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The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser - Season 12 Episodes

The Biggest Loser - Season 12

The Biggest Loser - Season 12

"The Biggest Loser" kicks off season 12 with two new trainers -- renowned tennis star and certified trainer Anna Kournikova and fitness expert Dolvett Quince -- joining "Biggest Loser" veteran Bob Harper. Under their supervision, 15 contestants come together hoping to transform their bodies, their health and ultimately, their lives.

The Biggest Loser S12E0
Episode 0

Where Are They Now?

Fan favorites return for a thanksgiving special featuring never-before-seen footage, hilarious bloopers and a surprise announcement.

The Biggest Loser S12E1
Episode 1

Week 1

Season 12 kicks off with two new trainers – internationally renowned tennis star and certified trainer Anna Kournikova and top fitness expert Dolvett Quince – joining “Biggest Loser” favorite Bob Harper, and 15 contestants competing in a “Battle of the Ages” that will group contestants by age for the first time ever in the history of the show. Host Alison Sweeney tells the teams that they will make their first game-changing decision – who their trainer will be – in the order in which they finish the first challenge. Once each team chooses their trainer, “The Battle of the Ages” begins. The new contestants include Vinny Hickerson, who overcame a difficult childhood to become a successful Nashville recording artist, Antone Davis, a 447-pound father of four and former NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons, and Bonnie Griffin, a 63-year-old grandmother of six who lost her home to Hurricane Katrina and lost her husband not long after.

The Biggest Loser S12E2
Episode 2

Week 2

Tempting donuts, limited time in the gym and a visit from Dr. H.

The Biggest Loser S12E3
Episode 3

Week 3

NFL Week, with Clay Matthews, Tony Gonzalez, Drew Brees, Eric Dickerson, Shawne Merriman and Tim Tebow!

The Biggest Loser S12E4
Episode 4

Week 4

Contestants from past seasons return to inspire the current players; after a challenge where the teams battle the elements, the winners receive a special bonus prize; contestants face elimination.

The Biggest Loser S12E5
Episode 5

Week 5

One lucky player goes home with their trainer and immunity - and the responsibility of losing enough weight to keep their team safe.

The Biggest Loser S12E6
Episode 6

Week 6

The teams merge into one and learn that they have a chance to avoid an elimination if they're able to collectively lose 100 lbs. during the week. A candy-temptation setup complicates their efforts, however. Also: The players navigate a haunted maze and collect apples during a Halloween-themed challenge

The Biggest Loser S12E7
Episode 7

Week 7

The contestants swap teams and trainers after a calorie-counting challenge, and the realignment causes some tension. Later, the new teams face their first challenge together; and the trainers hold last-chance workouts away from the ranch.

The Biggest Loser S12E8
Episode 8

Week 8

The trainers pick one player to represent their teams at the weigh-in. Elsewhere, the contestants work under a time limit to prepare low-calorie dishes for Season 11 champ Olivia Ward and cookbook author Devin Alexander; and Dr. Huizenga delivers good news to a player.

The Biggest Loser S12E9
Episode 9

Week 9

Apolo Ohno guest stars as the game flips to singles and the contestants compete in a pentathlon for immunity!

The Biggest Loser S12E10
Episode 10

Week 10

The trainers prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the players, who also face a temptation challenge with a three-pound advantage prize for the winner. Elsewhere, a tough challenge requires the players to climb one mile on Jacob's Ladder treadmills.

The Biggest Loser S12E11
Episode 11

Week 11 - Makeover Week

The five remaining players receive makeovers with help from stylist Jeannie Mai and hairdresser Ken Paves. Later, they show off their new looks to family and friends before attending Cirque du Soleil's "Iris."

The Biggest Loser S12E12
Episode 12

Week 12

The eliminated players return to run a marathon, and the winner earns a spot as a finalist. The first five players to finish also receive a share of a $50,000 prize. Later, the contestants weigh in to determine which two move on to compete in the finals.

The Biggest Loser S12E13
Episode 13

Week 13 - Finale

The Final Three vie for The Biggest Loser crown! Also featuring a live performance by Train and a sneak peek at Season 13.

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