The Bernie Mac Show

The Bernie Mac Show

The Bernie Mac Show - Season 4 Episodes

The Bernie Mac Show S4E1
Episode 1

Big Brother

The Bernie Mac Show S4E2
Episode 2

Training Wheels

The Bernie Mac Show S4E3
Episode 3

Being Bernie Mac

The Bernie Mac Show S4E4
Episode 4

Mac Overdrive

The Bernie Mac Show S4E5
Episode 5

My Privacy

Bernie installs security cameras to monitor the family's activities.

The Bernie Mac Show S4E6
Episode 6

Who Gives This Bride

The Bernie Mac Show S4E7
Episode 7

Nerdy Mac

Bernie is hoping for some peace and quiet as he prepares for a performance that night, but he must deal with the kids when Wanda's business meeting runs long.

The Bernie Mac Show S4E8
Episode 8

Stone Nuts

Bernie gives Vanessa driving lessons.

The Bernie Mac Show S4E9
Episode 9

Jack & Jacqueline

Bryana accidentally walks in on Bernie getting out of the bathtub and catches a glimpse of his "privacy." Bernie reprimands her and a few days later at parent night at Bryana's school, is horrified to see that she has drawn a picture of him naked in the bathroom with his privacy exposed. He then realizes that Bryana and Jordan are too old to be sharing a room and moves Bryana in with Vanessa. But Vanessa feels invaded and is not making it easy on her new roommate. Wanda and Bernie decide to add another room onto the house for Bryana but in the meantime, while they've got a contractor in the house, Wanda decides to redo part of the master bedroom as well.

The Bernie Mac Show S4E10
Episode 10

Manchild in Vanessa Land

Bernie's sister, Benita, is back in town and announces that she and her fiance are eloping in Las Vegas. Wanda offers the Mac residence as a wedding site, but has an ulterior motive- she's planning the wedding she never had. Excited at the idea of giving his baby sister away, Bernie is passed over when Benita ask their older brother Carl to do the honors.

The Bernie Mac Show S4E11
Episode 11

You Don't Know Squad

When Bryana's standardized test scores come back and she is ranked in the 39th percentile nationally, Bernie and Wanda decide to pull her out of her current school and put her into Jordan's. But Bryanna is so far behind that they threaten to move her back a grade. Meanwhile Jordan is depressed because the kids at school think he's a nerd.Bernie tells him that he's not a nerd, but a "smart man" who can help his sister with her schoolwork and save her from being held back.

The Bernie Mac Show S4E12
Episode 12

You Got Served

Jordan wants to fit in with the popular kids in school, and Bernie suggests that he try playing games with them. When asking them to fly kites doesn't work and he's dubbed "Benjamin Franklin", Jordan tries his hand at their game, poker, and quickly loses his lunch money. Bernie teaches Jordan how to play cards and he becomes a whiz. Meanwhile, Wanda's friend Cheryl makes Bernie doubt that the gift he bought Wanda for her birthday is nice enough, so he enlists the help of his neighbor,Carl Reiner, on a search for the coveted and rare cognac-colored diamond.

The Bernie Mac Show S4E13
Episode 13

I Don't Wanna Be a Playa No More

When Bernie disapproves of Vanessa's slacker friends, Wanda urges her and the other kids to join Jack & Jacqueline, a 70-year-old organization set up to enrich the lives of upper-class black youth that Wanda once belonged to. But when Vanessa and her new friends get picked up for shoplifting, they quickly see that these "respectful", "well-mannered" and college-bound youths aren't all they seem to be.

The Bernie Mac Show S4E14
Episode 14

The Big Picture

Bernie learns Vanessa has a boyfriend, Rahim, who is 18 years old, but when he discovers that the teen has a child, he hits the ceiling.

The Bernie Mac Show S4E15
Episode 15

The Music Mac

Vanessa's high school guidance counselor explains to the Macs that her good grades are not enough to warrant acceptance into a good college. Reluctantly, Vanessa boosts her extracurricular activities by joining the Drill Team, which pleases Bernie greatly - until he sees one of the squad's racy and provacative routines.Bernie launches a mean offense, getting the principal and PTA to intervene, but he grossly underestimates Vanessa's rebellious teenage ways.

The Bernie Mac Show S4E16
Episode 16

Walk Like a Man

Against his better judgment,Bernie throws Bryana a themed birthday party, complete with a blow-up "moon-jumper", which ends up being the scene of the "crime" after Bryana's new friend,Riley,breaks her wrist. Riley's parents sue Bernie, claiming that he is a negligent parent, and in turn, Bernie counter-sues for defamation of character. A whirlwind of lawyer battles begins, during which Bernie's parenting skills come into question.

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