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The Biggest Loser - Season 6 Episodes

The Biggest Loser - Season 6

The Biggest Loser - Season 6

The Biggest Loser: Families is the sixth season of the NBC reality television series The Biggest Loser. The sixth season premiered on September 16, 2008, featuring Alison Sweeney as the host and Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels as the contestants' trainers.

The cast was revealed on August 29, 2008. Eight duos began the challenge, adding up to a total of 16 contestants.

From Week 1 to Week 5, the Green, Red, Orange & Brown Teams trained with Bob, while the Purple, Gray, Yellow & Pink Teams trained with Jillian. In Week 5, these "Family Teams" were disbanded and the contestants were split into the Blue Team and the Black Team. In week 8, the teams were split again and the competition went into individuals. Amy Cremen was originally under Jillian's training, but in week 5, was placed in and eliminated under Bob's training. Phillip Parham started the competition under Bob's training but was eliminated under Jillian's training.

Michelle Aguilar was named the Biggest Loser on December 16, 2008, after losing 110 pounds. She won $250,000. Heba was named the Biggest Loser of the eliminated contestants, and won $100,000. However, if Heba were not eliminated during the finale by America's vote she would've become the Biggest Loser.

The Biggest Loser S6E0
Episode 0

Where Are They Now?

The Biggest Loser S6E1
Episode 1

Husband-Wife and Parent-Child Teams

Trainers Bob and Jillian fly around the country, surprising their teams with the news they've been chosen for the show.

The Biggest Loser S6E2
Episode 2

Chef Rocco DiSpirito

The team that wins the sprint and slide challenge gets a phone call home; chef Rocco DiSpirito teaches the contestants to shop for and make healthy and affordable meals; one team is eliminated.

The Biggest Loser S6E3
Episode 3

Grand Canyon

The contestants go on a trip to the Grand Canyon; a temptation challenge provides the winning team with a more-luxurious trip; the contestants must exercise without a gym or trainers; a medical condition threatens to sideline a contestant.

The Biggest Loser S6E4
Episode 4

Toughest Challenge Yet

Family teams face their toughest challenge yet.

The Biggest Loser S6E5
Episode 5

Surprising Weigh-In

Contestants face longest challenge ever - from sun up to sundown.

The Biggest Loser S6E6
Episode 6

Longest Challenge Ever

Contestants try unusual workouts -- and get six-week progress reports.

The Biggest Loser S6E7
Episode 7

Unusual Workouts

One contestant breaks a record at weigh-in.

The Biggest Loser S6E8
Episode 8

Record-Breaking Weigh-In

A week of surprises - including the return of all the eliminated contestants - shakes things up for "The Biggest Losers".

The Biggest Loser S6E9
Episode 9

Week of Surprises

It's a week of surprises for "The Biggest Losers," and the first is the news from host Alison Sweeney that they'll start competing as individuals now instead of as teams. Then comes the surprise return of all the eliminated contestants, and the revelation that only one gets to return to the game - and that decision won't be determined by weight loss. Then the contestants get a surprise visit from last season's "Biggest Loser" - Alison Vincent! Later, two contestants clash in a big way before the challenge, in which contestants have to stay one step ahead of the competition - literally. And after the weigh-in, the players get their last surprise - a twist in how this week's elimination will go down.

The Biggest Loser S6E10
Episode 10

'80s Week

NFL Superstars Jerry Rice and Steve Young and Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito guest star in the Thanksgiving episode.

The Biggest Loser S6E11
Episode 11

Thanksgiving week

Tyra Banks and "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano give the remaining five players a makeover!

The Biggest Loser S6E12
Episode 12

Makeover Episode

Final four contestants reflect on their amazing weight loss journeys, and America votes to choose the third finalist!

The Biggest Loser S6E13
Episode 13

Final Four

It's the last episode before the season finale, and time for the final four contestants to reflect on their weight loss journeys and the amazing progress they've made. They'll try on their former "big" clothes and watch highlight videos with their trainers showing just how far they've come. Then, in their final challenge of the season, the contestants will have to carry all the weight they have lost as they race around a track, shedding one week's weight loss at each pit stop until they cross the finish line. Later, at the final weigh-in, two players fall below the yellow line, and then make their heartfelt pleas to viewers, as America will once again decide which of the two will become the third finalist at the season finale.

The Biggest Loser S6E14
Episode 14


The third finalist is revealed and the winner of The Biggest Loser will be named in the two-hour Finale!

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