“Genius- The Whole Reason There Was A Big Bang Was So That This SERIES Was To Be Born And Bring Intelligience Onto Our Screens Minds And Geek Chic Hearts.”

June 27th, 2012

Genius comes in shape or form and it definitely doesn't come from this short review but to simplify how I feel about The Big Bang- it shows how clever you must be to understand the quips gags- no not gags its far too mature for that- lets say in jokes- it has a rare intellect in the shape of these five best friends and the world that resolves around them. Highlight is Sheldon himself. It's a TV series that makes you smirk, makes you giggle, its an in joke, out joke, it is delightful, true honest, life in its rarest form, very much with the crowd with stereotypes and what more, authentically powerful, emotional, it makes me proud to be part of the Geek Chic! This series is genius, all but one episode to the latest hold even more adjourned humour, the growing of the un-simplified minds and characters, its Chuck Lorre's rise from anal T.V like the now depressingly strenuous TWO AND HALF MEN- that went to Man and a half now to Man and fucking Moron called Arrogant Kutcher.


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