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Strike Back

Strike Back - Season 2 Episodes

Strike Back - Season 2

Strike Back - Season 2

The second series consists of ten episodes. Porter is captured by a Pakistani terrorist called Latif (Jimi Mistry) while investigating a planned operation of Latif, Project Dawn. Sergeant Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) finds disgraced ex-Delta Force operative Damian Scott (Sullivan Stapleton), who would not be hired by even private military contractors, who previously worked with Porter to track Latif. After Porter is executed, Section 20 discover Porter left the team clues to a hotel in New Delhi, India, where a group of terrorists attempt to capture a weapons scientist with knowledge of hidden weapons of mass destruction originally used to plant in Iraq, which serves as a part of Project Dawn. The weapon, namely VX nerve gas was kept in storage, and Latif has known about its existence.

Strike Back S2E1
Episode 1

Project Dawn, Episode 1

After agent John Porter (Richard Armitage) is kidnapped by Pakistani terrorist Latif, the rest of his team from Section 20, an elite secretive British Military Intelligence unit, race against the clock to find him. They quickly learn that only Porter and one other man, former U.S. Delta Force operative Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton), can identify Latif. Sgt. Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester), tasked with finding Scott, tracks him to an underground fight ring in Kuala Lumpur. Scott agrees to help Section 20 and decodes a hidden message from one of Porterʼs hostage transmissions that warns of a terror attack at a hotel in India and a plot known as Project Dawn, which the unit has been tracking for some time.

Led by Col. Eleanor Grant (Amanda Mealing), senior team members Capt. Kate Marshall (Eva Birthistle) and Maj. Oliver Sinclair (Rhashan Stone), Section 20 sets up a covert surveillance operation in New Delhi and are aided by Pakistani Intelligence Officer Major Ashkani (Jimi Mistry). Their intelligence proves correct when terrorists seize the hotel with hostages, including Scott and Stonebridge, trapped inside.

Written by Frank Spotnitz; directed by Dan Percival.

Strike Back S2E2
Episode 2

Project Dawn, Episode 2

The team learns that the terrorists are also searching the hotel for Mahmood, a weapons scientist who has info about missing WMDs, which signals that Latifʼs plot could be much bigger than originally anticipated. Scott and Stonebridge furiously search for Mahmood and for a way to thwart the assault on the hotel. Meanwhile, outside the hotel, the Indian army plans a risky rescue attempt of its own, against the advice of Col. Grant and Maj. Ashkani.

After the attack is resolved, the team learns the true identity of Latif as he eludes them. Scott officially joins the team and he and Stonebridge realize that Section 20 may be compromised.

Strike Back S2E3
Episode 3

Project Dawn, Episode 3

Section 20 tracks Latifʼs known associates to Cape Town, South Africa. They capture and interrogate an accomplice who leads them to an armored car company that recently had a brutal and suspicious robbery in which no money was stolen. Col. Grant recognizes one of the attackers as vicious mercenary and former IRA member Daniel Connolly (Liam Cunningham). After researching the companyʼs client list, they surmise that the target may be defense contractor ATAT. The unit warns CEO Kenneth Bratton (Alistair Petrie) that the attack may not have been a random robbery, but he does not reveal that he is already being blackmailed by Connolly.

Meanwhile, Scott and Stonebridge pursue Connollyʼs new hacker. After an accident, Scott must impersonate the hacker, only to find that Connollyʼs apprehensive team may be suspicious of him.

Written by Frank Spotnitz; directed by Bill Eagles.

Strike Back S2E4
Episode 4

Project Dawn, Episode 4

After Scott passes Connollyʼs “test,” they brief him on the plan to break into a secure facility, but will only tell Scott that he is to override the security system. They give him the hard drive they stole from the armored car heist that houses the security information. Maj. Sinclair installs a worm in the hard drive that will allow him to remotely hack the system. Section 20 plan to enable Connolly in the hope that he will lead them to Latif and reveal his plot. Capt. Marshall briefs Stonebridge about her research into the connection between ATAT and Mahmood. ATAT CEO Bratton starts to panic and asks Capt. Marshall to meet him, and Section 20 hopes to bring him under their protection. But Connolly is one step ahead of them and kidnaps both of them, with Stonebridge in pursuit.

