Tarzán - Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1

“Tarzan and the Deadly Cargo”

A revolutionary gun-runner is stopped before he can take-over Bendali, thanks to Tarzan and the animals.

Episode 2

“Tarzan's Hollywood Adventure”

Episode 3

“Tarzan and the Witness for the Prosecution”

Episode 4

“Tarzan and the Odd Couple”

Episode 5

“Tarzan and the Death Spiders”

Shaka is bitten by a deadly spider. There is no known antidote for the poison except for a plant which grows miles away in the Urongo Basin. Unless Tarzan can bring the plant back in time, his friend Shaka will die.

Episode 6

“Tarzan and the Fear of Blindness”

Episode 7

“Tarzan and the Pirates Revenge”

A virus laden monkey saves the day when it bites an escaping drug runner.

Episode 8

“Tarzan and the Ring of Romance”

Episode 9

“Tarzan and the Stone Man”

A primitive native man, on the lam from a ruthless construction company, is reunited with his family, with help form Tarzan.

Episode 10

“Tarzan and the Gift of Life”

Episode 11

“Tarzan and the Jewel of Justice”

Episode 12

“Tarzan and the Night Horrors”

Episode 13

“Tarzan and the Russian Invasion”

Episode 14

“Tarzan and the Rock Star”

Episode 15

“Tarzan and the New Commissioner”

Episode 16

“Tarzan and the Mating Season”

Roger learns that love is as delicate for humans as it is for animals.

Episode 17

“Tarzan and the Sapphire Elephant”

Tarzan is bribed by the commissioner to recover a priceless artifact from an ancient temple littered with booby traps.

Episode 18

“Tarzan and the King of the Apes”

An aging anthropologist re-discovers the small family of gorillas that he found many years ago, at the start of career.

Episode 19

“Tarzan and the Evil Twin”

Dan's conniving twin brother, Joseph assumes his identity and attempts to steal $10,000 from Jane's research fund, only to be foiled by Tarzan and Cheetah.

Episode 20

“Tarzan and the Sixth Sense”

When an earthquake threatens Tarzan's life, the animals of the jungle do their part to rescue him.

Episode 21

“Tarzan and the Dangerous Competition”

A selfish archery champion challenges Tarzan to a duel, only to learn that some things can be gained from losing.

Episode 22

“Tarzan and Cheetah's Desperate Adventure”

When Cheetah falls into a coma after a scorpion bite, Tarzan and the group reminisce about the misadventures they have had with him.

Episode 23

“Tarzan and the Curse of Death”

A man seeking vengeance places a voodoo curse on Tarzan.

Episode 24

“Tarzan and the Fiery End”

Mysterious events thought to be caused by an ancient artifact, force Tarzan to return the infamous Sapphire Elephant to its resting place in a sacred temple in the jungle.

Episode 25

“Tarzan and the Return of the Bronx”

Carlos Mendosa, Dan's godson from the Bronx, returns to jungle after running away from home. He feels he was no longer needed by his widowed mother when she remarried. When Tarzan finds out the real reason for his 'visit' he uses his jungle psychology.