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The Bill - Season 18 Episodes

The Bill S18E1
Episode 1


Des Taviner and Reg Hollis are in the Area Car enjoying the warm weather when Sergeant Craig Gilmore surprises them. He is unimpressed with their excuses and orders them to remove their sunglasses and get back to work. As they drive around, Hollis reveals that he is planning to propose to his girlfriend Helen. Unfortunately they are not currently on the best of terms having rowed after Hollis declined Helen's invitation to join her at a conference in Southend. Taviner announces that they are going to Southend and forces Reg to pretend that the car has broken down. Meanwhile Special Constable Terry Knowles and PC Nick Klein have arrested petty thief Derek Daly. As they head back for the station Knowles spots an attractive blonde in a car and persuades Klein to pull her over when she jumps a red light. Confident that he can get her phone number (like his hero Taviner would), Knowles approaches the blonde with a smile. Flirting outrageously he tries to get a date but with little success.

The Bill S18E2
Episode 2

Not To Praise Him

Sergeant Craig Gilmore addresses the congregation at Knowles' funeral and mentions the dead man's habit of chatting up girls which causes a bit of a stir. After the service Superintendent Tom Chandler tries to comfort Knowles' mother but is dragged away by her daughter Tina who blames the police for her brother's death. Meanwhile at Sun Hill DS Vik Singh and DCI Jack Meadows are liaising with Jay Ramsay who is planning to direct a reconstruction of the murder for a TV programme. Meadows is angry when the Director comments about Knowles flirting with the murderer before his death. Outside the chapel PC Nick Klein is helping a young woman with a pushchair and is shocked when she introduces herself as Dani Knowles, Knowles' widow. When she asks about Knowles' death, Klein tells her not to believe the press reports. As the drink flows at the wake the tensions rise between arch enemies Taviner and Gilmore resulting in a full-blown punch up. [Source:]

The Bill S18E3
Episode 3

Do Not Pass Go

Despite the discovery of the Saab car used in the murder, progress on the case is slow. The owner is identified as Paul King but when the police break into his flat they find King dead from a gunshot wound. Neighbours remember that a blonde woman was a frequent visitor. Trawling through statements after the TV appeal, DC Danny Glaze notices the name Kathy Milligan. Meanwhile PC Des Taviner is annoyed that CID will not share information on the case with Uniform and decides to do a little detection of his own. He has a hunch that petty thief Derek Smith, who witnessed the murder, knows more than he's letting on. Taviner, PCs Nick Klein and Reg Hollis pump him for information until he reveals that the manager of a local night club, Arty Shanks, was selling a Saab for silly money. Back at Sun Hill Sergeant Craig Gilmore wants to tell CID but Taviner is reluctant and pays Arty a visit. At last there is a breakthrough when, as Glaze researches Milligan on the station computer, Arty names Kin

The Bill S18E4
Episode 4


PCs Dave Quinnan and Polly Page are searching for Shauna Russell, a young woman with Down's Syndrome who has been reported missing by her mother, Annie and sister Natalie. They finally find her in an underground car park but are concerned by her dishevelled state. Despite protests from Annie, her daughter is examined by the police Doctor, Sue Marton. Shauna complains of feeling sick and when gently questioned it soon becomes obvious that she is pregnant. A test confirms this and the Doctor tells DI Alex Cullen that Shauna is probably three or four months gone but is unsure how much of her condition she actually understands. It cannot yet be determined whether she was assaulted or the intercourse was consensual. The news of the pregnancy leaves Annie dumbstruck whilst Natalie is disturbed by the thought that her sister may have been raped. In interview Shauna is reticent but mentions John, a fellow member of a club she attends, whom she describes as rude. However, when Cullen meets John

The Bill S18E5
Episode 5

Set In Stone

New PC Cathy Bradford goes in with guns blazing after graves are desecrated, but soon finds herself locking horns with a furious Dave Quinnan. [Source: Radio Times]

The Bill S18E6
Episode 6

Quinnan (1,2)

At her local gym PC Cathy Bradford is concerned that Marti Hunt is being worked too hard by her father Barry Hunt who is also the owner. As she leaves, Bradford agrees to keep an eye out for a petty thief who has been targeting the gym. Back at the station PC Dave Quinnan mentions to PC Tony Stamp that he is thinking of asking out Liz Terry from the Day Centre. Stamp is sceptical and encourages a wary Polly Page to check Liz's history on the police computer. Page is left with a dilemma when the results reveal that Liz used to be a prostitute. Meanwhile a reluctant PC Jim Carver has joined Bradford's gym. He is immediately suspicious that bodybuilder Jay Cutler could be the thief especially when he later sees Cutler selling steroids in the changing room. However, closer inspection of another gym member Andy Little leads to the case taking an unexpected twist.

By the second part of this special, Quinnan and Page are not speaking after Page's revelations regarding Liz. Adding to Quinnan's

The Bill S18E7
Episode 7

Quinnan (3,4)

PCs Polly Page and Dave Quinnan are posing as a married couple running a hotel; they are hoping to trap Berisha who imports illegal immigrants. PCs Jim Carver and Reg Hollis are chef and waiter respectively whilst immigration agent Petrit helps out in the kitchen. DC Mickey Webb and DS Debbie McAllister have set up surveillance in a nearby flat. Meanwhile PC Tony Stamp is undercover as a driver for the firm bringing in the illegals. The hotel is busy preparing for its opening night. When the temporary staff arrive Quinnan seizes the opportunity to attract Berisha's attention by ringing his agency and complaining about them. Berisha arrives and takes a shine to the couple, promising to sort out better staff. Later Stamp makes a delivery to the hotel - four refugees who are immediately set to work. Stamp then picks up his boss Kerns and drives him to a lorry park where Kerns opens the back of one of the lorries. A horrified Stamp tries to keep his cool when faced with twenty scared refug

The Bill S18E8
Episode 8

Quinnan (5)

A surprise proposal from Quinnan leaves Page in a whirl and Stamp running for his life. [Source: Radio Times]

The Bill S18E9
Episode 9

Quinnan (6)

Set to leave Sun Hill, Quinnan waits for Page's answer to his marriage proposal. When Page is taken hostage after her cover is blown, she recognises her true feelings for Quinnan - but does his offer still stand?

