makes noise, if not money. Barry Weiss uses "the force"... the auction buying force that is. Darrell Sheets finds treasure in Brandon's pile of trash. And Dave Hester barks a lot, but is there any bite behind it?

Storage Wars S3E3
Episode 3

The Iceman Carveth

The buyers head to the northern part of Southern California, Oxnard. Barry Weiss finds a room with a view. Dave Hester's looking for gold, and finds bronze. Jarrod battles Dave, along with a nasty cold. And Darrell and Brandon get into a nasty fight that could spell the end of the "Tank Top Twins.

Storage Wars S3E3
Episode 3

Jurassic Bark

The buyers return to Mission Hills, CA. Dave Hester starts his day $500 in the hole and tries to buy his way out. Barry, the old dog, finds something to keep him company. And Jarrod and Brandi find something old, something really old.

Storage Wars S3E4
Episode 4

Here's Looking at You, Kenny

Buying erupts in Hawaiian Gardens, CA. Barry decides to start thinking inside the box, and brings and inside man. Jarrod fills the store, but empties his wallet. Dave helps the Dotson's commissions. And with the Sheets split, Brandon discovers just why people call his dad "The Gambler."

Storage Wars S3E5
Episode 5

A Civil Accordion

The buyers make a trip to the City of Industry. The Sheets make up, but that's not necessarily a good thing. Dave Hester gets industrial, and profitable. Barry Weiss visits the "King of Kitsch," hoping to avoid a "cat"astrophe. While Jarrod and Brandi both find something, but which one will win the battle of the appraisals?

Storage Wars S3E6
Episode 6

More Like WRONG Beach

The buyers are back again in Long Beach, CA and hoping for better outcomes. Heavy bidder Mark Balelo returns with fifty grand of locker money. Darrell Sheets gets one dropped on him. Jarrod and Brandi try and reel in a score. And Barry Weiss buys on a tip, but will he get his motor running, or blow a gasket?

Storage Wars S3E7
Episode 7

All's Fair In Storage and Wars

The buyers descend upon Laguna Nigel, CA. Jarrod and Brandi look to fill their shelves, and their pockets. Barry Weiss slices up his competition. Darrell Sheets brings a positive, stern, business attitude and not much else. And Dave Hester's no where in sight but there is a new buyer on the scene, and he's all about fair play.

Storage Wars S3E8
Episode 8

The Fast and the Curious

The buyers negotiate the desert winds of Lancaster, CA. Jarrod arrives cocky, and it's annoying Brandi. Darrell Sheets finds his feminine side. New buyer Jeff Jarrod is back, and he's keeping tabs on Barry. And Barry drops the hammer on a locker, but who will cross the finish line first?

Storage Wars S3E9
Episode 9

From Russia with Chucks

The buying takes root in Gardena, CA. Barry Weiss captain's a ship, and almost goes down with it. Jarrod and Brandi buy a unit and find something that sets off sirens. New buyer Jeff Jarrod finds a keepsake from the cold war. And Darrell uncovers some serious sole, and a tidy profit.

Storage Wars S3E10
Episode 10

The Full Monty-Bello

Tempers flare in the storage aisles of Montebello, CA. Barry Weiss loses a battle with a bot. Darrell Sheets goes on a run, and it's truly sweet. Dave Hester heads straight to the bank. And Jarrod and Brandi leave the auction wishing they never came.

Storage Wars S3E11
Episode 11

Dial C for Chupacabra

The buyers, well most of them, head to Westminster, CA. Darrell and Brandon meet a legend. Jarrod and Brandi do the right thing. Dave Hester smells lame lockers and bags one somewhere else. And Barry Weiss finds a piece of folklore and sets a storage auction record, but is that a good thing?

Storage Wars S3E12
Episode 12

The Ship Just Hit the Sand

The buyers travel behind "The Orange Curtain" to Irvine, CA. Jarrod and Brandi continue to be on fire. Barry, on the other hand, is off his game. So much so that Brandon beats him on a locker. And Dave's been away for a while. Is it time for him to return? All signs point to YUUUP!

Storage Wars S3E13
Episode 13

Willkommen to the Dollhouse

Garden Grove, CA plays host to the buyers, and some international intrigue. Dave Hester may have raided King Tut's tomb. Darrell Sheets may have formed a new business "adventure" in Germany. Jarrod and Brandi find something that makes them whinny. And for once Barry Weiss is the architect, but will his plan come to fruition?

Storage Wars S3E14
Episode 14

The Yup Stops Here

The buyers enter an auction marathon in Riverside, CA. Too many choices and too much heat make it hard for Jarrod and Brandi. Things get heated between Dave and Darrell's son Brandon. Barry finds himself "on the fence" on a locker. And Barry and Dave make a bet on a couch, a very expensive bet.

Storage Wars S3E15
Episode 15

Buy, Buy Birdie

The buyers roll into the city of Chino, California. Darrell gives his son Brandon a chance in the driver's seat. Jarrod and Brandi discover a "Big Boy" unit. Dave Hester buys in bulk, and wins big. And Barry Weiss also buys, but is it a locker that will soar with the eagles...or flip him the bird?

Storage Wars S3E16
Episode 16

San Burritos

The buyers return to San Bernadino, Ca. Barry Weiss comes bearing gifts. Jarrod and Brandi go home with an attitude. Dave Hester piles up a nice profit. And Darrell and Brandon find something truly old, and all signs point to profit.

