The Agency

The Agency

The Agency - Season 2 Episodes

The Agency S2E1
Episode 1

French Kiss

Agents of the CIA go to France to find Matt's killer. When the Secret Service, CIA, FBI, and INS fail to inform each other, Robert Quinn forms an Incident Response Team to work with the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and INS.

The Agency S2E2
Episode 2

Air Lex

Gage must decide whether a hijacked plane carrying Stiles and Lex should be shot down

The Agency S2E3
Episode 3

The Great Game

Terri, Stiles and Lex oversee the formation of a new Afghan Ministry of Intelligence in Kabul, Afghanistan, where Terri and Stiles' lives are threatened. Meanwhile, Gage deals with a new Afghan Intelligence Minister with a shaky past

The Agency S2E4
Episode 4

C.S. Lie

When a CIA plane crashes in China, the operatives must hide the evidence before it is discovered.

The Agency S2E5
Episode 5

The Prisoner

When Gage discovers that a potential Iraqi defector has been held prisoner in the U.S. for the last 6 years, he authorizes a mission to take the man back to his homeland to identify a weapons site.

The Agency S2E6
Episode 6

Home Grown

The Agency discovers that a suicide bomber responsible for the death of 14 people in an amusment park is an American citizen belonging to a terrorist ring.

The Agency S2E7
Episode 7


A blown operation leads to a Senate inquiry into possible wrongdoings at the CIA. The CIA tries to turn a Columbian druglord and terroist into an informant, but the operation goes awry when a DEA officer tips off the police as to the operation causing the deaths of seven people.

The Agency S2E8
Episode 8

First Born

The president's brother is in an accident, which put the CIA in a bind.

The Agency S2E9
Episode 9


The Agency S2E10
Episode 10


Is Gage wanted by the FBI? The agents think so,there about to find what he is really up to.

The Agency S2E11
Episode 11

Elite Meat to Eat

Teri is taken to Stiles to his home. The Incident Response Team heads to Ireland to stop arms dealers.

The Agency S2E12
Episode 12

An Isolated Incident

Stiles and Terri head to the Gaza Strip in search of a U.S. citizen who left America with his wife due to a killing spree at a travel agency.

The Agency S2E13
Episode 13

Debbie Does Djakarta

Just how far will the CIA go to get what it wants? Gage and the team must try and stop an election in Indonesia which puts a terrorist supporter in the run for Pesident. James Graydon a former U.S. President wants to see the election go through nicely.

The Agency S2E14
Episode 14


Lex learns that a possible bomb attack may occur in Australia, Gage doesn't want to act because terrorists may another attcak on the U.S.

The Agency S2E15
Episode 15

Absolute Bastard

Stiles heads to west Africa to help former CIA informants and runs into someone he loved.

The Agency S2E16
Episode 16

Unholy Alliances

Gage goes to Israel to help with peace talks.

The Agency S2E17
Episode 17

Soft Kills

Terri,Stiles & Lex must go to Spain to find out why military wives were killed, While Lex, Stiles, & Terri try to stay out of danger.

The Agency S2E18
Episode 18

Spy Finance

Stiles tries to stop a drug dealer from helping terrorists, Can Stiles get the drug dealer to help capture the terrorists?

The Agency S2E19
Episode 19

War, Inc

David Cassidy (Everett Price) who lost his wife on 9/11 hurts the relationship between the U.S. & Saudi Arabia, Now Gage must try and stop anymore missile attacks.

The Agency S2E20
Episode 20

Mi Cena con Andrei

The agency is trying to find out the if the creator of the super virus is guilty because several people have died to the virus having thought to been sold. Stiles travels to Mexico City to see if the scientist is guilty. Stiles needs to find out where the virus is made, Stiles who came to Mexico begins to believe the scientist is innocent.

Stiles enters the lab and finds a lot of empty vials. Gage finds out that scientist's records list 75 vials as well as 73 in the lab that don't contain the virus. They believe one of the scientist family members has the vial with the virus. Haisley learns that Stiles and Teri may have the wrong man.

Stiles learns the scientist may have been making a vaccine for the virus.

The Agency S2E21
Episode 21

Our Man in Korea (1)

Terri Lowell is about to get a big shock the man she dated in college could be a double agent because his company could be shipping weapons to North Korea (behind his back) his wife is actually doing it. Quinn learns his sister is dying. He has to find her in the car at sunset.

Terri and stiles continue try to find the guidance system. Terri learns Brain wants to leave his wife. Caroline quickly finds out and tries to protect him. Quinn finds that his sister killed herself and kisses her goodbye.

Terri goes to meet him and finds him dead and his wife may have killed him. Terri is questioned about wether she got bad information.

The Agency S2E22
Episode 22

Our Man In Washington (2)

Terri is thought to be alive after Stiles & Agent Shelton discover her car and watch. Terri is kidnapped to find who Terri told about the double life of Joshua and how Terri found out. Terri still won't let her captors know who she told she then has a bomb hooked to her.

Meanwhile Terri learns that Joshua was told to kidnap her and that she should trust him. Haisely then tells Quinn that Joshua may have taken Terri, Quinn finds the information hard to believe and wonders why Mr. Holland didn't say anything. Quinn tells Haisley that 12 years ago (when Quinn was director) He had Joshua feed information to Germany.

Gage asks Holland to feed German information to the CIA while still trying to free Terri.

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