The Bill S18E10
Episode 10

Episode 001

PCs Des Taviner and Reg Hollis investigate a disturbance at a local lap-dancing club, Polestar. A waitress has been hit and Mark Mansfield is accused but the charges are dropped. Meanwhile PCs Polly Page and Tony Stamp gather complaints of credit card fraud in the area. Taviner and Hollis investigate another disturbance, this time a woman's flat has been turned over. Rachel reveals she's a dancer at Polestar. Superintendent Tom Chandler links the attacks and orders an undercover operation in the lap-dancing club. PC Cathy Bradford agrees to pose as a waitress, while PC Nick Klein and Sgt Craig Gilmore act as punters keeping an eye on her... a job greeted more keenly by Klein than Gilmore! Cathy learns a few tricks of the trade on her first night but concludes Polestar is all above board. She overhears Rachel evicting another one of the dancers, Sonia from her flat and suggests she takes the room. Soon after, Mansfield forces his way in to Rachel's flat and Cathy has to arrest him, blow

The Bill S18E11
Episode 11

Episode 002

DC Danny Glaze and DS Vik Singh visit a burnt out flat where Vik's theory of racially motivated arson force him to take the law into his own hands. On leaving the estate they pursue a stolen car and discover guns under the seat. It's traced to recently released hard man, Michael Bowker. When questioned Bowker claims to have no knowledge of the weapons - CID have him followed. Later DC Mickey Webb photographs Bowker handing over large wads of cash to a blonde woman whom DCI Jack Meadows recognises as Angie Weller wife of imprisoned super-grass Jimmy Weller. They pay her a visit at her posh house and find a woman desperately waiting for her husband's release... but she's keeping company her husband would never approve of. The pieces in the puzzle don't quite fit and when Bowker turns up dead Superintendent Chandler is sceptical it was murder. CID, however, are determined to prove him wrong. Meadows and Chandler have a heated discussion over how to handle a race march through a heavily po

The Bill S18E12
Episode 12

Episode 003

Vik Singh faces his worst nightmare when he is assigned to investigate the attack he is responsible for. He tries to persuade DC Danny Glaze that fascists like his victim, Jeff Simpson deserve a taste of their own medicine. Danny is unconvinced and pleads for him to take a low profile while the Sun Hill team try to placate an increasingly volatile area. Meanwhile PC Jim Carver and Sergeant June Ackland are back on shift together. They investigate a series of burglaries linked through a local travel shop. Visiting the agents, Jim recognises one of the employees, Nick Trevelyan who has a history of theft. June is furious when his heavy-handed comments have the effect of losing Nick his job... and his girlfriend. In an attempt to appease June, Jim agrees to go undercover as a dog-loving holidaymaker. He books his 'beloved pet' into the dog kennels run by Nick's girlfriend. Jim is less than pleased when Ch. Insp. Derek Conway offers up his wife's precious little 'Tiffany' to act as his pro

The Bill S18E13
Episode 13

Episode 004

DC Danny Glaze tries to persuade DS Vik Singh to come clean about his hand in the racial unrest in Sun Hill, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Vik buries his head in the sand insisting the racial crimes bear no relation to his attack on the ringleader, Jeff Simpson. Having apprehended a car thief, PCs Cass Rickman and Tony Stamp pay accountant Brian Farrel a visit. Intrigued as to why he hasn't even reported his car as missing, their suspicions are aroused. After discussing the inconsistencies back at the station Sun Hill's eavesdropping decorator Harry Fullerton offers his (unwelcome!) advice. While DC Kate Spears begins to feel as though Superintendent Tom Chandler treats her like a toy to be taken out whenever it suits him. DC Mickey Webb voices his growing suspicion that this mystery woman is someone right under their very noses. Unwittingly he confides in Kate and decides to tail DS Debbie McAllister to a secret lunchtime rendezvous with a dark haired man. Back at the station PC Re

The Bill S18E14
Episode 14

Episode 005

Cocky PC Des Taviner brings his beloved new car to the station, but rather than park it on the street he taunts the superintendent by parking it in his space. No amount of Sergeant Boyden's warnings can shift Des's belief that it's his God given right to park where he likes. Until Chandler spots it... In the canteen the team discuss the growing racial tension in Sun Hill. Reg is still unable to shake the feeling of a 'black cloud' hanging over him. He's convinced there's something big and bad looming on the horizon but he can't quite put his finger on the problem. The others aren't so sure and try to reassure him. Meanwhile PC Cathy Bradford investigates a jewelry robbery and a spate of petty thefts in the area. When a Magnum gun and quotes from Clint Eastwood films are involved they suspect a group of young lads on rag week from the Canley Tech. Reg and Des track them down but the rich son of a disgraced MP pushes Des's buttons. He arrests them but they get other ideas when they see h

The Bill S18E15
Episode 15

Episode 006

Superintendent Chandler attempts to rally the troops by appealing to their senses of honour in flushing out Chief Inspector Conway's murderer. He wants it done 'by the book' but PC Des Taviner is convinced plodding round won't solve anything. In the meeting DC Mickey Webb struggles to conceal his contempt for Chandler, convinced he was off with some tart when it should have been him in the car bomb attack. While the team sit in the canteen and reminisce about Conway they see PC Polly Page has returned to work early from her personal leave. She's determined to help where it's needed. Meanwhile Mrs Conway comes to pack up her husband's personal effects. When Chandler mentions a police funeral she lets him know everything her husband and the officers of Sun Hill really think about him. Des's heavy-handed approach with a suspect reveals information that a high level white racist is saving his lost reputation by retaliating against the police. Mickey and DC Kate Spears check prime suspect,

