Suburgatory - Season 1 Episodes

Suburgatory - Season 1

Suburgatory - Season 1

A teenage transplant from New York City, Tessa is perfectly at ease navigating the urban jungle she grew up in. So when her dad, George, a handsome architect in his late 30s, relocates her to greener pastures, Tessa goes into culture shock. While the suburbs may be heaven for many, for Tessa, they represent her unique version of hell. Forget purgatory - this is suburgatory.

Suburgatory S1E1
Episode 1


Single father George only wants the best for his 16-year-old daughter, Tessa. So when he finds a box of condoms on her nightstand, he moves them both out of their apartment in New York City to a house in the suburbs.

Suburgatory S1E2
Episode 2

The Barbecue

Surprised Tessa realizes she is attracted to her jock suburban neighbor; George feels pressured to throw the perfect barbecue.

Suburgatory S1E3
Episode 3

The Chatterer

When George is welcomed into the PTA, one mom (Ana Gasteyer) is threatened by his popularity; after joining the school newspaper, Tessa helps Malik revamp its style.

Suburgatory S1E4
Episode 4

Don't Call Me Shirley

Tessa is thrilled to encounter some excitement when Sheila Shay's (Ana Gasteyer) doll collection is stolen; afraid of burglars, Dallas and Dalia stay with the Altmans.

Suburgatory S1E5
Episode 5


Tessa's costume reminds the kids at school of a recently departed neighbor; George tries to convince Dallas that Halloween is fun; Dallas' husband returns from a business trip.

Suburgatory S1E6
Episode 6

Charity Case

Tessa tries to motivate her fellow students into becoming involved with charity work; a large dental bill puts a strain on George and Noah's relationship.

Suburgatory S1E7
Episode 7

Sweet Sixteen

Dallas convinces Tessa to let Dalia plan her 16th birthday party at the country club; Sheila Shay takes care of George when his back goes out.

Suburgatory S1E8
Episode 8


While on a girls day out in the city, Tessa and Dallas run into George making out with a woman; Lisa refuses to wear the dress her mom picked out.

Suburgatory S1E9
Episode 9

The Nutcracker

Tessa tries to reunite George with his ex, but he has eyes on another woman; George tries to enjoy an awkward holiday party.

Suburgatory S1E10
Episode 10

Driving Miss Dalia

Dalia hires Tessa to drive her around to stalk her crush.

Suburgatory S1E11
Episode 11

Out in the Burbs

Tessa is asked to show a new guy, Josh (Dan Byrd), around school; Lisa develops an infatuation; George re-examines his relationship with Dallas.

Suburgatory S1E12
Episode 12

The Casino Trip

George plans a getaway for the guys after winning a trip to Atlantic City; during the trip they encounter Steven (Jay Mohr); Tessa wants time alone with Scott Strauss (Thomas McDonell).

Suburgatory S1E13
Episode 13

Sex and the Suburbs

Tessa enjoys rubbing it in Dalia's face that Scott Strauss (recurring guest star THOMAS McDONELL) chose her over Dalia. However the closer Tessa gets to Scott, the more nervous George becomes. When George discovers a box of XXL condoms that Lisa has given Tessa, he becomes obsessed and starts planning game night with her friends in hopes of keeping her at home more. Meanwhile, Tessa soon discovers that the more time she spends with Scott, the less attracted to him she is.

Suburgatory S1E14
Episode 14

The Body

Tessa runs for student body president and Lisa acts as her campaign manager. When Ryan is injured during a wrestling match, George tries to help him move forward from this setback.

Suburgatory S1E15
Episode 15

Fire with Fire

Newly single Dallas is Jill's inspiration and support which doesn't bode well for Noah. George isn't happy when Dallas starts spending most of her time with younger boyfriend, Yoni. To get back at Tessa for dating Scott, Dalia makes friends with Lisa, which in turn compels Tessa to befriend Kimantha to make Dalia jealous.

Suburgatory S1E16
Episode 16

Poetic Injustice

A croquet match involving Fred and Sheila with Dallas and George leads to a misunderstanding. The new poetry teacher seems to prefer Dalia's prose, much to Tessa's dismay.

Suburgatory S1E17
Episode 17

Independence Day

Tessa decides she needs her own car when George is late picking her up from school. To help celebrate the opening of her new store, Dallas invites some of her sorority sisters to her house but a rival sorority sister crashes the party.

Suburgatory S1E18
Episode 18

Down Time

Dalia's therapist, Dr. Richard Rohl (James Lipton) helps her make a breakthrough; Ryan and Tessa go on a date.

Suburgatory S1E19
Episode 19

Entering Eden

George becomes smitten with a woman he meets at the farmer's market; Tessa and Dalia search for a missing Yakult; Noah and Jill make an announcement.

Suburgatory S1E20
Episode 20

Hear No Evil

As George and Eden's (Alicia Silverstone) relationship gets serious, he decides to introduce her to Tessa, who is preoccupied with her job at Crystal Cup of Crystals. Meanwhile, George and Noah make a deal regarding George's relationship boundaries with Eden, and Eden is overwhelmed by Sheila's meddling and the Werners' overprotective behavior.

Suburgatory S1E21
Episode 21

The Great Compromise

As Tessa adjusts to having Eden (Alicia Silverstone) living with them, she finds Eden helpful in her pursuit of a summer internship, while George has difficulty with Eden's parenting. Meanwhile Sheila interferes with Noah's relationship with Eden, and Malik and Lisa debate which camp to attend.

Suburgatory S1E22
Episode 22

The Motherload

Residents of Chatswin go all out in celebration of their moms, leaving a noticeable void for Tessa, while Dalia chooses to go to Israel without Dallas. Meanwhile George and Eden attend the Lerners' baby shower, and Eden reacts to the endangered animal theme. Fred surprises Sheila with a special performance by her favorite solo artist, and Lisa makes a startling discovery.

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