Supernanny - Season 6 Episodes

Supernanny S6E1
Episode 1

Colier Family

The Coliers of Cleveland, Georgia, are a blended family on the brink. Dad Jason coddles his three young sons under the age of 5, but is hostile to his 13-year-old stepdaughter, Madison, whom he adopted last year. Jason showers his little boys with affection but his relationship with Madison is frosty and contentious - she doesn't call him "Dad" and says he doesn't seem like one; he counters by saying she's a pathological liar and carries on "like a moron." Jason also spoon feeds his three-year-old and holds the older boys back from gaining valuable life skills by doing everything for them. Stay-at-home mom Dawn feels caught in the middle when Jason clashes with Madison and undermines her time-out attempts with the toddlers, but Jo pushes the couple to closely examine whether or not they want to continue in this marriage. Can "Supernanny" set this family on a better track?

Supernanny S6E2
Episode 2

Simmons Family

Debra and Tracy are pushover parents with two sets of twins, ages four and seven, who call all the shots and eat a diet packed with sugar and unhealthy food choices. Four-year-old Parker calls Mom a "butthead" with no consequences; Debra hides in the bathroom to eat a meal and get a moment's peace. Dad Tracy works from home, and when his rambunctious children need disciplining, he meekly implores them not to misbehave. They respond by locking him out of their bedroom! Can Jo Frost help this family?

Supernanny S6E3
Episode 3

Phelps Family

Jo Frost travels to the deep South -- Hayden, Alabama -- and faces off with Amy Phelps, who defends her right to spank her three boisterous boys. Dad Jimmy is open to change, but Amy won't budge, and this issue is bringing their marriage to the breaking point. Jo is adamantly opposed to corporal punishment - can she show these parents how to get even better results the Supernanny way?

Supernanny S6E4
Episode 4

Naskiewicz Family

A Florida family with four children ranging in age from two to twelve is ruled by the crown prince-Zachary, an impulsive, tantrum-prone four-year-old. Jen, a beleaguered stay-at-home Mom, cowers to his every whim, and doesn't enforce any kind of discipline. Her approach is to gently enfold the children in hugs or eventually give in. Roy, a painting contractor, would rather work on the computer at the end of the long day than help Jen with the kids, but when he does try to impose rules and consequences, his short fuse and yelling intimidate the children and have driven his wife to threaten divorce. Jen tearfully tells Jo in her submission tape, "This is our last shot." Can Jo show these two parents the tools to not only tame Zachary but repair their relationship?

Supernanny S6E5
Episode 5

McGrath Family

Bill and Tammy McGrath of Hamlin, New York, have three beautiful young children, and their middle son, Aiden, 5, was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Managing his illness is very anxiety-provoking for Tammy, because she saw her father die of diabetes at just 46 years of age. She sees Aiden's diagnosis as her worst fears realized, and mealtime has become a battlefield. Aiden makes power plays, refusing to eat, which not only threatens his own health and frightens Tammy, but causes problems for both parents in adjusting Aiden's insulin levels. The other kids, Liam, 4, and Paige, 9, feel their parents' distraction and are frustrated by it -- Paige hides out in her bedroom and Liam acts out aggressively. Jo pinpoints Bill and Tammy's problems communicating effectively and enforcing discipline -- their versions of timeouts are useless. Can she help Bill and Tammy regain control of their family?

Supernanny S6E6
Episode 6

Beck Family

Supernanny S6E7
Episode 7

Heredia Family

Christina and Joe Heredia both work full-time and have four children under five years of age: triplets who have just turned two -- Samantha, Taylor and Ryan -- and older brother Brandon who is four. Christina is a well-meaning perfectionist who always tried to please her dad. Now, as an adult, she frets that strangers will judge her mothering skills, but in fact she's her own harshest critic, brought to tears by what she feels is her inability to deal with the challenges of raising these little ones. The simplest tasks are three times harder with the triplets -- they cannot be trusted to obey Mom on a short walk through the neighborhood without straying; Brandon tries to get attention from his parents by acting out; and all of the children disrupt mealtime, barely eating. Since the triplets were premature, this is a big concern to Jo and the parents. Can Jo help the Heredias harness the chaos and show Christina how to be more effective?

Supernanny S6E8
Episode 8

Benton Family

Greg Benton is a dad who wants his boys to be tough, and he prizes physical strength and overall fitness in them. But his sons, Rivers, age 10, and Hunter, age 8, fight daily, with Rivers instigating Hunter, and the house is filled with yelling and empty threats, so the boys continue their pattern. Then Hunter shocks Jo by using gay slurs to insult his brother. Supernanny immediately goes to work with the parents to tackle this unacceptable behavior and uncovers the parents' admission that their marriage is in crisis, which is why the boys may be acting out so much. What can one Supernanny do to help?