The Bill S18E16
Episode 16

Episode 007

Inspector Andrew Monroe organises a fund for deceased Chief Inspector Derek Conway and while Superintendent Tom Chandler makes a show of his generosity Des and Reg can only complain about being totally skint. They've got until the end of their shift to make a donation, but while Des's money rides on the horses coming in, Reg finds his card eaten by the bank machine. Taunted by cheeky truants Des and Reg are determined to haul them in. So when Des spots a couple of them dealing in a local park his chase lands him £200 from one of the boys pockets. Unseen by Reg he 'confiscates' the cash. Having won even more on the horses he proudly shares his winnings with Reg and they make a showy donation to Conway's fund. However, when Hollis discovers that the notes are counterfeit, Taviner is seriously worried. Meanwhile, Sergeant June Ackland and PC Jim Carver attend Conway's wake together. They stand admiring what they believe is Mrs Conway's elaborate figurine collection but find themselves mar

The Bill S18E17
Episode 17

Episode 008

While reports of disturbances start flooding in police out on the streets find themselves under attack. Sergeant Craig Gilmore has a hard time containing a vanful of officers desperate to get amongst the conflict and regain some order. When their van is bombarded direct orders to remain vigilant from the confines of the van begin to wear a little thin. Sgt. June Ackland and PC Jim Carver are called to investigate an incident in a disused warehouse and discover a gang of masked youths firing ball bearings. While Jim is winded and struggles to give chase, June tails them but is lured into a trap. She finds herself restrained using her own handcuffs so when Jim catches up and sees her lying on the floor he storms to her rescue with no thought for his own safety. Meanwhile PC Polly Page has returned to work earlier than she should have and the strain is beginning to show. The mounting pressure at work combined with emotional stress of PC Dave Quinnan leaving Sun Hill have become too much f

The Bill S18E18
Episode 18

Episode 009

Superintendent Tom Chandler reads out the names of the dead and injured whilst trying to maintain dignity in the face of the public and the press. Sergeants June Ackland, Matt Boyden and Craig Gilmore are left discussing the unenviable task of speaking to the families and loved ones of their fellow officers. The boys make their excuses and a grief stricken June is left with to make the calls on her own. DC Danny Glaze convinces himself that if he'd spoken out against DS Vik Singh's indiscretions in the first place, none of this would have spiraled out of control like it has. He's determined to track down their prime suspect Jeff Simpson and enlists DC Duncan Lennox, saying he's determined to prove him guilty with or without Duncan's help. They search but Simpson knows they can't pin anything on him and arrogantly waits for them on the bonnet of Duncan's car. Meanwhile DC Mickey Webb's grief becomes unbearable. Superintendent Tom Chandler quietly suggests to DCI Jack Meadows that Mickey

The Bill S18E19
Episode 19

Episode 010

As the team hold a respectful minute's silence for those lost in the blaze DS Debbie McAllister is busy 'finding' evidence against a known safecracker, Peter Grace. He smugly waits in reception with his weasely lawyer, knowing full well (like many other suspects in the area) that the one piece of evidence against him has perished in the fire. He underestimates Debbie's resources. Back at the hospital, PCs Cass Rickman and Des Taviner hold a bedside vigil, watchful for signs of life from PC Sam Harker. They are interrupted by Superintendent Tom Chandler asking Des to speak to the press who want a 'hero' to emerge from the explosion. His concern doesn't wash with Des who knows hypocrisy when he sees it. He walks out commenting that 'something has turned his stomach'. But while tragedy has struck at Sun Hill nick, crime hasn't stopped on the streets. Matthew Boyden is hastily appointed Acting Inspector, he immediately rules the roost and Sergeant Craig Gilmore is more than a little miffed

The Bill S18E20
Episode 20

Episode 011

PC Jim Carver is angry at suggestions the blaze was an inside job. He goes to his MIT interview thinking there's nothing to declare, but when they ask precisely what he was 'discussing' with Sergeant June Ackland just prior to the blast, he falters. If only he'd listened to PC Reg Hollis's warnings about guilty 'micro expressions'. The death of his colleagues has affected PC Stamp deeply so when he discovers a young lad has been nicking flowers from the Sun Hill wreaths he concentrates on tracking him down. In doing so, he directly disobeys June's orders to head straight to a mugging victim who's been waiting on the street for an officer. With the memorial service the following day Superintendent Tom Chandler's thoughts are on how the spectacle will reflect on his station. He orders Des to carry the Met flag but Des's priority is certainly not on becoming the station hero to focus on. It's his first day back on the job and he's not ready to be high profile. Chandler reminds him what po

The Bill S18E21
Episode 21

Episode 012

It's the day of the memorial service and Superintendent Chandler is determined to make a good impression and a moving speech. While Des carries the Met Standard down the aisle the real weight is on his mind. He's just been assigned a babysitting task he'd really rather not have and all eyes are on him today. Reg lends a sympathetic ear and proves his friendship. Meanwhile Harry Fullerton, the decorator employed to renovate Sun Hill before the explosion (and top of the Murder Investigation Team's most wanted list), makes an unwelcome appearance. PC Tony Stamp can't believe the cheek of him and starts to cause a scene. Luckily the old guard is on hand with a characteristically level head. New CID member DC Eva Sharpe turns up for her first day on the job. After practically ploughing into DC Mickey Webb's car she's told to take over his case while he attends the service. While Mickey would rather not listen to the superintendent's eulogy he relents and Eva goes to keep an eye on local a d

