The Apprentice

The Apprentice

The Apprentice - Season 11 Episodes

The Apprentice S11E1
Episode 1

Pepperoni Profit

The Celebrity Apprentice returns with new celebrities and a season that promises to be crazy good.

The Apprentice S11E2
Episode 2

Child's Play

The celebrities must write an original children's book and perform it for a group of 4 and 5 year olds.

The Apprentice S11E3
Episode 3

Unhappy Campers

The celebrities are given two RVs to stage an "experience" in Manhattan.

The Apprentice S11E4
Episode 4

Off the Hook

The battles escalate when the celebrities are tasked with creating 30-second promo videos.

The Apprentice S11E5
Episode 5

The Art of the Deal

In a record-breaking night, the celebrities must create and sell their own art.

The Apprentice S11E6
Episode 6

Australian Gold

In the sixth episode of the season, the Celebrities are tasked with creating a public marketing event for Australian Gold, using a 10-foot by 10-foot glass box. One Project Manager dreams up an imaginative theme, but its implementation is hijacked by an unruly team member. The other project manager makes a risky last-minute creative change. The executives have a difficult decision on their hands, but one team emerges victorious and Donald Trump fires another Celebrity. Also starring Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump.

The Apprentice S11E7
Episode 7

Raising the Steaks

The teams must create a live cooking demonstration for Omaha Steaks.

The Apprentice S11E8
Episode 8

Bitter Suites

The teams create an ad campaign for the Trump Hotel collection.

The Apprentice S11E9
Episode 9

Shear Madness

While picking team managers for a live hair show project, one of the celebrities goes ballistic on a teammate.

The Apprentice S11E10
Episode 10

Laugh On

In a special three-hour episode, the Celebrities tackle two tasks, and two Celebrities are fired. The evening begins with Donald Trump challenging the teams to produce and sell tickets to a live comedy show. Before the task even starts, one Celebrity goes AWOL. Their team calls on Jimmy Fallon to assist in the effort, and the other team enlists Tracy Morgan. One project manager buckles under the pressure, threatening to throw in the towel. A tear-filled boardroom leads to another Celebrity being fired. The evening continues, as the teams are tasked with writing and producing a 60-second promotional video for OnStar. One project manager falls ill, leaving their team in jeopardy, while the other hands over creative control to a teammate. Bickering on one team threatens to derail the task, and the other team races against the clock to finish editing their video. Mr. Trump witnesses one of the season’s biggest boardroom battles, before sending another Celebrity packing. Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr, George Ross and Jim Cramer also star.

The Apprentice S11E11
Episode 11

Retro Rumble

Mr. Trump calls on Celebrity Apprentice winners Piers Morgan, Joan Rivers, and Bret Michaels to interview the remaining Celebrities and help him choose the finalists. With the final two in place, Mr. Trump reveals the last, and most challenging task. Each finalist must produce a launch campaign for 7UP Retro, design a new can, produce a 30-second commercial, and present the entire campaign at a gala event. One finalist chooses the 1970s as the backdrop for their campaign, and the Harlem Globetrotters as the entertainment for their event. The other finalist chooses the 1980s and a concert by Def Leppard. Six fired Celebrities return to join the finalists and help them on their tasks. The 1980s finalist books Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister for their commercial, but runs into a roadblock with Def Leppard. The 1970s finalist hangs the creative for their commercial on iconic 7UP actor Geoffrey Holder, but with the clock ticking down on their shoot they learn he might not appear. Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr also star.

The Apprentice S11E12
Episode 12

7UP Final: Sweet Victory

Team Marlee and Team John Rich rush to finish their finale presentations.

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