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The Apprentice - Season 1 Episodes

The Apprentice - Season 1

The Apprentice - Season 1

The Apprentice 1 is the first season of The Apprentice, which aired on NBC in the winter and spring of 2004. It is currently available on DVD. It featured 16 candidates.

The first season was a ratings smash, ranking at #7 in the average weekly Nielsen Rankings, with an average viewership of 20.7 million viewers each week. The final episode of the season was seen by an estimated 28.05 million viewers and ranked as the #1 show of the week, beating out a new episode of CSI. It was the most popular new show of 2004.

The Apprentice S1E1
Episode 1

Meet the Billionaire

The contestants are split into two teams, one team of 8 men and another team of 8 women. The two teams are then given their first challenge - sell lemonade on the streets of New York with a budget of $250. The team that makes the most profit wins.

The Apprentice S1E2
Episode 2

Sex, Lies and Altitude

For the second task, the corporations have to design advertisements for the Marquis Jet Card.

The Apprentice S1E3
Episode 3


The challenge this week is a lesson in negotiation. The task is a scavenger hunt of sorts - the teams are given a list of items to buy from vendors from all over New York City.

The Apprentice S1E4
Episode 4

Ethics, Shmethics

This weeks task is to manage a Planet Hollywood restaurant in Times Square. The object is to make more money in one night than the same night last year.

The Apprentice S1E5
Episode 5

Trading Places

After a corporate restructuring, where Project Managers Nick and Kristi choose their own team, the new co-ed teams are given their fifth task: hold a flee market.

The Apprentice S1E6
Episode 6

Tit for Tat

This week's task is to raise money for charity at a Sotheby's celebrity auction.

The Apprentice S1E7
Episode 7


This week's task is renovating and leasing apartments in New York City.

The Apprentice S1E8
Episode 8

Ice Escapades

This week's task is marketing a new product.

The Apprentice S1E9
Episode 9

DNA, Heads and the Undead Kitty

The Apprentice S1E10
Episode 10

Wheeling & Dealing

This weeks task is operating a rickshaw pedicab service.

The Apprentice S1E11
Episode 11

A Look Back

Nobody gets fired on this episode, in which Mr. Trump recaps the first 10 shows and explains his termination decisions. The episode also includes outtakes from past episodes.

The Apprentice S1E12
Episode 12

Circus, Circus

This week's task is to lure gamblers to Trump's Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City by creating a new and unique game of chance for customers to play.

The Apprentice S1E13
Episode 13

The Price Is Height

This week's task is to rent out a luxurious penthouse for one evening. The catch is it must be rented for at least $20,000.

The Apprentice S1E14
Episode 14

Down to the Wire (1)

In the first individual task, the remaining four candidates participate in a series of round robin, one-on-one interviews with some of Trump's most trusted advisors, who give their feedback, which is somewhat surprising, to Trump.

The Apprentice S1E15
Episode 15

Down to the Wire (2)

The final two tasks, running a Chrysler-Trump golf tournament.

The Apprentice S1E16
Episode 16

Down to the Wire (3)

The final two tasks, running a Chrysler-Trump golf tournament.

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