The Avengers

The Avengers

The Avengers - Season 5 Episodes

The Avengers S5E1
Episode 1

From Venus With Love

Gazing at Venus too much, the astronomers aged so quickly that they died perfectly in front of their telescope. There is malice! But Steed and Emma Peel watch over the blue planet.

The Avengers S5E2
Episode 2

The Fear Merchants

When seven heads of ceramics undertakings are reduced to the state of childlike functionality, Steed worries. Emma takes him by the hand to not die of fear.

The Avengers S5E3
Episode 3

Escape in Time

Criminals and dictators of all kinds go to England...and evaporate! The bullet from a rifle from the 16th century goes through time to kill an officer. Steed and Emma Peel travel to the Middle Ages to stop the killer.

The Avengers S5E4
Episode 4

The See-Through Man

An invisible hand removed a file. Bertha, the transparent hamster, turns and turns in his wheel. Steed and Emma sharpen their glance to unravel the mystery.

The Avengers S5E5
Episode 5

The Bird Who Knew Too Much

Three officers killed. Three indices, one for each. Millet flowing like blood. Aerial photographs. The name of the captain, Crusoe. Steed and Emma Peel are gaining altitude to see the problem.

The Avengers S5E6
Episode 6

The Winged Avenger

A bird of prey with iron claws crawls on the walls. This night, a businessman will die. Steed and Emma Peel don "boots of seven leagues" (magic boots) to catch the bird.

The Avengers S5E7
Episode 7

The Living Dead

Steed and Emma explore a haunted vault and release England before it is occupied.

The Avengers S5E8
Episode 8

The Hidden Tiger

Steed and Emma hunt the tiger and discover that the ferocious man-eater is not what you might think.

The Avengers S5E9
Episode 9

The Correct Way to Kill

Steed and Emma make a pact with the enemy; time to unmask the intruder who sows death in their respective camps. And teach him to behave like a gentleman!

The Avengers S5E10
Episode 10

Never, Never Say Die

Steed and Emma follow corpses that walk and find a scientist obsessed with eternal life.

The Avengers S5E11
Episode 11


Emma becomes the star of a nightmare film, "The Destruction of Mrs. Emma Peel".

The Avengers S5E12
Episode 12

The Superlative Seven

When a super-killer passes an examination, the jury celebrates by having a drink.

The Avengers S5E13
Episode 13

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station

Steed and Emma derail an abominable project.

The Avengers S5E14
Episode 14

Something Nasty in the Nursery

When three senior officials fall into a childhood like mentality, Steed and Emma seek a nurse.

The Avengers S5E15
Episode 15

The Joker

Invited for the weekend to the home of a fellow Bridge Expert, Emma finds herself trapped in a house designed to send her mad. Her tormentor is Max Prendergast, a man she befriended and then betrayed in Berlin some time before. Then Steed came to the rescue but now he's at home nursing a sprained ankle.

The Avengers S5E16
Episode 16

Who's Who???

Steed and Emma are transferred into the bodies of enemy spies Basil and Lola.

The Avengers S5E17
Episode 17

Return of the Cybernauts

The Programmed Killers are back, more formidable than ever!

The Avengers S5E18
Episode 18

Death's Door

A European peace conference comes under the threat of sabotage when the British delegates begin to suffer from premonitions and nightmares. After Sir Andrew Boyd, who has witnessd his death in a dream, is killed, Steed and Emma must keep his replacement, Lord Melford, sane and alive.

The Avengers S5E19
Episode 19

The 50,000 Pound Breakfast

Diamonds worth £ 50,000 were found in the belly of a ventriloquist silent as death.

The Avengers S5E20
Episode 20

Dead Man's Treasure

To recover a secret document, Steed and Emma participate in a rally and embark on a scavenger hunt.

The Avengers S5E21
Episode 21

You Have Just Been Murdered

A master con artist plays with the nerves of the richest men in the country by assassinating repeatedly...until ransom ensues.

The Avengers S5E22
Episode 22

The Positive Negative Man

When a scientist and his supercharged creature sow death among researchers in a top-secret project, Steed and Emma must keep their feet on land for short-circuiting.

The Avengers S5E23
Episode 23


In the quiet English countryside, Emma discovers a charming little village's economy booming thanks to a local specialty: Murder.

The Avengers S5E24
Episode 24

Mission... Highly Improbable

When a British researcher invents a ray of miniaturization, the enemy has delusions of grandeur.

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