Studio One

Studio One

Studio One - Season 9 Episodes

Studio One S9E1
Episode 1

A Special Announcement

Studio One S9E2
Episode 2

A Man's World

Studio One S9E3
Episode 3

The Open Door

When a man thumbs a ride and gets into an argument with the driver, he receives a 90-day jail sentence, but to his surprise, he is offered a job as counterman in a diner near the jail while serving his term, according to the "open door" policy of the prison.

Studio One S9E4
Episode 4

The Crimes of Peter Prouse

Studio One S9E5
Episode 5

American Primitive

A group of settlers on their way to Oregon stop for the night on a Western prairie. As the Indian tom-toms beat, tension in the small camp mounts, until finally the Indians themselves appear to demand justice.

Studio One S9E6
Episode 6

The Pilot

This episode depicts the story of Sister Mary Aquinas, who was the first nun ever to become a licensed aeroplane pilot.

Studio One S9E7
Episode 7

The Landlady's Daughter

Studio One S9E8
Episode 8

Portrait of a Citizen

Studio One S9E9
Episode 9


Studio One S9E10
Episode 10


Studio One S9E11
Episode 11

A Christmas Surprise

Studio One S9E12
Episode 12

Goodbye Piccadilly

Studio One S9E13
Episode 13

Love at Fourth Sight

Studio One S9E14
Episode 14

The Dark Corner

Studio One S9E15
Episode 15

The Five Dollar Bill

Studio One S9E16
Episode 16

Dead of Noon

Studio One S9E17
Episode 17

Tale of the Comet

Studio One S9E18
Episode 18

A Walk in the Forest

Studio One S9E19
Episode 19

The Hollywood Complex

Studio One S9E20
Episode 20

The Defender (Part 1)

A young criminal attorney and his firm-owning father defend a 19 year-old on trial for a murder that he swears he did not commit. Personal conflicts arise with the attorney and his father while the prosecution puts on a dramatic and convincing argument of guilt.

Studio One S9E21
Episode 21

The Defender (Part 2)

A young criminal attorney and his firm-owning father defend a 19 year-old on trial for a murder that he swears he did not commit. Personal conflicts arise with the attorney and his father while the prosecution puts on a dramatic and convincing argument of guilt.

Studio One S9E22
Episode 22

A Child is Waiting

Nurse Jean Horst, who works in a retarded children's home, is drawn to Reuben Widdicomb, a little boy whose mother hasn't come to visit him.

Studio One S9E23
Episode 23

Walk Down the Hill

During World War II, a Jewish American soldier questions his heritage when he is thrown in a German prison camp and learns that the Jewish GI's are to be put into a separate camp.

Studio One S9E24
Episode 24

A Member of the Family

Studio One S9E25
Episode 25

The Years in Between

A boy gets a date with the lovely girl who is visiting her relatives next door.

Studio One S9E26
Episode 26

The Playwright and the Stars

Studio One S9E27
Episode 27

The Rice Sprout Song

Studio One S9E28
Episode 28

The Traveling Lady

Georgette and her little daughter arrive in a small Texas town to meet her husband, Henry, who has recently been released from prison. Georgette married Henry while he was a struggling singer, but soon after their marriage he was sent to prison for a 6-year term. Weak in character, Henry is now trying to make another start and is working as a gardener for one of the town's most trusting characters. But a new person enters Georgette's life, Slim Breedlove, a pleasant young man who offers to help her find her husband.

Studio One S9E29
Episode 29

Eight Feet to Midnight

A story about the outlawed Irish Republican Army

Studio One S9E30
Episode 30

The Out-of-Towners

A small-town postmistress, whose hopes are high when she makes her annual trip to the big city for a 3-day convention of Postal Employees, meets a middle-aged salesman and tries to encourage the acquaintanceship.

Studio One S9E31
Episode 31

Babe in the Woods

Studio One S9E32
Episode 32

The Man Who Wasn't Himself

Studio One S9E33
Episode 33

The Weston Strain

Studio One S9E34
Episode 34

The Furlough

Studio One S9E35
Episode 35

The Mother Bit

Studio One S9E36
Episode 36

The Staring Match

Set in a small ranch town that is suffering from drought, townspeople gather to pray for rain in the schoolhouse. There is a knock at the door and a man dressed all in white greets everyone by name. He says that his name is Mr. White and that he has been sent to help them find a well. Then another knock at the door reveals a man dressed all in black, who claims that his name is Mr. Black and that he is an angel of the Lord sent to help them also. Not knowing which man to trust, the dilemma is resolved by a "staring match" between the two men. In the end, the angel is revealed and water is discovered.

Studio One S9E37
Episode 37

The Goodwill Ambassadors

An American agricultural expert and his wife are sent to a Latin-American country to help with its agricultural problems. The wife is distressed with the primitive native village where they are working and she misunderstands some of the villagers' customs and traditions.

Studio One S9E38
Episode 38

Death and Taxes

Studio One S9E39
Episode 39

A Matter of Guilt

Studio One S9E40
Episode 40

Love Me to Pieces

Studio One S9E41
Episode 41

In Love with a Stranger

Phyllis, a girl in her 20's, is just returning from her summer vacation, during which she has fallen in love with a struggling young musician. On the bus trip home Phyllis is telling her girlfriend of the difficulty she is going to have in breaking this news to her parents. Phyllis's parents and her aunt and uncle have made Phyllis the center of their lives. In their over-concern for her, they have naturally assumed she would marry George, the boy next door, whom she has known all her life. These four and George too, are on hand to welcome Phyllis home. Soon after their initial greeting, Phyllis tells them she intends to marry the young musician. They are shocked at the news and refuse to believe there can be anything to it.

Studio One S9E42
Episode 42

The Human Barrier

A test pilot suffers from shock, amnesia, and guilt after he crashes a new jet.

Studio One S9E43
Episode 43

My Mother and How She Undid Me

Studio One S9E44
Episode 44

The Unmentionable Blues

Studio One S9E45
Episode 45


Studio One S9E46
Episode 46


Studio One S9E47
Episode 47

The Dark Intruder

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