The Andy Griffith Show

The Andy Griffith Show

The Andy Griffith Show - Season 3 Episodes

The Andy Griffith Show S3E1
Episode 1

Mr. McBeevee

Andy and Barney believe Opie is letting his imagination get the best of him when the boy describes a new friend who jingles when he walks and has 12 extra hands. Look For: Karl Swenson (Mr. McBeevee) went on to play Lars Hansen on The Little House on the Prairie series.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E2
Episode 2

Andy's Rich Girlfriend

Upon discovering that Peggy comes from a wealthy family, Andy begins to worry that he is too unsophisticated for her.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E3
Episode 3

Andy and the New Mayor

Andy butts heads with the town's strict new mayor (Parley Baer). Look For: Parley Baer in his first appearance as Mayor Stoner.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E4
Episode 4

Andy and Opie, Bachelors

Peggy looks after Andy and Opie while Aunt Bee is away, but Floyds teasing causes Andy to wonder if marriage is on her mind.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E5
Episode 5

The Cow Thief

When cows in Mayberry begin to disappear, Mayor Stoner brings in a special investigator.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E6
Episode 6

Barney Mends a Broken Heart

Barney, believing that Andy has split up with Peggy, begins a find-a-girl-for-Andy movement. Look For: Lydia Crosswaithe and her list of dislikes.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E7
Episode 7

Lawman Barney

Barney is intimidated by a pair of ordinance-breaking produce farmers.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E8
Episode 8

The Mayberry Band

Andy schemes to get the ragtag Mayberry Band into a Raleigh band festival. Look For: Norman Leavitt as a councilman named Ralph. You may recognize him as Wally, the filling station owner.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E9
Episode 9

Floyd the Gay Deceiver

Lonely Hearts Correspondence Club member Floyd Lawson is about to meet his wealthy widowed pen pal. The trouble is Floyd has misrepresented himself as a millionaire.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E10
Episode 10

Opie's Rival

Opie senses a change in his relationship with his father when Andy begins dating Peggy MacMillan. Factoid: Joanna Moore, who plays Peggy MacMillan, is the former wife of actor Ryan O'Neal and the mother of actress Tatum O' Neal.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E11
Episode 11


Barney and Floyd become the unwitting (and hilarious) victims of three female escapees.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E12
Episode 12

The Bed Jacket

Aunt Bee hints that a frilly bed jacket would be a wonderful gift for her upcoming birthday. Is Andy listening?

The Andy Griffith Show S3E13
Episode 13

The Bank Job

Barney is nervous after he tickets the governor's chauffeur for illegal parking. Could his job be in jeopardy? Look For: Mayor Stoner on the phone with his close friend the governor; Rance Howard, father of Ron and Clint Howard, appearing as the bus governor's chauffeur as well as the spelling of 'Noth Capolnja' on the license plate.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E14
Episode 14

One-Punch Opie

A harried Charlotte businessman finds himself stranded in Mayberry. Look For: Jim Nabors' first appearance as Gomer Pyle.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E15
Episode 15

Barney and the Governor

Barney believes that the Mayberry Security Bank is an easy target for robbers. Look For: Clint Howard as Leon, the little cowboy with a peanut butter sandwich.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E16
Episode 16

Man in a Hurry

Opie is dismayed when his friends fall under the influence of a wayward nine-year-old. Dont Miss: Barney's incarceration lecture to a group of boys.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E17
Episode 17

High Noon in Mayberry

A man Andy once shot and sent to prison decides to pay him a visit to set the record straight. Barney is very concerned.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E18
Episode 18

The Loaded Goat

Farmer Cy Hudgins' goat Jimmy may have consumed a large quantity of dynamite. Guest Star: Bing Russell, father of actor Kurt Russell, appears as blasting engineer Mr. Burton.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E19
Episode 19

Class Reunion

Andy and Barney orchestrate and attend a very memorable class reunion. Look For: Andy and Barney singing 'Mayberry Union High.'

The Andy Griffith Show S3E20
Episode 20

Rafe Hollister Sings

Farmer Rafe Hollister auditions for the Ladies League Musicale and snobbery rears its ugly head.Factoid: Jack Prince, who portrays Rafe Hollister, was a noted Big Band vocalist.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E21
Episode 21

Opie and the Spoiled Kid

A selfish and spoiled new kid in town sets a poor example for Opie.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E22
Episode 22

The Great Filling Station Robbery

A wayward young man, whom Andy is trying to help, is accused of a series of thefts at Wally's filling station.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E23
Episode 23

Andy Discovers America

Opie experiences trouble with history and is not exactly thrilled with his new teacher Old Lady Crump (Aneta Corsaut). Look For: Barney explaining the Emancipation Proclamation.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E24
Episode 24

Aunt Bee's Medicine Man

Andy suspects that a traveling medicine man's magic Indian Elixir may be responsible for Aunt Bee's uplifted spirits. Look For: Colonel Harvey (John Dehner) showing Opie Indian smoke signals and speaking the Shawnee language.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E25
Episode 25

The Darlings Are Coming

An eccentric musical mountain family descends into Mayberry to welcome home a soon-to-be member of the clan. Guest Star: Denver Pyle and bluegrass band The Dillards.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E26
Episode 26

Andy's English Valet

While bicycling across America, an English valet (Bernard Fox) falls into trouble and is forced to take a temporary job in Mayberry. Guest Star: Bernard Fox makes his first of three appearances as Malcolm Merriweather. He is also known as Doctor Bombay from Bewitched.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E27
Episode 27

Barney's First Car

Barney purchases his first car from a kindly little lady (Ellen Corby). Neither the car nor its former owner are as advertised. Factoid: This is Andy Griffith's favorite episode. Guest Stars: Ellen Corby, best known for her role as Grandma on The Waltons and Allan Melvin who would go on to play Sam the Butcher on The Brady Bunch and best friend to Archie Bunker on All in the Family.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E28
Episode 28

The Rivals

When Opie's young girlfriend ignores him, the lad finds himself a new one-- Thelma Lou. Barney is not amused.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E29
Episode 29

A Wife for Andy

Barney does his best to find an eligible young woman for Andy.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E30
Episode 30

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Andy, Barney and Opie find themselves sharing the courthouse with 11 dogs. To complicate matters, a jailhouse inspector is expected at any moment. Look For: Andy's hangover cure for Otis and Barney's famous 'Giraffes are Selfish' monologue.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E31
Episode 31

Mountain Wedding

Briscoe Darling enlists Andy and Barney's aid in keeping wild mountain man Ernest T. Bass (Howard Morris) at bay. Look For: Ernest T. Bass chanting 'Old Aunt Maria' while rapping on a gas can.

The Andy Griffith Show S3E32
Episode 32

The Big House

Barney and a newly deputized Gomer Pyle are put in charge of things while Andy participates in a manhunt. George Kennedy appears as a Memphis detective. Look For: Barney's Rules of the Rock.

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