The Bill S18E22
Episode 22

Episode 013

Emotions run high at Sun Hill. Word is rife the bombing's confessor needs an escort to Barton Street nick and everyone wants a piece of him. Meanwhile DC Mickey Webb's whereabouts is a mystery to DI Alex Cullen, as is a straight answer to what he's working on. DS Debbie McAllister pays a cheeky visit to the superintendent's office but he plays it cool and explains their little liaison at the memorial service was just a one-off affair. He wants to concentrate on the station's reputation, and with the go ahead for a new Community Safety Unit his attention lies on police business. DC Danny Glaze and new recruit DC Eva Sharpe join forces to investigate a series of serious attacks on Eastern European taxi drivers. They have a solid piece of evidence against a suspect but he proves difficult to pin down. While PCs Jim Carver and Cathy Bradford think they can help with a lead but don't see eye to eye over policing ethics. Murder Investigation Team duo, Devlin and Hayes, want a written report

The Bill S18E23
Episode 23

Episode 014

A prostitute, a fat cat ex-pat, his ex-wife, her new husband and some stolen giros add up to a conspiracy theory that DC Eva Sharpe just won't give up on. Sergeant Craig Gilmore certainly doesn't count on Eva's unrelenting digging when it comes to uncovering a master plan involving stolen giro cheques. She may not do things his way and he definitely might not agree but with Eva on the case it's best not to argue. After complaining to PC Jim Carver that she's missed the career boat, Superintendent Chandler puts a smile on Sergeant June Ackland's face by revealing she'll be heading up a new Community Safety Unit. Turning down a drink with PC Jim Carver to focus on her new position means a career might not be the only boat she'll miss. PC Des Taviner enlists PC Reg Hollis's help in paying a visit to Harry Fullerton's apartment. The Murder Investigation Team needs solid evidence before they can make the arrest stick. Des is taken in by a helpful neighbour but makes a nervous departure when

The Bill S18E24
Episode 24

Episode 015

PCs Nick Klein and Cass Rickman spend half the night reporting back at the nick after making an arrest outside a club still flying on ecstasy. They somehow manage to keep it together in front of the relief but the strain begins to show. After catching his colleague doing some off-duty prowling round Harry Fullerton's apartment, DC Danny Glaze questions PC Des Taviner's motives. While the reasons for their obsessive interest in the case are poles apart, proving Harry's innocence is the common goal and they join forces to investigate his private life. Never one to miss an opportunity, especially one she's manipulated, DS Debbie McAllister reminds the superintendent of a promise he made about a course on computer crime. She grabs him for a private word but DI Alex Cullen is suspicious about the creeping round and hushed conversations. A domestic incident handled by the increasingly weary team of Nick and Cass isn't as straightforward as they would have hoped. A woman is encouraged to repo

The Bill S18E25
Episode 25

Episode 016

Acting Inspector Matt Boyden orders Jim and June to investigate a repeat prowler at a woman's house. She's far more receptive to the male officers and Sergeant June Ackland is convinced the woman is crying wolf to have a man around the house. She does nothing to disguise her resentment and Jim sees it as a sign of her personal feelings getting in the way of her professional opinion. Now that MIT have no other option but to let Harry Fullerton go as prime suspect in the bombing DC Danny Glaze and PC Des Taviner are desperate to catch the 'right' man. So when Danny and DC Duncan Lennox finally make up. He's more than happy to tap his friend in MIT for information on Simpson. It's a handy distraction from the problems at home. He pays a visit to Simpson's colleague in the bookstore. When Simpson's alibi starts to look watertight Des and Danny begin to search even more desperately for evidence against him. The more feverishly Des acts though, the more Danny wants to know his motives for ca

The Bill S18E26
Episode 26

Episode 017

Two men are brought in after their armed robbery gets out of hand and a security guard is shot. They seem to have a lot in common including a wife but for a couple of guys doing a robbery together there's no love lost between them and DS Debbie McAllister and DC Eva Sharpe are assigned to sort their stories out. Detective Superintendent Devlin from the MIT team is astounded at PC Taviner's 'good luck' in discovering both the bike that was used in Chief Inspector Conway's killing, and managing to tie Ian Burrows, Simpson's toe rag of a acquaintance, to it. It's Des's lucky day, but will that evidence alone be enough to bring Simpson down properly? Meanwhile Debbie and Eva's rivalry in the case of the two lads reaches betting point. It's handbags at dawn with mounting resentment over Eva's popularity with the rest of the Sun Hill officers. While Debbie is positive she's got Superintendent Chandler on her side Eva's naturally astute and has a plan to prove she's right. With £20 and a whol

The Bill S18E27
Episode 27

Episode 018

An old style big time crook, Frankie Steele, pays a visit to Sun Hill and asks DCI Jack Meadows to scare his youngest son, Toby, away from the crime game... without letting on it was his own dad who's grassed him up. While it seems like a simple nick 'em and scare' em kind of job, Jack's been burnt by Frankie's kind before, and unless he gets some kind of favour in return it's not going ahead. More importantly, can he risk screwing up while trying to bring down Superintendent Chandler? PC Des Taviner is uncharacteristically eager to let PC Tony Stamp drive the area car for the shift while he accompanies MIT on the search at Simpson's bookshop premises. When a pair of trousers covered in glass and fuel turns up in his wardrobe Simpson swears blind it's a fit up... and finally loses his cool. While the majority of the relief enjoy a laugh with Reg's lottery scheme, relations are not running so smoothly in CID. DC Eva Sharpe receives some bad news DS Debbie McAllister should have relayed

