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The Bachelor

The Bachelor - Season 13 Episodes

The Bachelor - Season 13

The Bachelor - Season 13

This season's Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, is familiar to the millions of viewers who watched as his proposal was rejected in the finale of The Bachelorette. Brokenhearted, Jason's fans flocked to support him. Now this handsome single dad, the first in Bachelor history, stars in his own bid for true love, choosing from among 25 sexy bachelorettes.

The Bachelor S13E1
Episode 1

Week 1 (S13)

Jason, 32, an account executive in estate and legacy planning, met 25 potential soul mates as he began his exciting search for true love. In the premiere episode, "1301," Jason prepared for the night of his life, as the 25 beautiful bachelorettes, who can think of nothing but him, arrived. Then Jason, in his first rose ceremony, eliminated ten of the 25 women, leaving 15 to compete for his affection and, in the end, his heart.

The Bachelor S13E2
Episode 2

Week 2 (S13)

At the emotional and intense cocktail party, the women vie for Jason's attention - especially those who didn't get a date. The claws come out and tensions run high as two ladies clash about not getting enough time with the Bachelor. And to everyone's surprise, one bachelorette makes an outrageous exit in the middle of the party! At the nerve-wracking rose ceremony, Jason must decide which two women to send home, leaving 12 bachelorettes to stay in the race for his heart.

The Bachelor S13E3
Episode 3

Week 3 (S13)

A lusty group date is all for a good cause, as Jason and eight of the bachelorettes raise money for breast cancer research for the "Keep-A-Breast" Foundation. Each woman makes her own "bust cast" to be auctioned for charity and finishes with a flourish, painting on their own personal touches on their casts. At the cocktail party afterwards, things get serious as one bachelorette shares with Jason that she had breast reduction surgery, another shows him pictures of her child, and another becomes visibly upset about the competition. Jason checks out the results of their artistic labors and offers a rose to the woman who impressed him the most

The Bachelor S13E4
Episode 4

Week 4 (S13)

Six ladies join Jason on the set of ABC's Emmy Award-winning daytime drama, "General Hospital," and two of its stars, Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms. With some coaching from the actors, the women act out their fondest dreams with Jason. Jillian receives an onstage proposal, Lauren plays his wife. But when Megan is supposed to deliver a stage kiss, she plants a real one, much to the dismay of the other women. Emotions run high at the "after party," with Shannon in tears begging Jason to let her stay. At the end of the night, one woman earns a hard-fought rose.

The Bachelor S13E5
Episode 5

Week 5 (S13)

Jason takes the five remaining ladies home to Seattle. One lucky lady spends an evening with Jason on a houseboat. Another lady is lucky enough to take a seaplane ride with Jason. Finally, Jason takes the final three ladies on a ferry ride. At the elimination, one lady is sent home as the final four prepare to take Jason home with them.

The Bachelor S13E6
Episode 6

Week 6 (S13)

The stakes were high for Jason as he left his Los Angeles home for an exciting, emotionally-charged journey across the country to visit the final four women's hometowns. With only four women and three roses, Jason made one of the most difficult decisions of his life, dispatching one broken-hearted bachelorette in tears as he prepared to take the final three women on fantastic overnight dates to New Zealand.

The Bachelor S13E7
Episode 7

Week 7 (S13)

Jason takes the final three bachelorettes to New Zealand for the overnight dates where the fantasy suite is an option. Later, the L-word is dropped, but one lady is sent home at elimination.

The Bachelor S13E8
Episode 8

The Women Tell All

Jason faces the women he rejected and the claws come out, as 15 jilted bachelorettes confront the handsome single dad. Plus, successful couple; Trista and Ryan Sutter return.

The Bachelor S13E9
Episode 9

Week 8 (S13)

In this gripping special conclusion, Jason prepares to make one of the most difficult decisions of this life. With his search for love now narrowed down to Melissa and Molly, Jason brings his son, Ty, to New Zealand to meet the remaining two women. The bachelorettes are also introduced to his family. Finally, the women lay their hearts on the line, each trying to guarantee that she will be the one to get Jason's final rose. But the Bachelor is stunned when DeAnna, the woman who broke his heart, shows up in New Zealand to see him. In one of the most romantic and dramatic moments in "Bachelor" history, Jason makes a decision that will change his life forever, on the season finale of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor S13E10
Episode 10

After the Rose

Immediately following the season finale of "The Bachelor," the story comes to an unexpected and shocking conclusion as Jason and the final two women return to the studio.

The Bachelor S13E11
Episode 11

After the Final Rose (2)

Jason appears with the final two women for a moving look back at their journey. Plus, there will be an update on the happy couple and the woman Jason did not choose.

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