Survivor - Season 23 Episodes

Survivor S23E1
Episode 1

I Need Redemption

The sixteen new castaways have mixed reactions to the return of Coach and Ozzy, two of the game's most memorable players, and an extremely close immunity challenge sparks a debate for the losing tribe members in a combative Tribal Council.

Survivor S23E2
Episode 2

He Has Demons

The discovery of an immunity idol gives one castaway an early advantage in the game, and the unraveling of a white lie leads to an explosive Tribal Council.

Survivor S23E3
Episode 3

Reap What You Sow

One castaway reveals a shocking secret to their tribe while another castaway, in a last-ditch effort to keep alive in the game, devises a plan and pretends to find the hidden Immunity Idol.

Survivor S23E4
Episode 4


One castaway is brought to tears when confronted with his past during an emotional tribal council, and another turns on his alliance and teams up with an unlikely tribe member. Meanwhile on Redemption Island, the second castaway is sent home.

Survivor S23E5
Episode 5

Taste The Victory

Starving castaways tap into their primal instincts at an intense Immunity Challenge, and a big betrayal shakes up the game at a surprising Tribal Council. Meanwhile, on Redemption Island a scorned castaway seeks revenge by spilling all the secrets of their former tribe, and the third castaway is sent home.

Survivor S23E6
Episode 6

Free Agent

Feeling betrayed by their tribe, one castaway reveals a potentially game-changing secret, and appalled by the lack of loyalty within his tribe, another castaway threatens to leave the game.

Survivor S23E7
Episode 7

Trojan Horse

One tribe calls upon the heavens in hopes of changing their luck, while the other tribe is left in shock when one of their own makes a risky move that will go down in Survivor history.

Survivor S23E8
Episode 8

Double Agent

With a potential merge on the horizon, one tribe puts on an elaborate show in hopes of gaining the upper hand on their competition, and an unlikely castaway holds all the power at a game-changing Tribal Council.

Survivor S23E9
Episode 9

Cut Throat

After a shocking betrayal, one castaway faces the wrath of a former alliance, and a double eviction rocks the newly merged Te Tuna tribe.

Survivor S23E10
Episode 10

Running the Show

Paranoia among tribemates threatens to break a once-impenetrable alliance, and castaways are shocked at Tribal Council with the announcement of another double elimination.

Survivor S23E11
Episode 11

A Closer Look

Never-before-seen moments give an inside look into the castaways and their decisions made during the game so far.

Survivor S23E12
Episode 12

Cult Like

At the immunity challenge, one tribemate makes a big gesture to a fellow castaway. Meanwhile, an alliance member becomes a liability around camp.

Survivor S23E13
Episode 13

Ticking Time Bomb

A relative crosses the line during the emotional family reunion, and an unlikely secret alliance threatens the pecking order of the Te Tuna tribe.

Survivor S23E14
Episode 14

Then There Were Five

Tensions escalate at camp when the final five original Upolu members are forced to turn on each other. Meanwhile, on Redemption Island, Ozzy and Edna compete to stay in the game, and one becomes the sixth jury member.

Survivor S23E15
Episode 15

Loyalties Will Be Broken

Using every last bit of physical and mental strength, the castaways battle it out in the final immunity challenge to secure their spot at the final tribal council, and jury members get their moment to confront the final three.

Survivor S23E16
Episode 16

Survivor: South Pacific Reunion

Now that the winner has been revealed, the castaways reunite to discuss the season. Jeff Probst hosts.

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