The Apprentice

The Apprentice

The Apprentice - Season 10 Episodes

The Apprentice S10E1
Episode 1

Back to Work

Each team must sell ice cream on the streets of New York for profit. One side takes a gamble on their location, and during the selling period, one team sabotages the other. In the boardroom, one Project Manager attacks a member of their team before Trump can even announce the result. The team with the most profit wins the task, leaving the losers to face Trump, and another candidate is fired.

The Apprentice S10E2
Episode 2

Frozen Assets

One team sabotages the other as they sell ice cream on the streets of New York City.

The Apprentice S10E3
Episode 3

Working Like A Dog

After taking over a dog daycare and spa, the candidates are visited by "dog whisperer" Cesar Millan.

The Apprentice S10E4
Episode 4

Snack Attack

A drama arises behind the scenes during a task to create a viral video for Popcorn Indiana.

The Apprentice S10E5
Episode 5

Rock the Catwalk

Both teams face potential disaster during a fashion show task, leading to the most explosive boardroom ever.

The Apprentice S10E6
Episode 6

Pedicab Confessions

The teams must run pedicab tours, leading one candidate to beg Mr. Trump to fire a teammate.

The Apprentice S10E7
Episode 7

Broadway Boardroom

Kristin Chenoweth guest stars when the teams are tasked with staging a backer's audition for two upcoming musicals.

The Apprentice S10E8
Episode 8

Dressed to Kill

One project manager obsesses over a model and the other strips down to make a racy fashion advertorial.

The Apprentice S10E9
Episode 9

Fragrant Disregard

Kim Kardashian steps in as a guest judge when the teams create in-store displays for her new fragrance.

The Apprentice S10E10
Episode 10

Must-See Mobile TV

As the competition narrows, the candidates must produce 30-second spots for FLO TV and AT&T Mobile.

The Apprentice S10E11
Episode 11

Driving Miz-Rahi

The remaining four must write, direct, produce and star in segments selling Isaac Mizrahi products for QVC.

The Apprentice S10E12
Episode 12

Tee’d Off

Trump calls Brandy and Liza back into the boardroom to join Clint, and Liza is fired after he assesses each of their pros and cons and deems her the weakest of the three. Clint and Brandy are left as the final two, and they are then given their final tasks, which they will complete with the help of some of the previously-fired candidates. The final tasks begin. . . .

The Apprentice S10E13
Episode 13

Welcome to the Club

In the conclusion of the season ten finale, the final two candidates continue to work on their crowning challenges -- Brandy overseeing a VIP golf tournament, and Clint organizing a Liza Minelli concert. In the end, they meet Trump in the boardroom one final time, and one is hired as the newest Apprentice.

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