Sweet Valley High

Sweet Valley High

Sweet Valley High - Season 4 Episodes

Sweet Valley High S4E1
Episode 1

Romance Wasn't Built in a Day

Enid wins a trip for her and her friends to go to a resort in Brazil. There, she constantly drives Cheryl crazy with her hyper attitude. Winston plays shuffleboard with old woman. Todd wants to sleep with Elizabeth, and Jessica wants to get to know Ricardo, a latin singer. He, however, is spending alot of time with a girl named Renata. Lila gets a tooth ache from biting into a pearl.

Sweet Valley High S4E2
Episode 2

Loose Lips Sink Yachts

Devon Whitelaw arrives in Sweet Valley and Jessica and Renata both want to date him and know everything there is to know about him. Elizabeth and Enid come across an article saying that Devon's parents were killed in a boat accident and that Devon gets thier Inheritance. Alot of people are convinced he killed his parents for thier money, except for Elizabeth. Lila finds out that she has a locker at geek corner.

Sweet Valley High S4E3
Episode 3

Drag King

Winston tries new themes out at the Moon Beach to make Renata feel more at home. Meanwhile, Jessica tries out a love potion in order to attract Devon, a drag racer.

Sweet Valley High S4E4
Episode 4

The Right to Bare Midriffs

Todd starts spending allot of time on the Internet, making Liz worried. Winston decides to meet his online girlfriend, Petunia, but before they meet, they send pictures of each other. Because of a misunderstanding, Petunia thinks the guy she has been talking to online is Todd. When Renata, Lila, and Jessica hear there might be a dress code, they decide to protest and they take their fight down to city hall.

Sweet Valley High S4E5
Episode 5

Lights, Camera, Factions

Winston is shooting a movie for a student film festival. Jessica is completely uninterested in the film until she finds that Friskel and Debert will be judging the films. Then Jessica gets a little too interested in the film and insists that Winston do everything her way. Devon thinks that Liz should lighten up a little bit more and tries to help her by getting her detention.

Sweet Valley High S4E6
Episode 6

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

Jessica find the perfect guy in Devon Whitelaw, who only seems to be interested in Elizabeth. Tood gives Renata driving lessons so she can get her driveers licence since she doesn't have one in the United States.

Sweet Valley High S4E7
Episode 7

The Kiss Heard Around the School

When the school learns that Devon and Elizabeth kissed, thanks to Renata, Todd soon find out as well and punches Devon. Cheryl gets Enid an interview for a possibility to be an ear model.

Sweet Valley High S4E8
Episode 8

Lucky Streaks

Liz starts seeing Devon, while Todd starts seeing Renata. Jessica is angry because it seems that she wasn't good enough for Devon, but instead, her sister was.

Sweet Valley High S4E9
Episode 9

West Coast Story (1)

The big game against Big Mesa is coming up and the pranks start to begin again. Sweet Valley isn't as sure to win as they first thought they were after Mesa's star player Christian Gorman returns to Big Mesa.

Sweet Valley High S4E10
Episode 10

West Coast Story, Part Deux (2)

The prank war continues on in preparation of the big game, leading to a fight to be scheduled between the boys from each school. Meanwhile, Jessica starts to date one of the Big Mesa guys and as a result, her popularity begains to fall. Jessica thinks about possibly transferring over to Big Mesa.

Sweet Valley High S4E11
Episode 11

Rumble in the Valley (3)

The fight between the boys from each school is rescheduled. As the fight nears, Manny and Winston start to think about backing out. Meanwhile, Devon tries to apologize to Liz.

Sweet Valley High S4E12
Episode 12

Devon Breaklaw

Elizabeth finally get the courage to break up with Devon after his recent outbreaks and the fact that he can't control his anger. Jessica helps Renata win back Todd. She tells Renata that Todd likes the all american girl, so she starts to wear boring clothes, hardly any make-up, no jewelry, and straitens her hair in hope that Todd will come back to her.

Sweet Valley High S4E13
Episode 13

Skiing is Believing

Jessica, Elizabeth, Cheryl, and Enid take a trip up to the moutains to go skiing. Jessica wants to win the women's downhill race to prove she is the bette skier than Elizabeth. Manny is mad that Enid decided to go on the ski trip since its thier first anniversiry and he's scared she'll find someone new.

Sweet Valley High S4E14
Episode 14

Single in Sweet Valley (1)

A new student named Betsy tries to become Jessica and constantly follows her everywhere. Meanwhile, a radio talk show features a boy who wants to find someone to date in Sweet Valley. Liz's friends convince her to write a letter and Single in Sweet Valley ends up choosing her.

Sweet Valley High S4E15
Episode 15

Sailing Solution (2)

It turns out that this Single in Sweet Valley is in fact Todd, and so he and Liz are back together again. Todd wants them to go sailing, but Elizabeth finds that it's during the same time that she's supposed to receive her award for the Junior Writing Awards. Meanwhile, Lila and Jess compete with each other in a Teen Girl Magazine competition to see who's the better party hostess.

Sweet Valley High S4E16
Episode 16

Down By Whitelaw (1)

Devon promises to learn to deal with his anger and liz agrees to help him. The case surrounding his parents's death is re-opened, with Devon as the main suspect. Jessica tries to use the publicity to be in the public eye. Meanwhile, Devon has nightmares and starts to realize that he might in fact have been responsible for the death of his parents.

Sweet Valley High S4E17
Episode 17

Down By Whitelaw, Part Dos (2)

Through his dreams, Devon realizes that someone else was on board the yacht when his parents died- Sam. Before Devon can tell Liz the identity of this other person, Liz visits Sam to tell him that Devon realized that someone else was on board. Liz is then taken hostage by Sam.

Sweet Valley High S4E18
Episode 18

Swing Time

Liz fears that Todd slept with Renata while he was dating her when Renata continues to flirt with him. Meanwhile, a photographer wants to photograph Jessica, but everyone else warns her that it might be dangerous.

Sweet Valley High S4E19
Episode 19

Down Horoscope

Enid reads her horoscope and finds out that a scorpio will find her irrestistible. When she learns that Devon matches that description, she thinks he wants to date her. Jessica doesn't want anyone to know that her and Devon are dating, which bother's him. They are supposed to meet at a party and Jessica sees him with another girl. She mistakes the girl as his date, when it happens to be his next door neighbour whom he drove to the party. When Elizabeth protects Todd with her Judo skills he gets teased about it. He eventually enroles in Judo himself.

Sweet Valley High S4E20
Episode 20

A Simple Twist of Mates

Todd accidently kissed Jessica in the library, thinking it's Liz! They don't want to tell Devon and Elizabeth, but when Todd and Liz go on a double date with Jess and Devon they end up finding out. When Lila is prepared for a history test she copies Enid's work, and Enid ends up getting blamed for cheating.

Sweet Valley High S4E21
Episode 21

Ticket to Lie

When Jessica gets pulled over for speeding, she gives the officer her sister's ID since she doesn't have her own. When Todd discovers the upcoming test questions he and Winston have to break into the school and return it. Enid and Manny find out they might be related.

Sweet Valley High S4E22
Episode 22

Animal Rights and Wrongs

Elizabeth and Jessica try out to be in a commercial for double vision cosmetics, and they eventually get it. But when Elizabeth learns that double vision cosmetics tests their products on animals, she backs out. Todd has started to ignore Winston and is spending more time with his basketball friends, such as going bungee jumping with them and forgetting about the fact that he is supposed to go to a model airplane convention with Winston.

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