The A-Team

The A-Team

The A-Team - Season 3 Episodes

The A-Team S3E1
Episode 1

Bullets and Bikinis

The team flies to Miami to wage war against gangsters threatening to take over a resort hotel owned by two sisters.

The A-Team S3E2
Episode 2

The Bend in the River (1)

A river pirate captures a man as he travels into uncharted Amazon River territory.

The A-Team S3E3
Episode 3

The Bend in the River (2)

The A-Team hopes to rescue Tawnia's fiance who has been captured by a river pirate in the Brazilian rainforest.

The A-Team S3E4
Episode 4


The team tries to protect a fire chief from harassment by a violent group.

The A-Team S3E5
Episode 5


The team attempts to stop a crooked union boss from forcing a family-run logging operation out of business.

The A-Team S3E6
Episode 6

Double Heat

The team goes up against two different crime syndicates to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a key government witness.

The A-Team S3E7
Episode 7

Trouble on Wheels

B.A., Hannibal and cohorts infiltrate a car factory to capture a gang of ruthless auto-parts thieves.

The A-Team S3E8
Episode 8

The Island

Hannibal, B.A. and cohorts raid a dope smuggler's den in the South Pacific and free a former Vietnam War buddy.

The A-Team S3E9
Episode 9


Three men posing as the A-Team terrorize a Wild West show unaware that Col. Lynch is staking them out.

The A-Team S3E10
Episode 10

Sheriffs of Rivertown

The A-Team is enlisted to restore law and order in a South American town experiencing a number of fatal accidents.

The A-Team S3E11
Episode 11

The Bells of St. Mary's

While Face and B.A. are coaching high school football, one of their player's older sister and her girl group, "The Bells," are being harassed by a local record producer, Dave Luna.

The A-Team S3E12
Episode 12

Hot Styles

The team sets out to prevent a new line of fashion designs from being stolen. Guest star: Markie Post.

The A-Team S3E13
Episode 13


Hannibal devises an elaborate escape plan after B.A. and Murdock are mistaken for accomplices in a robbery and sentenced to work on a chain gang.

The A-Team S3E14
Episode 14

Cup A' Joe

B.A. and Murdock protect diner owners from a man who is trying to put them out of business.

The A-Team S3E15
Episode 15

The Big Squeeze

Hannibal, B.A. and cohorts turn the tables on a ruthless loan shark who has been putting the squeeze on downtown businessmen.

The A-Team S3E16
Episode 16


B.A. is set up as an unbeatable boxer when the team battles a gangster attempting to gain control of the local fight scene.

The A-Team S3E17
Episode 17


The A-Team plans to stop destructive poachers on a Kenya animal preserve. Guest star: Daphne Maxwell Reid.

The A-Team S3E18
Episode 18

Road Games

The team pursues gangsters who forced a reformed gambler to sign over the home where he and his daughter care for foster children.

The A-Team S3E19
Episode 19

Moving Targets

The A-Team must protect a sheik's daughter, who is about to marry a prince from an opposing country.

The A-Team S3E20
Episode 20

Knights of the Road

An ambitious auto mechanic asks for help after a ruthless competitor attempts to ruin his business.

The A-Team S3E21
Episode 21

Waste 'Em!

The team battles corrupt refuse collectors who are dumping toxic waste into the city's sewer system.

The A-Team S3E22
Episode 22


Romance blossoms between Murdock and a veterinarian after she rescues him from a group of bounty hunters.

The A-Team S3E23
Episode 23

Beverly Hills Assault

A young artist seeks the team's help in searching for the men who brutally assaulted her boyfriend.

The A-Team S3E24
Episode 24

Trouble Brewing

Two sisters who own a soda pop factory are victimized by a competitor and seek help from the A-Team.

The A-Team S3E25
Episode 25

Incident at Crystal Lake

The A-Team takes a vacation at Crystal Lake after Col. Decker gets too close for comfort.

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