The Bill S18E28
Episode 28

Episode 019

PC Tony Stamp organises a Sun Hill team to play a match against a group of young offenders. He's got his job cut out for him convincing Cass she's their secret star weapon and keeping Matt Boyden and Craig Gilmore from shedding blood on the pitch. While Matt's unrelenting homophobic comments cause the two sergeants to practically trade punches it's the young offenders that come under the spotlight during the game. After an old man is discovered dead in his council flat nasty rumours about his paedophilic past mean Danny and Eva have their work cut out getting the truth out of the kids. Meanwhile Danny's in a crisis. He's got an interview with the MIT team and Des's career hangs in the balance while he decides whether or not to corroborate his story. Should he say he heard Simpson confessing to blowing up Sun Hill and killing some of it's finest officers, does the end justify the means?. And CID doesn't get any calmer. With Danny in knots, Duncan still coping with his separation, Mickey

The Bill S18E29
Episode 29

Episode 020

Craig starts the day filing a grievance procedure against Matt after last week's homophobic taunts but Sgt June Ackland warns him off. She quietly suggests that "There's no better teacher than experience." A nudge and a wink in Matt's direction raises an eyebrow or two, along with Matt's blood pressure. PC Tony Stamp takes young Gary out on the streets to track down a mysterious vigilante who's been beating up kids from the local Estates. His streetwise approach proves invaluable with the youngsters- but nothing he's got up his sleeve can prepare him for being stuck between DS Debbie McAllister and DC Eva Sharpe's game of one-upmanship. PCs Cass Rickman and Nick Klein head out for yet another night on the tiles but not before spying Harry Fullerton (Sun Hill's false confessor) gazing into his pint. Reg pays him a visit and offers some help but finds a sad old man who's moved on to regaling stories about the Falklands. Armed with an ecstasy pill in her handbag, Cass watches as Nick head

The Bill S18E30
Episode 30

Episode 021

DC Ken Drummond turns up for his first day at Sun Hill. Fresh from Barton Street nick, he steps straight off a burger van, and into CID. With tensions rising between Debbie and Eva and DI Alex Cullen doing his utmost to contain it he'll wonder what kind of mad house he's lumbered with. Never mind, a fry up will sort all that out... After the horror of attending a suicide PC's Nick Klein and Cass Rickman go on to discover a couple of children playing in contaminated waste. It's just the tip of a toxic iceberg but Cass's mind is elsewhere. She's beside herself over the loss of her handbag. There was an 'e' loose in there, likely to be nestled right beside her warrant card. Inspector Gina Gold turns up for duty, (fag in hand) and takes no time to ruffle feathers. Not before stashing her bottle of whiskey and putting her ashtray in pride of place though. She makes it clear it's her show, she'll be running it, and anyone thinking differently had just better re-evaluate their position. Start

The Bill S18E31
Episode 31

Episode 022

PC Luke Ashton returns to Sun Hill after three years away. But his first day goes from bad to worse and it soon becomes clear Luke won't be getting any special favours, especially from Sgt Craig Gilmore. The new Community Safety Unit opens under the control of Sgt June Ackland but will her bad start with new Inspector Gina Gold hamper the department's progress? And it's Trainee Detective Brandon Kane's first day, will he prove he is worthy of June's new division? Following a tip off from PC Des Taviner DC Mickey Webb pays a visit to a former colleague of Superintendent Tom Chandler. He is intrigued by what Ex DCI Peter Marsden has to say. Could Marsden be the link Mickey and DCI Jack Meadows need to bring down Chandler once and for all? And true to form, young PC Gary Best decides to rekindle a romance with an ex-girlfriend, but will her new job come between them? [Source:]

The Bill S18E32
Episode 32

Episode 023

Frustrated PC Luke Ashton is desperate to prove himself but Sgt Craig Gilmore seems determined to hold him back. However, when Craig goes to investigate a homophobic assault he takes Luke to accompany him. But does Luke have the aptitude needed for such a sensitive issue? Later Inspector Gina Gold is furious to hear of their feeble progress so barges in with a more forceful approach - but are her actions too extreme? PC Cass Rickman impresses Sgt June Ackland when she gets involved in a bitter father/daughter row. Cass is determined to protect the girl from Shane, her sinister boyfriend, but will the girl see sense and drop the matter before taking her father to court?. Meanwhile PC Tony Stamp and PC Gary Best catch Lee Dwyer robbing a newsagent but rather than make an arrest Tony decides to help him. Is Tony acting beyond the call of duty?. When PC Des Taviner receives a disturbing letter he takes the risk of visiting the sender and is shocked at the revelation. [Source: www.thebill.c

The Bill S18E33
Episode 33

Episode 024

Inspector Gina Gold faces spot of bother when a solicitor complains against her rather unorthodox policing methods. That is, if you call kneeing a thug in the balls unorthodox. Luke is dragged into the Superintendent's office as the witness, with Gina's hopes pinned on his answer. Meanwhile Sgt Gilmore 's received an official complaint against the young PC but he feels compelled to help. After using his charm on a scared resident of a run down apartment block DC Ken Drummond makes headway into an arson investigation. Though while she describes a local criminal as the culprit the bigger picture looks like her greedy landlord is trying to smoke her out. The arson aspect makes Danny's work even more personal. Superintendent Chandler gets his chance show off the new CSU when a journalist offers to spend a day following a case. He decides TDC Brandon Kane's case of a father assaulting his teenage daughter's boyfriend is the one to follow. Brandon warns him off suggesting he follow another i

