Tales of the Unexpected

Tales of the Unexpected

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 9 Episodes

Tales of the Unexpected S9E1
Episode 1

Skeleton in the Cupboard

Robert Smythe is a ruthless executive with a dangerous twenty-year-old secret... An echo from the past prompts him into a new cover-up of the truth, but his wife becomes suspicious.

Tales of the Unexpected S9E2
Episode 2

The Colonel's Lady

Eve, the wife of Colonel George Peregrine, writes a book of love poems which is a huge success. Eve is soon in demand from unexpected quarters, but her book, containing revelations about her love life, has unhappy effects on her marriage. George is anxious to find out the identity of the young man Eve's poems were addressed to - and when she tells him, the truth comes as a huge shock.

Tales of the Unexpected S9E3
Episode 3

The Surgeon

An Oxford doctor, Robert Sandy, faces up to his own lust for money when a grateful patient, a Saudi Arabian prince, gives him a huge diamond. Robert and Betty Sandy find their new asset a huge liability... Sandy's demise is unforeseen - but is it a form of rough justice?

Tales of the Unexpected S9E4
Episode 4

The Verger

Albert and Milly Dobson have given sixteen years of devoted service to their parish church, but a new Vicar arrives who does not like the old ways and has little time for the Dobsons. Following radical changes, a secret Albert has hidden for years causes consternation. In defiance, the couple build a new life... Of course, God moves in mysterious ways.

Tales of the Unexpected S9E5
Episode 5

The Facts of Life

Nicholas Lillie is a naive fencing enthusiast from the country, constantly held back by his parents. Thanks to a national fencing contest he travels to the bright lights of London and gets caught up in a bizarre adventure.

Tales of the Unexpected S9E6
Episode 6

Wink Three Times

Jeremy Tyler, a timid provincial solicitor, is visiting a smart London hotel on a business trip and becomes embroiled in a curious case of mistaken identity. Babs Colport has arranged a blind date through a dating agency. Jeremy, looking for female company, tries to seduce her.

Tales of the Unexpected S9E7
Episode 7

The Dead Don't Steal

Lilian Brett, a beautiful air hostess, is having an affair with Ken Johnson, the boss of a charter firm. Ken sets up a drug smuggling operation to cover the cost of their affair, but Lillian is in turmoil. She says she wants to end their affair and life of crime, and Ken has to work out what to do about it.

Tales of the Unexpected S9E8
Episode 8

The Finger of Suspicion

American safe-cracker Steve Baker is married to a beautiful Arab, and they are leading an idyllic life together in a Middle Eastern country - but then Steve is threatened with extradition for a crime he says he didn't commit.

Tales of the Unexpected S9E9
Episode 9

A Time to Die

Yves Drouard is a romantic French electronics expert whose love life has become rather too complicated. His marriage to Marthe has cooled, and his young mistress, Violette, has announced that she is pregnant. Yves is forced into a decision - but something he failed to foresee leads to an outcome he did not reckon on at all.

Tales of the Unexpected S9E10
Episode 10

Mr Know-All

Pretty medical student Elly Somerton is working as a hotel chambermaid and falls for a guest at the hotel, Professor Max Kelada. Kelada is a well-known archaeologist, staying at the hotel for a conference, but womanising and fun are more on his mind than business. He tries to seduce Elly, with unexpected results.

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