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The Biggest Loser - Season 11 Episodes

The Biggest Loser - Season 11

The Biggest Loser - Season 11

The Biggest Loser: Couples 4 is the eleventh season of the NBC reality television series entitled The Biggest Loser. The contestants competed to win a $250,000 prize, which was awarded to Olivia Ward, the contestant with the highest percentage of weight loss. It premiered on January 4, 2011. Along with existing trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, two new trainers will be featured who were revealed in Week 3. One of the featured contestants is Rulon Gardner, a former gold medalist at the 2000 Summer Olympics. It was the longest season in Biggest Loser history at 20 weeks long. This season is the second, after Pay It Forward, to be filmed in high definition. This season marks the first time in USA Biggest Loser history that a contestant left the show by choice. As well, for the first time in The Biggest Loser history, a couple has made the finale together. And, for the first time in The Biggest Loser history, all 3 finalists are women.

The Biggest Loser S11E1
Episode 1

Week 1

Eleven teams of two begin the competition in the Season 11 premiere. The players must choose whether to work out with Bob and Jillian or two new unknown trainers.

The Biggest Loser S11E2
Episode 2

Week 2

The mystery trainers find out the weigh-in results from Bob and Jillian's teams and discover their teams are doing better.

The Biggest Loser S11E3
Episode 3

Week 3

The two mystery trainers are REVEALED!

The Biggest Loser S11E4
Episode 4

Week 4

Bob and Jillian confront one of the players they believe threw the weigh-in the week before.

The Biggest Loser S11E5
Episode 5

Week 5

The "Unknowns" finally move to the ranch to compete with the other players.

The Biggest Loser S11E6
Episode 6

Week 6

A Valentine's Day temptation puts one player in the hot seat!

The Biggest Loser S11E7
Episode 7

Week 7

Only one team gets access to the gym for the entire week.

The Biggest Loser S11E8
Episode 8

Week 8

With a double elimination, who will go home next?

The Biggest Loser S11E9
Episode 9

Week 9

The teams get to visit home!

The Biggest Loser S11E10
Episode 10

Week 10

The teams square off in a mud pit challenge!

The Biggest Loser S11E11
Episode 11

Week 11

Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia from "America's Next Great Restaurant" judge a pop cooking challenge!

The Biggest Loser S11E12
Episode 12

Week 12

The players are split into four teams, and an eliminated player - who? - returns.

The Biggest Loser S11E13
Episode 13

Week 13

Time for a special Easter egg hunt! And a sneak preview of "Hop."

The Biggest Loser S11E14
Episode 14

Week 14

Challenge winners get a night on the town, while the losers clean house.

The Biggest Loser S11E15
Episode 15

Week 15

The contestants head to New Zealand for an unforgettable adventure!

The Biggest Loser S11E16
Episode 16

Week 16

The adventure continues in Queenstown as the teams are disbanded, and a special visitor makes a grand entrance!

The Biggest Loser S11E17
Episode 17

Week 17

Ali, Tara and Sam return for Favorites Week.

The Biggest Loser S11E18
Episode 18

Week 18 “Makeover Week”

It's the Makeover Episode with Tim Gunn - and a private concert by OneRepublic!

The Biggest Loser S11E19
Episode 19

Week 19

Finals Week reveals how much the players have learned - and the Final Four!

The Biggest Loser S11E20
Episode 20

Week 20

Find out which two players make the finals! Season 10 winner Patrick House guest stars.

The Biggest Loser S11E21
Episode 21

Week 21

Who will be named this season's Biggest Loser and take home the $250,000 grand prize!

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