The Bill S18E34
Episode 34

Episode 025

PC Luke Ashton goes against Sgt Craig Gilmore's direct orders and bravely follows a crazed gunman after hearing a shot. When he disappears out of view and another gunshot is heard Gilmore's worry appears more than professional. Cass convinces Nick that a good night out doesn't always have to involve drugs so he's surprised when he manages to pull an attractive young woman. After revealing she's a hairdresser, he carries on his fantasy by informing her he's a pilot. In the cold sober light of day it turns out they have a lot more in common than originally suspected. DS Debbie McAllister is coerced into a stint as a babysitter for Eva Sharpe's daughter when the childcare suddenly falls through. She surprises even herself by doing such a good job-which makes the decision facing her and the superintendent even more difficult. Meanwhile PC Tony Stamp puts his neck on the line when young Lee Dwyer is accused of serious vandalism at his school. The head threatens him with expulsion but Tony i

The Bill S18E35
Episode 35

Episode 026

Des's blackmailer starts to put the squeeze on. So after parting with his first instalment of cash he decides the only way out is intimidation or confession. Neither look particularly good for enhancing his career in the Police Force. The tenser Des becomes the more determined he is to find out who's behind the extortion and it's God help anyone who gets in his way. When Lee Dwyer gets caught displaying his graffiti artistry it's the more level-headed officers to the rescue. DI Alex Cullen has his work cut out keeping an eye on his delinquent cops. After witnessing June and Jim's mug hurling altercation he demands to know what their problem was. Jim's answer to healing the rift comes in the form of a quiet night out... and 3 choice little words. New PC's Luke Ashton and Kerry Young are called to a domestic incident at Lee Dwyer's house, so to teach his parents a lesson he plays runaway and visits a surprised Tony Stamp first thing in the morning. [Source:]

The Bill S18E36
Episode 36

Episode 027

Out on a pub crawl to celebrate a new PC's engagement the relief are suddenly overjoyed when Reg's winning line comes up on the lottery. While the syndicate members spend the millions over and over in their heads, Mickey heads off to tell the superintendent where he can stick his job. Inspector Gold, meanwhile, notes that Reg is acting quite out of character and avoiding the others. He wouldn't be planning to skip the country with the money, would he? When designer jackets go missing from a local department store and turn up on the local estate CID decide ex-con Joe Nash must be back up to his old tricks. But no-one can explain the mystery of the self-editing security tape. Sun Hill's romances are up and down. Jim's positivity about their relationship rubs off on June and they share a kiss while the other side of the coin sees Superintendent Tom Chandler dropping DS Debbie McAllister off at the abortion clinic leaving her to go through with the operation alone. And Lee Dwyer's parents

The Bill S18E37
Episode 37

Episode 028

Lee Dwyer arrives with his mother and step-dad at Sun Hill to press his very serious allegation against Tony Stamp. It's an accusation that sends the team reeling and divides their loyalties when all the evidence points to his guilt. PC Jim Carver's position at CSU puts him in the awkward position of being appointed Lee's Family Liaison Officer. It leaves Tony wondering if anyone really is on his side. As PC Des Taviner so delicately puts it, "Where there's smoke there's fire", and PC Cathy Bradford's charming observation that, "Mud sticks". Cathy's on a roll with her canteen gossip and makes a bee-line to new PC Kerry Young's fiancé. She tries on her best seduction routine but when he shows no interest Cathy deviously spills the beans on Nick and Kerry's one night liaison. Watch out Nick... When father of teenage temptress Liz Chambers reports his daughter missing Brandon and Cass make enquiries. They pay a visit to her older boyfriend's house where they discover her bed isn't even co

The Bill S18E38
Episode 38

Episode 029

When the cocky new DS reports for duty he wastes no time bringing in arrests. He flirts with wives of suspects and doesn't play by any of the rules. He's clocked as a difficult one to handle but if he's toting up the convictions who's to complain? Even if his probing turns up an unwelcome visitor for Nick and Cass. Cass is in trouble at every turn when PC Kerry Young discovers the rumour spreading that led to her engagement break up originated from Cass. Higher on Cass and Nick's priorities is dodging accusations of drug taking when DS Phil Hunter brings in their dealer. PC Jim Carver is still tasked with the unpleasant duty of being PC Tony Stamp's Family Liaison Officer. He assures the family that despite PC Stamp being 'one of his' they will continue a full and thorough investigation into the abuse accusation. Tony begins to doubt Jim's belief in his innocence and a covert meeting with DC Danny Glaze does nothing to improve his position. DI Alex Cullen is left fuming when the brutal

The Bill S18E39
Episode 39

Episode 030

June warns Jim to stay discreet after their night together and riles him further when she suggests he hand over his role as the Dwyer's Family Liaison Officer to TDC Brandon Kane. Lee Dwyer's problems worsen when his father arrives to take him away from the possible danger of his mother and step-dad, so when TDC Brandon Kane takes over he suspects the perpetrator might be closer to home. DC Ken Drummond enlists the help of an old friend when his mobile phone is cloned and starts to clock up bills on premium rate numbers. Her radar is picking up signals all over Sun Hill, mainly from ladies' man, the new DS Phil Hunter. And poor Sergeant Gilmore gets his dirty laundry aired in public when his boyfriend Sean dumps all his worldly belongings on the station's doorstep. [Source:]

The Bill S18E40
Episode 40

Episode 031

Once again Lee Dwyer is in trouble with the police for vandalising a local store. Is he just a born troublemaker or is it a final cry for help? Meanwhile TDC Brandon Kane, in his new role as Lee's Family Liaison Officer, visits Lee's father who seems to be showering him with gifts. Exactly the kind of ones he was trashing in the department store. Brandon smells a rat. DS Debbie McAllister visits the hospital for the first scan of her unborn child. She's glowing with pride on her return but the superintendent, (a more than unwilling partner), soon wipes the smile off her face. While CID move into their new premises, DS Phil Hunter finds himself stuck in the back of a van on an obbo. Danny's had a tip off from an informant, but then again so has Eva. Their info doesn't exactly match up and they may need back up. Phil calls in an outstanding favour from Nick Klein. Inspector Gold requests the pleasure of DC Eva Sharpe's company in gathering information on a serial flasher. Eva may think i