Supernanny S6E9
Episode 9

Hallenbeck Family

Patricia and Greg are grandparents who should be enjoying their golden years. Instead, 25-year-old daughter Kristin Hallenbeck still lives at home, and has two terrors -- Jordon (6) and Jaydon (4), whom she expects her mother to raise while she surfs the net, watches TV and texts friends. Kristin doesn't get along with her own parents and the lack of respect has carried into the next generation. The boys completely act out and, like their mother, have no respect for Patricia and Greg. They walk all over their grandparents who are exhausted by their constant fighting, backtalk and misbehavior. Kristen openly criticizes and undermines her mother over things like what her kids eat and whether or not the children need to follow their grandparents' wishes. Jo candidly admits she's horrified, disgusted and "gobsmacked" by Kristin's selfishness, and plans a serious wake-up call for this family. But is Jo too late to make a difference?

Supernanny S6E10
Episode 10

Super-manny Special (Griswold Family)

The world's first Super-Manny, Mike Ruggles, meets his match with a chaotic family of six from Colorado. Working dad Allan has a short temper and terrifies his children with his yelling and threats. Roberta, a stay-at-home-mom, feels like a failure and has ceded control of the house to the kids. She's very negative, calling her house a "hellhole," and has given up on ever getting cooperation from her four children. Seven-year-old Joe has anger management issues: He yells, hits, curses and flips the bird regularly; a trip to the grocery store shows him repeatedly kicking and punching older sister, Lauren, 11, breaking glass and writing the F-word in the freezer condensation. Brianna, at 16, berates her mother and has taken up underage drinking -- she's already been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. Even toddler Alex, 2, has faced the wrath of his older brother and his enraged dad.

Enter Super-Manny, and Mom says, "Thank God, help is here." Mike Ruggles is a warm Chicagoan with over 17 years' experience as a teacher and developmental therapist for children. He focuses on the specific challenges presented by this family. After an observation period, he kicks the parents out of the house and gives the kids a voice by using role-playing techniques to determine some of the root problems, as the parents watch from a monitor. In the Griswolds' case, this provides a tearful comeuppance for Mom and Dad as Joe confesses his fear of his father and imitates his dad's rages. In addition, Mike has some tough talk for Roberta about the continued effect of her negativity on the family and her marriage -- if things continue down this path, failure is assured. He walks the parents through challenging scenarios with Joe, educating them step by step.

Super-Manny also creates an unforgettable interventional moment with Brianna, forcing her to confront the potential consequences of alcohol abuse by meeting survivors of car accidents that involved drinking and driving. Young Lauren weeps as Mike leaves the house later, in fear that her family will revert to their old habits. But Super-Manny has some powerful and innovative ways to break through to everyone including taking the whole family on a camping trip. It's a Griswold Family Vacation unlike any other, and it will change their lives.

Supernanny S6E11
Episode 11

Mann Family

Mark and Melissa Mann have four young children - Naomi (5), whom they call the "mistress of mayhem," and triplets Norah, Nathanial and Madeleine (3). Since the triplets' birth, Naomi has come to rule the roost with her defiance, screaming and tantrums, and the chaos spreads to the younger ones. The parents' discipline technique involves telling the children to "trust and obey" while paddling them with a wooden spoon, followed by a hug. But this isn't working at all, as the kids constantly push the boundaries, and Dad says he's "downright desperate." He feels incapable of caring for the kids solo on occasion -- a simple outing to the local beach is a disaster, with the children running off into harm's way, and Mom is stung by angry comments directed at her by Naomi. In addition, getting the kids to bed is a nightmare. Can Jo Frost help?

Supernanny S6E12
Episode 12

Johnson Family

Supernanny S6E13
Episode 13

McKinney Family

Ashley McKinney can't balance being a single mother of two, a student, and a full time employee at a local bank. Her biggest wish is to have quiet time in order to get her school work done and become an accountant. Yet her two children make it impossible for her to do homework or maintain any semblance of order in the home. The kids have no sense of structure and keep Mom up into the early hours of the morning. Kaiden swears at his sister and mother, breaks furniture and toys, and constantly steals food from the refrigerator. His older sister, Kayla, defies Mom too. Ashley feels as if the kids are running the household and wants to reclaim power before it's too late. Can Jo Frost help?

Supernanny S6E14
Episode 14

100th Episode Special

he's crisscrossed America, including Alaska and Hawaii, in her six seasons as the voice of reason for parents worldwide. Now Supernanny Jo Frost revisits some of her most memorable families in celebration of her 100th episode to find out how they're doing today.

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