The Apprentice - Season 9 Episodes

The Apprentice - Season 9

The Celebrity Apprentice 3 is the ninth installment of the reality game show, Celebrity Apprentice. On April 29, 2009, NBC officially announced the renewal of Celebrity Apprentice for Spring 2010. The show premiered on Sunday, March 14, 2010. The two-hour season finale was on Sunday, May 23, 2010, from 9-11 p.m., ET/PT and the winner was Poison lead singer and Rock of Love star Bret Michaels. The Celebrity Apprentice is auctioning off items to help benefit the Hollyrod Foundation and the American Diabetes Association. Auction items include photos taken by Bret Michaels, clothing, posters, and other rare items signed by the cast. Michaels also returned for All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. Michaels was the only previous winner to return and was ironically fired first, coming in 14th being unable to raise any money.

Episode 1

“True Colors”

All the fame, all the glory. 14 celebrities battle it out tonight on the two-hour premiere of the Celebrity Apprentice.

The Apprentice S9E2
Episode 2

“Smooth In, Smooth Out”

This week's task is to build a storefront to relaunch Kodak's famous Kodak Moments campaign. Tenacity made the better storefront for the win. Project Manager Maria Kanellis won $10,000 for her chosen charity. Rocksolid went to the boardroom, where Sinbad was fired.

Episode 3

“Yellow Blur”

Tempers flare on Tenacity and RockSolid has major tech issues.

Episode 4

“Focus on that Image”

See what "magic" the teams use for a new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios Florida.

Episode 5

“He Shoots, He Scores”

NBA legends Clyde Drexler and Scottie Pippen help the teams make a Right Guard commercial.

Episode 6

“Beauty and Brains”

Trace Adkins guest stars and the contestants prep country singers for a concert.

Episode 7

“Rock n Roll All Night”

The new teams must create a celebrity workout for 24 Hour Fitness. Plus, new KODAK Moments.

Episode 8

“Rebuilding the Tension”

When the teams are tasked with creating a radio commercial, one player pushes it to the limit. Plus, new KODAK Moments.

Episode 9

“Apartment Journey”

It's the most difficult task to date when the teams must renovate a corporate suite -overnight! Plus, new KODAK Moments.

Episode 10

“The Weak Link”

In part one of the season finale, the finalists must create a new Snapple tea.

Episode 11

“You're Hired, You're Fired”

Holly and Bret battle it out to the end in the final episode.