The Andy Griffith Show

The Andy Griffith Show

The Andy Griffith Show - Season 7 Episodes

The Andy Griffith Show S7E1
Episode 1

Opie's Girlfriend

Opie doesn't get along with Helen's visiting niece from West Virginia. Look For: Opie hiding his black eye.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E2
Episode 2

The Lodge

Who in the world blackballed a nice guy like Howard Sprague from joining the Mayberry lodge with the great name of the Regal Order of the Golden Door to Good Fellowship?

The Andy Griffith Show S7E3
Episode 3

The Barbershop Quartet

Andy realizes that he should not have allowed a prisoner to join the Mayberry barbershop quartet, when the young man escapes. Look For: Floyd asking, 'What are you gonna do, Andy?'

The Andy Griffith Show S7E4
Episode 4

The Ball Game

Andy becomes the most despised person in Mayberry when he calls Opie out at home plate in a baseball game against arch rival Mt. Pilot. Factoid: This episode was written by Ron Howard's father, Rance. Ron often mentions this episode as his personal favorite.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E5
Episode 5

Aunt Bee's Crowning Glory

Aunt Bee becomes the talk of the town when she starts wearing a blonde wig.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E6
Episode 6

The Darling Fortune

The Darlings make their final visit to Mayberry in order to find brides for the boys. Look For: Briscoe Darling's nickname for Goober

The Andy Griffith Show S7E7
Episode 7

Mind Over Matter

Thanks to Floyd and Aunt Bee, Goober is convinced that he is suffering from whiplash after being in a minor car collision.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E8
Episode 8

Politics Begin at Home

The Taylor household may never be the same when Andy decides to support Howard for town council rather than Aunt Bee.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E9
Episode 9

The Senior Play

Helen is called on the carpet by the high school principal for producing a school play with disgraceful behavior by the student actors. Look For: Goober doing an impression of actor, Edward G. Robinson. Or is it Floyd?

The Andy Griffith Show S7E10
Episode 10

Opie Finds a Baby

Opie and Arnold find an abandoned infant on the courthouse steps. Guest Star: Oscar winner Jack Nicholson appears as the baby's father.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E11
Episode 11

Big Fish in a Small Town

Mayberry is in an uproar when novice fisherman Howard Sprague catches an elusive silver carp nicknamed Old Sam.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E12
Episode 12

Only a Rose

Aunt Bee and Clara (Hope Summers) compete in a rose-growing competition. Look For: Aunt Bee and Clara singing the 'Sweetbriar Normal School' song.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E13
Episode 13

Otis the Deputy

When Andy is captured by two on-the-lam robbers, it's up to Howard and Otis to become his unlikely heroes.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E14
Episode 14

Goober Makes History

After Goober grows a beard, he starts to believe that he is the smartest man in the world. Look For: Opie questioning Andy about American history.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E15
Episode 15

A New Doctor in Town

When a young new doctor (William Christopher) replaces old Doc Bennett, many Mayberrians give him a rather chilly reception. Guest Star: William Christopher was a regular on Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.; M*A*S*H fans will recognize him as Father Mulcahy.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E16
Episode 16

Don't Miss a Good Bet

Floyd and Goober are among the investors in a questionable scheme to unearth a buried treasure. Guest Star: Roger Perry (as con man George Jones) who played Mr. Charles Parker in The Facts of Life.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E17
Episode 17

Dinner at Eight

Headaches, misunderstandings and stomach aches ensue when Goober confuses a couple of Andy's telephone messages. Are you ready for spaghetti? Factoid: This is George Lindsey's favorite episode.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E18
Episode 18

A Visit to Barney Fife

While visiting Barney in Raleigh, Andy begins to suspect that a rash of supermarket robberies can be traced back to his former deputy's boarding house.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E19
Episode 19

Barney Comes to Mayberry

Back in Mayberry for a few days, Barney tries to rekindle an old flame who has become a big movie star.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E20
Episode 20

Andy's Old Girlfriend

Andy's former flame returns to Mayberry and becomes a temporary guest at the Taylors' home -- which doesn't go over well with Helen.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E21
Episode 21

Aunt Bee's Restaurant

Aunt Bee joins Charlie Lee (Keye Luke) as co-owner of Mayberry's new Chinese restaurant.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E22
Episode 22

Floyd's Barbershop

Floyd raises the roof when new landlord Howard Sprague raises the barber's rent. Look For: Andy defending the men in town for loafing around the barber shop.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E23
Episode 23

The Statue

Mayberry decides to erect a statue of Andy's great-great grandfather, the town's greatest benefactor.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E24
Episode 24

Helen the Authoress

Helen's negotiations with a handsome book publisher inspire jealousy in Andy, who, in retaliation, takes up with another woman.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E25
Episode 25

Goodbye Dolly

Opie becomes temporary caretaker of a Mayberry milkman's horse. Trouble occurs when the horse refuses to eat.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E26
Episode 26

Opie's Piano Lesson

Opie discovers that football practice and piano lessons are competing for his attention. Guest Star: Mayberry's Junior High School teacher Mr. Jackson is played by Richard Bull, who would later appear as Nels Oleson in Little House on the Prairie.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E27
Episode 27

Howard the Comedian

When Howard Sprague personalizes his comedy material and appears on a live television program, he unintentionally offends his friends.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E28
Episode 28

Big Brother

Howard volunteers to participate in a Big Brother program, but ends up spending most of his time with his little brother's bigger sister (Elizabeth MacRae).

The Andy Griffith Show S7E29
Episode 29

Opie's Most Unforgettable Character

Opie experiences difficulty when he tries to write an essay about his father.

The Andy Griffith Show S7E30
Episode 30

Goober's Contest

Goober's Grab-bag for Cash contest goes awry when he mistakenly issues a bogus $200.00 prize-winning ticket. Guest Star: Rob Reiner (All in the Family's Meathead)

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