Tales from the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt - Season 4 Episodes

Tales from the Crypt S4E1
Episode 1

None but the Lonely Heart

A scheming con man marries wealthy elderly women to collect the insurance benefits but soon finds out their love for him will never die.

Tales from the Crypt S4E2
Episode 2

This'll Kill Ya

When he gets injected with an experimental untested "H-Cell" serum, a cocky scientist believes he's been murdered and double crossed by his two business partners.

Tales from the Crypt S4E3
Episode 3

On a Deadman's Chest

A disruptive rocker who despises his band mate’s new wife, receives a tattoo that looks exactly like her, so now not only does the woman he hate get under his skin but is now on it as well.

Tales from the Crypt S4E4
Episode 4


Two con artists attempt to setup a rich tycoon but when he dies they stage a fake seance to muster the remaining money from his spiritual believing widow.

Tales from the Crypt S4E5
Episode 5

Beauty Rest

An aging down-on-her-luck model resorts to murder to get ahead and poses as her roommate to garner a beauty pageant spot that she's guaranteed to win.

Tales from the Crypt S4E6
Episode 6

What's Cookin'

A couple's failing restaurant gets a huge boost when a drifter gives them a steak recipe to die for.

Tales from the Crypt S4E7
Episode 7

The New Arrival

To boost his troubled ratings, an arrogant radio child psychologist decides to do a series of shows from the home of a mother with the ultimate problem child.

Tales from the Crypt S4E8
Episode 8


After adding a Texas Ranger to his many kills, a remorseless gunslinger begins to be haunted by the spirits of all his past victims.

Tales from the Crypt S4E9
Episode 9

King of the Road

A cocky drag racer brings a police officer and former king of the road, back in the race when he kidnaps his daughter.

Tales from the Crypt S4E10
Episode 10

Maniac At Large

A shy library clerk is obsessed with a serial killer fearing that she will be the next victim.

Tales from the Crypt S4E11
Episode 11

Split Personality

A despicable con man concocts a scheme to marry some reclusive twins to inherit their fortune by creating a "twin" himself.

Tales from the Crypt S4E12
Episode 12

Strung Along

A game of deception ensues when a golden age puppeteer with a dominant wife is given a chance to revive his act for a tribute show and takes on a new animatronic wiz as his new assistant.

Tales from the Crypt S4E13
Episode 13

Werewolf Concerto

A group of guests at a secluded resort suspect that one of them may be a murderous werewolf.

Tales from the Crypt S4E14
Episode 14

Curiosity Killed

A man asks his friend to keep a youth potion away from his wife. When she suspects that they are trying to kill her, she kills them first and drinks the potion which she had switched. But she soon regrets it.

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