Storage Wars S3E17
Episode 17

There's Something About Barry

The buyers sail into Lakewood, CA. Dave bully's everyone. Darrell and Brandon buy a locker fit for a fiesta. Jarrod and Brandi find the news that's fit to frame. And Barry Weiss finds out that an addiction to storage lockers...comes with a price.

Storage Wars S3E18
Episode 18

Dr. Strangebid

The buyers find some afternoon delight in Westminster, CA. Darrell's in his own neck of the woods, but will he get a tree? Dave communes with the dead. Jarrod and Brandi buy, with seismic consequences. And Barry stops worrying...and learns to love storage units.

Storage Wars S3E19
Episode 19

Sheets and Geeks

The buyers blow into Santa Ana, CA. Barry Weiss climbs aboard the buying express. Dave Hester may have trouble leaving the station. And one buyer finds something that s got magic written all over it. From train sets to talking trash, it s another auction show down in Santa Ana.

Storage Wars S3E20
Episode 20

No Bid for the Weary

The buyers coast into Costa Mesa, CA. Barry brings Kenny again, and they get all fired up. Dave Hester finds something that's worth cheering over. Brandi's exhausted, Jarrod's happy, and Darrell Sheets buys his biggest locker in Storage Wars history, but will it be his biggest win?

Storage Wars S3E21
Episode 21

Straight into Compton: Biddaz with Attitude

The buyers descend on Compton, CA. Darrell and Brandon can t get their rappers, or their lockers straight. Jarrod and Brandi find a unique suit. Dave Hester finds himself in a tight squeeze. And Barry uncovers an antique GPS system, but where will it take him?

Storage Wars S3E22
Episode 22

The Young and the Reckless

The buyers trek to Murietta, CA. Jeff Jarred resurfaces, and that doesn't sit well with the Dotsons. Barry Weiss figures a couple things out. Jarrod and Brandi gamble on a unit, and the results are electric. And Dave Hester raises the price of "Storage Poker," but how high will it go?

Storage Wars S3E23
Episode 23

Jurassic Bark

The buyers return to Mission Hills, CA. Dave Hester starts his day $500 in the hole and tries to buy his way out. Barry, the old dog, finds something to keep him company. And Jarrod and Brandi find something old, something really old.

Storage Wars S3E24
Episode 24

A Tale of Two Jackets

The buyers make their Hollywood premiere. Nabila Hannis has a cameo, and Dave Hester continues his role as storage villain. Barry buys, and then buys again. Darrell Sheets finds a new way to add up a profit. And Jarrod and Brandi make a shocking discovery!

Storage Wars S3E25
Episode 25

Tustin, Bee Have A Problem

The buyers descend upon Tustin, CA. Jarrod and Brandi try to play it smart, but the other bidders make that difficult. Jeff Jarred sets a new personal profit record on a five-dollar locker. And Barry and Kenny attempt to sideswipe Dave...but will it work?

Storage Wars S3E26
Episode 26

Portrait of the Gambler

The buyers return to Montebello, CA. Previously Jarrod and Brandi lost money, and an employee. Will their luck turn around? Dave Hester finds some marketing Americana. Barry buys a sweet unit. And Darrell Sheets stumbles onto what may be the biggest find in Storage Wars history!

Storage Wars S3E27
Episode 27

The Big Boy vs. The Heavyweight

The buyers go to La Habra, California for the first time ever. Darrel heats up the competition and buys a unit filled with tools for $2,600 and makes almost $10,000. Jarrod and Brandi gamble on a unit and buy it for $300, and find some fancy watches. A new bidder named Ivy Calvin, known as the "King of Palmdale" comes to dominate the competition and buys a trio of lockers for $735 and triples his money. Barry spends $800 on a unit and finds an object having to do with golf, and actually makes money with it.

Storage Wars S3E28
Episode 28

The Kook, The Chief, His Son, and The Brothers

All the bidders travel up to Lake Elsinore, Cailfornia for the auction. Darrel and Brandon purchase a unit for $725 with lots of furniture and random collectibles, and find something astronomical that could be worth a lot. Barry buys a $500 unit containing lots of mystery boxes. The Harris Brothers make an appearance (appeared earlier in "May the Vaults Be With You" when Barry wanted something appraised) and take a gamble and buy it for $45 and hoping to encounter something that's beyond cool. Jarrod and Brandi try to focus bidding on the units, and go home with nothing.

Storage Wars S3E29
Episode 29

Nobody's Vault But Mine

The buyers travel to Chatsworth, Cailfornia for a 100-vault auction were 100 vaults will be sold to the highest bidder. Extra buyers descend to the auction and prepare for the long-drawn out battle. If vaults are going to be sold in groups (i.e. like 2 vaults), then the buyer or buyers would pay twice the amount. Barry buys two vaults for $750 and wonders if his newly acquired antiques will bring him serious cash. Mark B. buys 10 valuts for a total cost of $1,500 with household items and furniture, but is it good quality?

Storage Wars S3E30
Episode 30

Still Nobody's Vault But Mine

The intense 100-vault auction in Chatsworth, Cailfornia continues into the night. Jarrod and Brandi buy 5 vaults for $1,125 with some furniture and find a expensive pair of chairs. Darrell takes charge without Brandon and buys 4 vaults for $2,000 with good quality furniture. Ivy Calvin makes a $275 purchase on a valut, and finds obscure items to do with snakes. Barry buys the last vault of the auction for $120 and hope for a big payout.

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