The Bill S18E41
Episode 41

Episode 032

Inspector Gina Gold is determined to catch a serial flasher who's been terrorising young women but CID are busy, does a woman like her beg? She's determined he'll be caught as soon as possible but CID are desperately trying to turn up a witness after a bungled a tip off on an armed robbery ended in murder. A witness who will be taken seriously that is. And PC Gary Best does nothing to enhance his pulling power over PC Kerry Young when his ride to the station makes him look more like a geriatric than a lad about town. When Debbie turns up with a shiner to rival Lennox Lewis, the Superintendent shies away from suspicion by ordering Alex Cullen to do a check on her background. The ensuing argument reveals more about their own dark pasts. Later PC Tony Stamp's first day back after being cleared of paedophile accusations goes pear shaped after a few too many for the road. He throws a few choice words in Jim Carver's direction causing a rift that may never heal. [Source:]

The Bill S18E42
Episode 42

Episode 033

On her first day behind Sun Hill's reception, Front Desk Officer Robbie Cryer baffles the other officers with her eerie familiarity. The older officers are understandably wary when the new civvy turns up with an uncanny insight into their lives. Perhaps Reg has found a colleague who's blessed with 'the gift' as well. Hell hath no fury like Inspector Gold on the warpath. When she discovers DCI Jack Meadows has stitched her up by promising to drop a charge of indecent exposure she does everything in her power to bring the flasher to justice. Meanwhile Reg finds himself and the area car under attack from more than just Des's bad wind. Reg suspects Simpson might be behind the attacks and Des's paranoia heightens. A violent assault outside a pub turns up a 'nobody saw anything' situation. DC Danny Glaze embarks on a mission to catch the violent assailant that results in a clash with CSU. Their priority is to protect the wife and child. [Source:]

The Bill S18E43
Episode 43

Episode 034

The officers of Sun Hill are tasked with protecting a lab specialising in foetal research from irate protesters. Dr Allen, complains the police aren't doing enough to protect him. Manpower at Sun Hill is limited but soon steps up when he reveals death threats have been sent. It becomes clear the threats aren't empty when Dr Allen's wife is critically injured in a car bomb. PC Luke Ashton rushes in to save her and far from being treated like a hero, Sergeant Craig Gilmore is frantic that Luke might be hurt too. Tom Chandler's day is spent fire fighting, in both his personal and professional lives. Debbie barely gives him the time of day, Des has a complaint laid against him and when Tom makes a confession to DI Alex Cullen. He's unprepared for Alex's ultimatum. Meanwhile the relationship between DC Danny Glaze and TDC Brandon Kane worsens as Tina Pope ends up hospitalised by her violent husband who guesses she grassed him up to Danny. [Source:]

The Bill S18E44
Episode 44

Episode 035

Come back Reggie Babe. All is forgiven! Des has been jumping at shadows since Simpson's threats began to include his beloved partner Reg. He's nigh on running out of excuses to stay within the confines of the station, but the pair are sent to search a deserted warehouse at night. The slam of a door, the roar of an engine, and nothing but empty space where Reg once stood. Where is he, and who's got him? DS Phil Hunter corners Eva, assuming it's her fault their star witness is discredited over a flashing incident. Unfortunately he hasn't reckoned on Inspector Gina Gold demanding his nuts in a jar. Or, for that matter, a simple apology. When PC Luke Ashton is called to a domestic he's surprised to find Craig Gilmore and his ex-boyfriend the unlikely perpetrators. It's a difficult moment but surely Craig could at least look Luke in the eye... When a little old lady claims Sergeant June Ackland has conned her out of precious jewels, there's definitely a mystery to be solved. For a start sho

The Bill S18E45
Episode 45

Episode 036

If PC Kerry Young's day started badly wait until she has to spend her shift with Des. He's in need of a partner but he can't find his last one anywhere. PC Reg Hollis has been kidnapped and guilt ridden PC Des Taviner is at his wits end trying to trace him. He spends his day trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes but time is running out and Reg's life is on the line. And DC Danny Glaze is frantic, Tina Pope has vanished and TDC Brandon Kane suspects it could be serious. Danny can't bear to admit he handled her situation badly, but judging from the mood he's in it's crystal clear something's up. Sergeant Craig Gilmore tries to thank Luke for handling his domestic situation delicately but in a hasty attempt to cut him off at the pass Luke rushes to ask Kerry out on a date. When Gary Best hears the news it's pistols at dawn. Jack and Debbie follow up a trail of crimes that lead to a very desperate man but that's nothing compared to the havoc that DI Alex Cullen leaves when he drops

The Bill S18E46
Episode 46

Episode 037

It's the day of Simpson's trial and there's an all out manhunt on the streets of Sun Hill, no stone will be unturned for poor Reggie Babe. Terrified, cold, and bound in chains PC Reg Hollis is in grave danger and at the mercy of his kidnappers. The frantic search may be on but will they find him before evil Alan carries out his orders? It's the day of Simpson's trial and PC Des Taviner is about to take the stand. Des receives a warning note reminding him he holds the balance of Reg's life in his hands. All he has to do to save Reg is come clean about his falsified evidence... Gay Sgt Craig Gilmore reels on hearing PC Luke Ashton and PC Kerry Young are going on a date. Surely they are not about to embark on a station romance? Later Craig is reassured when Luke visits him in his office and actions speak far louder than words. The worst possible result rears it's ugly head when Danny is informed that Tina Pope has been found dead. Her father guilt trips Danny to the point of tears, perhap

