Taggart - Season 2 Episodes

Taggart S2E1
Episode 1

Knife Edge

Taggart and Livingston investigate after the discovery of a woman's severed leg. However as the body parts build up Taggart finds himself no closer to the cases solution. The investigation leads them to a butcher George Bryce who Taggart and Livingston are convinced is the killer. When he turns up dead, killed with the same gun that the dismembered corpse it appears to be another dead end. However with a little further digging links start appearing and Taggart realises he's closer to cracking the case than he thought.

Taggart S2E2
Episode 2

Death Call

Taggart and his partner Peter Livingstone are called in to investigate the macabre killing of the wife of a wealthy landowner whose body is found strangled and weighed down with luggage in a reservoir. The husband was last seen preparing to go to Switzerland with a large sum of money in a holdall.

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