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The Bill

The Bill - Season 11 Episodes

The Bill S11E1
Episode 1

To Crack a Nut

The Bill S11E2
Episode 2

Hot Stuff

The Bill S11E3
Episode 3

Hit and Miss

The Bill S11E4
Episode 4

Hard Cases

The Bill S11E5
Episode 5

The Protection Racket

The Bill S11E6
Episode 6


The Bill S11E7
Episode 7

Little Boy Lost

The Bill S11E8
Episode 8

Hard Knocks

The Bill S11E9
Episode 9

New Management

The Bill S11E10
Episode 10


The Bill S11E11
Episode 11

Done Is Done

The Bill S11E12
Episode 12

Getting Even

The Bill S11E13
Episode 13

Taking the Blame

The Bill S11E14
Episode 14

Expert Witness

The Bill S11E15
Episode 15

Just Another Caution

The Bill S11E16
Episode 16

Uncle Bob

The Bill S11E17
Episode 17

Street Life

Brian Elliot, a friend of Ch. Insp. Conway, has been robbed by a prostitute and her accomplice, but does not help the investigation when he refuses to make a formal statement or testify in case his wife finds out about his indiscretion. CID launch an undercover sting, which fails, but Elliot arrives at the station with his wife to make a statement, and it is quite clear she knows the truth.

The Bill S11E18
Episode 18

A Fighting Chance

The Bill S11E19
Episode 19

Going Home

The Bill S11E20
Episode 20

High Score

The Bill S11E21
Episode 21


The Bill S11E22
Episode 22

Eyes and Ears

The Bill S11E23
Episode 23

Good Housekeeping

The Bill S11E24
Episode 24

Is That The Time?

The Bill S11E25
Episode 25

New Moves

It turns out to be quite an eventful first day at Sun Hill for new probationers Nick Slater and Debbie Keane.

The Bill S11E26
Episode 26

Flora and Fauna

The Bill S11E27
Episode 27

Loose Cannon

The Bill S11E28
Episode 28

Count To Ten

The Bill S11E29
Episode 29


The Bill S11E30
Episode 30


The Bill S11E31
Episode 31

Stopping Time

The Bill S11E32
Episode 32

Value For Money

The Bill S11E33
Episode 33

Little Green Apples

The Bill S11E34
Episode 34

Never Too Young

The Bill S11E35
Episode 35

Lost and Found

The Bill S11E36
Episode 36

Hair Trigger

The Bill S11E37
Episode 37

Learning Curve

The Bill S11E38
Episode 38

Not Just For Christmas

The Bill S11E39
Episode 39

Swan Song

The Bill S11E40
Episode 40

In On The Game

Sgt. Boyden and probationer PC Nick Slater are called to the house of an elderly lady who claims a couple are fornicating in her garden. A search of the surrounding area turns up the guilty parties: a wealthy local businessman and his companion, Lisa Royle. Drugs are also found in their car, so the two are taken into custody. Lisa flirts with Boyden, and gives him a phone number to call to vouch for her identity. She turns out to be DS Lisa Holm on an undercover operation, and an angry DI Raymond turns up at Sun Hill to ensure the operation is not further compromised. Slater is confused when Boyden suddenly releases the pair and demands to know why, but Boyden tells him that as a probationer, there are a lot of things he doesn't need to know.

The Bill S11E41
Episode 41

Your Witness

The Bill S11E42
Episode 42

Life's a Bitch

The Bill S11E43
Episode 43

Old Habits

The Bill S11E44
Episode 44

Baby Face

The Bill S11E45
Episode 45

Deeds of Mercy

The Bill S11E46
Episode 46


The Bill S11E47
Episode 47

When Opportunity Knocks

A series of unexplained robberies are cracked when one of the victims reveals she was seduced by a handsome freelance car washer, who copied her keys and arranged to meet her later, but robbed her house while she was waiting for him. Despite Insp. Monroe's objections that she is too inexperienced, DC Skase arranges for probationary WPC Debbie Keane to go undercover as a lonely housewife to catch the thief at work. The plan goes well, but at the expense of Skase's car when he uses it to block the driveway to prevent the thief's getaway.

