Tales of the Unexpected

Tales of the Unexpected

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 8 Episodes

Tales of the Unexpected S8E1
Episode 1

People Don't Do Such Things

Reeve Baker is a successful young romantic novelist who lives life in the fast lane, while Gwen Carter is the wife of his tax consultant and falls for him in a big way. Her husband, Terence, knows all about Reeve and his ways with women, but his warnings to Gwen go unheeded...

Tales of the Unexpected S8E2
Episode 2

In the Cards

Madame Myra is a third-rate fortune teller who foresees a dim future for herself. And then she meets a stranger in town who shows her a way to do a whole lot better. What, though, is in it for him?

Tales of the Unexpected S8E3
Episode 3

Nothin' Short of Highway Robbery

A husband and wife, Newt and Marcie, plan to drive home across the desert. They pull into a remote garage to fill their tank, and Harry the mechanic tells them their car urgently needs expensive repairs. He suggests they have a meal in his wife's eating house while he gets on with the work. But are Marcie and Newt being taken for a ride?

Tales of the Unexpected S8E4
Episode 4


Brenda is a lonely drifter living in the island paradise of Key West. She has no friends and drinks a lot to forget her tragic past. Then Brenda runs into Eric, a man she knew long ago in her college days, and suddenly life takes on new meaning...

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