Connollyʼs team proceeds to a fertilizer facility, which is a front for Brattonʼs secretive business. Sinclairʼs computer worm enables them to break into the security system remotely. Connolly makes Bratton open the vault and he seizes its contents, which point to Latifʼs global plot. A tense firefight ensues as Connolly tries to make his escape.

Strike Back S2E5
Episode 5

Project Dawn, Episode 5

After their previous trail went cold, Section 20's next move is to track Latif’s (Jimi Mistry) weapons supplier, which leads them to Gerald Crawford (Iain Glen), a former British Royal Marine turned arms dealer. Once they snatch him, he agrees to help them only if they rescue his daughter Clare (Laura Haddock), an aid worker in the Sudan who is being held for ransom by a brutal militia leader Tahir (Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje). The team reluctantly works with a questionable government official as a middleman to set up the exchange. When Scott is recognized by a war zone reporter and old flame Maggie (Rachel Shelley), he discovers that the story she was investigating may be intertwined with the arms deal. At the exchange point, Tahir has a different idea of doing the deal "in good faith."

Strike Back S2E6
Episode 6

Project Dawn, Episode 6

After the firefight at the arms deal exchange point, Tahir (Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje) escapes to the desert with Clare (Laura Haddock) as a hostage, and with Stonebridge and Crawford (Iain Glen) in pursuit. As they close in and prepare for an assault, Crawford gets under Stonebridge’s skin and hints about a traitor within British Intelligence. Sinclair takes an injured Scott to the hospital and is arrested by the corrupt official, so Colonel Grant takes matters into her own hands.

Strike Back S2E7
Episode 7

Project Dawn, Episode 7

Section 20 negotiates the release of five European Union officials taken hostage by Kosovoan weapons, drugs and human trafficker Hasani (Mel Raido), intending to exchange the hostages for Hasani’s cousin Rama (Zsolt Nag), who is in a Vienna prison for attacks on U.S. and British targets. One of the hostages is undercover MI-6 terror expert John Allen (Adrian Rawlins), identified by Crawford (Iain Glen) as Latif’s (Jimi Mistry) inside man. When the exchange in rural Kosovo doesn’t go as planned, Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) and Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) are stranded with the hostages and surrounded by Hasani’s forces.

Strike Back S2E8
Episode 8

Project Dawn, Episode 8

While held hostage, Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) question undercover MI-6 agent John Allen (Adrian Rawlins) about his dealings with Latif (Jimi Mistry). They receive unexpected help when they try to escape Hasani’s (Mel Raido) compound with the hostages, but get separated after an assault on a bridge. Stonebridge goes MIA and Scott tries to rescue the rest of the hostages from another of Hasani’s facilities. Guest stars include David Haig, Annabelle Wallis and Gillian Hanna.

Strike Back S2E9
Episode 9

Project Dawn, Episode 9

After decrypting John Allen’s PDA, which was recovered from Latif’s (Jimi Mistry) man, and connecting it to the doctor Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) saw with Latif in Kosovo, Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and Stonebridge travel to Chechnya to investigate a mysterious bunker with recent activity. They uncover the facility’s vile purpose and discover more clues about Latif’s plan. Scott is irritated to discover that Col. Grant (Amanda Mealing) has been investigating his behavior and allegiance, while Stonebridge struggles with a family decision.

Strike Back S2E10
Episode 10

Project Dawn, Episode 10

Section 20 tracks Latif’s (Jimi Mistry) suicide bombers to Budapest, where their target could be international leaders at a security summit, or even themselves. Latif’s multi-faceted plan has Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) rushing to neutralize the bombers, save one of their own and prevent the rest of his diabolical scheme.

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