The Bill S11E48
Episode 48

Have a Go Hero

The Bill S11E49
Episode 49


The Bill S11E50
Episode 50

Good Intentions

The Bill S11E51
Episode 51

Losing Streak

The Bill S11E52
Episode 52

In the Midnight Hour

The Bill S11E53
Episode 53

Never Forget a Face

The Bill S11E54
Episode 54

A Quiet Night In

The Bill S11E55
Episode 55

Looking After Your Own

The Bill S11E56
Episode 56

Four Walls

The Bill S11E57
Episode 57


The Bill S11E58
Episode 58

Unfamiliar Territory

The Bill S11E59
Episode 59

Feeling Guilty

The Bill S11E60
Episode 60

See No Evil

The Bill S11E61
Episode 61

Looking For Justice

The Bill S11E62
Episode 62

Other Voices

The Bill S11E63
Episode 63

Water Wings

The Bill S11E64
Episode 64

They All Look the Same

The Bill S11E65
Episode 65

Trying It On

The Bill S11E66
Episode 66

Better Off Dead

The Bill S11E67
Episode 67

Today and Tomorrow

The Bill S11E68
Episode 68

Upstairs, Downstairs

The Bill S11E69
Episode 69

Bedside Manner

The Bill S11E70
Episode 70

Who Cares?

The Bill S11E71
Episode 71


The Bill S11E72
Episode 72

Big Hitters

The Bill S11E73
Episode 73

Picking Up the Pieces

The Bill S11E74
Episode 74

Big Boy's Rules

The Bill S11E75
Episode 75

Woman of Substance

The Bill S11E76
Episode 76

With Friends Like These

The Bill S11E77
Episode 77

No Choice

The Bill S11E78
Episode 78

The Lives of Brian

The Bill S11E79
Episode 79

Skin Deep

The Bill S11E80
Episode 80


The Bill S11E81
Episode 81

A Bird in the Hand

The Bill S11E82
Episode 82

Over the Top

The Bill S11E83
Episode 83

Body Beautiful

The Bill S11E84
Episode 84

What the Eye Doesn't See

The Bill S11E85
Episode 85

In Control

The Bill S11E86
Episode 86

Presumed Guilty

The Bill S11E87
Episode 87

Under the Doctor

The Bill S11E88
Episode 88


The Bill S11E89
Episode 89

Whipping Boy

The Bill S11E90
Episode 90

The Devil You Don't Know

The Bill S11E91
Episode 91

Normal Behaviour

The Bill S11E92
Episode 92

Charity and Beating

The Bill S11E93
Episode 93

Nearest and Dearest

The Bill S11E94
Episode 94

Mother's Ruin

The Bill S11E95
Episode 95

Russian Doll

The Bill S11E96
Episode 96

Mitigating Circumstances

The Bill S11E97
Episode 97

Now and Then

The Bill S11E98
Episode 98

Three in a Bed

The Bill S11E99
Episode 99

The Writing on the Wall

The Bill S11E100
Episode 100

Too Clever By Half

The Bill S11E101
Episode 101


The Bill S11E102
Episode 102

Still Waters

Conway's diving team finds a corpse in a dock. Deakin and Lines have a suspect in mind, before the body is even retrieved.

The Bill S11E103
Episode 103

All in the Game

The Bill S11E104
Episode 104

Sins of the Father

The Bill S11E105
Episode 105

Night Beat

The Bill S11E106
Episode 106

Balancing the Scales

The Bill S11E107
Episode 107

For Services Rendered

The Bill S11E108
Episode 108

Response Time

The Bill S11E109
Episode 109

Knowing the Score

The Bill S11E110
Episode 110

Some You Lose

The Bill S11E111
Episode 111

Rock-A-Bye Baby

The Bill S11E112
Episode 112

Video Nasty

When a bomb destroys a local electrical shop CID embark on a frantic search for a second device.

The Bill S11E113
Episode 113

Bad Pictures

Carver and Woods suspect a petty thief of a much more serious offence. But are they off the mark?

The Bill S11E114
Episode 114


WPC Ackland and PC Loxton are on foot patrol when they are approached by a Mrs Henry with a minor complaint. A shot rings out, hitting Mrs Henry and SO19 are quickly on the scene to evacuate the officers and the wounded woman. CID, including WDS Jo Morgan who has been seconded to Sun Hill as a liaison to the Regional Crime Squad, can find no reason why the woman would be the target of a sniper. PC Loxton, who is testifying in a court case later in the day is assumed to be the target and is given SO1 protection, although subsequent raids of the suspect's property put him in the clear. That night however, as Loxton slumbers in a safe house, someone firebombs June Ackland's flat.

The Bill S11E115
Episode 115

All Tucked Up

As it becomes clear that someone wants June Ackland dead, she is horrified to find CID digging through her painful past to discover the killer's identity. Tired of being holed up in a safe house, Ackland decides to go back on duty, as this may also draw the killer out of hiding. There is a close shave when she is seperated from Sgt Cryer on street patrol and a man pulls an imitation gun on her, although she is rescued by a covert SO1 officer. Meanwhile, a witness to the arson on Ackland's flat, Mrs Cooper, comes into the station to make a statement.

The Bill S11E116
Episode 116


The identity of the man trying to kill June Ackland may be revealed when an ex-Army officer is overheard boasting that he was paid to "kill a copper". CID link him to a young man who committed suicide in prison after Ackland arrested him for dealing drugs on the Jasmine Allen. WDS Jo Morgan realises that their witness, Mrs Cooper, is behind the plan as she turns out to be the mother of the dead boy. Mrs Cooper is arrested for conspiracy to murder, and she reveals that the assassin is lying in wait for Ackland at the safe house. As Ackland and an SO1 team head off to the safe house to draw the killer out, they are ambushed by a man on a motorbike just outside the station, and Jo Morgan is killed in a hail of gunfire as she rushes to warn them.

The Bill S11E117
Episode 117

Damage Limitation

Sun Hill is in shock after the death of WDS Jo Morgan, none more so than WPC Ackland who is still racked with guilt over her death, and PC Loxton who is forced to apologise to a pair of loudmouthed youths after he threatens them.

The Bill S11E118
Episode 118

Solid Gold Cert

The Bill S11E119
Episode 119


The Bill S11E120
Episode 120

Off Limits

The Bill S11E121
Episode 121

Strictly Personal

The Bill S11E122
Episode 122

Day of Rest

The Bill S11E123
Episode 123

Allegations and Allegiances

The Bill S11E124
Episode 124


The Bill S11E125
Episode 125


A raid on a crack house sees DC Carver arrest a young prostitute, Paula, for possession of drugs. While waiting to be processed in custody, Paula is distraught, saying her infant daughter is in danger from her pimp who will hurt or kill her if he doesn't get the crack she was bringing him. Despite DS Boulton's lack of sympathy, Carver convinces his colleagues to raid the pimp's flat and save the child.

The Bill S11E126
Episode 126

A Year and a Day

The Bill S11E127
Episode 127

With This Body

The Bill S11E128
Episode 128


The Bill S11E129
Episode 129


The Bill S11E130
Episode 130

Last Waltz

The Bill S11E131
Episode 131


The Bill S11E132
Episode 132

The Wee Small Hours

The Bill S11E133
Episode 133


The Bill S11E134
Episode 134

Love Me, Love My Dog

The Bill S11E135
Episode 135

Heart of Gold

The Bill S11E136
Episode 136

Dying Breath

The Bill S11E137
Episode 137


The Bill S11E138
Episode 138

Three in a Row

The Bill S11E139
Episode 139

Neutral Territory

The Bill S11E140
Episode 140


The Bill S11E141
Episode 141

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

The Bill S11E142
Episode 142

Natural Justice

The Bill S11E143
Episode 143

Got To Get A Body

The Bill S11E144
Episode 144

No Questions Asked

The Bill S11E145
Episode 145

Sweet Innocent

The Bill S11E146
Episode 146


The Bill S11E147
Episode 147

On the Lookout

The Bill S11E148
Episode 148

Ties That Bind

The Bill S11E149
Episode 149

Journey Home

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