The Bill S18E47
Episode 47

Episode 038

CID gets a shake up when new DS Samantha Nixon turns up and quickly proves her criminal profiling skills - no stone will be left unturned. She's methodical and highly ambitious so if Reg thinks he can protect the kidnapper who showed him kindness he'd better make his story rock solid. Poor Reg, he's left lying (literally) in his hospital bed under the watchful eye of a guilt ridden Des Taviner. Meanwhile maternal instincts kick in for DS Debbie McAllister when a woman makes a complaint against her neighbour who has been behaving threateningly towards her and her new born baby. It's cop killer Jeff Simpson's big day in court and PC Des Taviner find himself at wits end when DC Danny Glaze informs him he won't collaborate the evidence under oath. It's a situation that just might spell the end of Des's career at Sun Hill. And after snogging PC Luke Ashton the evening before Craig is all out of sorts when he sees him messing about with PC Kerry Young in the canteen. Inspector Gold uses her

The Bill S18E48
Episode 48

Episode 039

Luke and Craig follow a confusing trail after a car pile up leaves a man hospitalised. Now if only there was a driver to blame... Luke is doing his level best to ignore everything the lovestruck Sergeant wants to discuss. Craig is desperate to discuss their kiss, and as if by magic, turns up wherever Luke gets called to. DS Phil Hunter manages to set himself up as security in a club he suspects is being used to traffic drugs. He's determined to make sure PC Nick Klein is his back up, Nick is understandably weary... but he'll do it; as long as it's all above board. As it just possibly might be with Phil in charge!Samantha Nixon may be the new kid on the block but she's the choice for Acting D.I in the wake of Alex's sudden departure. She's going to have a difficult time keeping that lot under her thumb, not least of all keeping an eye on Phil Hunter... and his attitude! The Superintendent's past is catching up with him. His father turns up begging for money for his drug addict brother,

The Bill S18E49
Episode 49

Episode 040

The police receive a distressed call from a local almshouse where strange things have been happening in the night. The warden Joanna isn't sure how to pacify the rather eccentric residents, particularly a rather crotchety old man, Rueben and his distressed elderly friend, Tatsie. Reg and Tony quite happily pass the case over to CSU! PC Nick Klein and DS Phil Hunter are still sailing close to the wind whilst undercover at the club. The owner Mortimer seems to trust them but when Phil brings cocaine into the operation much to Nick's surprise it looks like Phil is still playing his own game. PC's Kerry Young and Luke Ashton turn up late for Sergeant Craig Gilmore's morning briefing - it is obvious they have spent the night together. Craig is furious but his anger belies the real issue and he confronts Luke, but to what reaction? And how much longer can Jim and June keep their relationship under wraps without the rest of the relief knowing. More importantly, how much longer can Jim bear fo

The Bill S18E50
Episode 50

Episode 041

Dodgy DS Phil Hunter has PC Nick Klein over a barrel. Security footage of him snorting coke in a club. Later, Phil takes the undercover operation one step further by planning a drugs raid on the club. He needs two more insiders so Gary and Luke apply for jobs as barmen. Their experience is dubious, but Phil promises... "Trust me", he says. Would you? Hell hath no fury like Debbie McAllister scorned. Not only does she discover she's been passed over for the job as Acting D.I, but on Superintendent Tom Chandler's recommendation she gets bumped from the drug raid. Hmmpphh! One of the almshouse residents is now critically ill. When poor old Ivy dies it becomes a case of murder, perhaps the result of geriatric jealousy. And June is given a timely warning not to end up old and alone. At last DCI Jack Meadows and DC Mickey Webb speak to the elusive Anne Merrick about Superintendent Tom Chandler's past - and are left reeling with what she tells them. [Source:]

The Bill S18E51
Episode 51

Episode 042

PC Nick Klein is terrified! The undercover operation is out of control and egomaniac DS Phil Hunter is showing no signs of letting up. Back at the station have DCI Jack Meadows starts to smell a rat about why the raid didn't work and he demands results. Later coked up Nick puts himself in a worse situation when he lets a secret slip to Sandie the barmaid - has he finally jeopardised the whole operation? Pregnant DS Debbie McAllister rests up after an accident at the club. DC Eva Sharpe is under orders from Tom Chandler to keep an eye on her progress... a little too much interest on his part? Eva's not just a pretty face so the baby is safe but the secret out might just be out. It seems PC Gary Best might just be taking a leaf straight out of Tony Stamp's community approach when feuding neighbours and a sickly dog bring out his soft side. Tony can but stand back and laugh. Mickey Webb forges ahead on his own and pays another visit on EX DCI Peter Marsden to uncover more about the party

The Bill S18E52
Episode 52

Episode 043

PC Kerry Young finds herself in grave danger after a routine house call turns into a terrifying hostage situation. All Kerry's hostage training is put to the test after enquiries find her tied up. It's even more of a surprise when the hapless house owner turns up and is asked to make a confession. PC Nick Klein has a crisis of conscious over revealing his true occupation to club girl Sandie. DS Phil Hunter is not prepared to let the whole undercover operation go down and is prepared to do anything to keep it afloat. But at the expense of who? DC Mickey Webb admits Peter Marsden now knows Tom Chandler raped his sister at a party in Hendon. As if they weren't on thin enough ice, matters are made worse when Peter arrives at Sun Hill to confront Tom about the allegations. Is this the end for Mickey at Sun Hill? When Sun Hill gets wind of an officer in trouble it's a job for SO19, but when Luke finds out it's his Kerry inside the house, can he stop head ruling over heart? [Source: www.thebi

The Bill S18E53
Episode 53

Episode 044

Another body is found on the banks of the Thames. Nick begs Cass to stick her neck on the line and find out if it's a girl he knows. After witnessing club girl Sandie being strong-armed out of Mick Mortimer's office PC Nick Klein is frantic. Sandie was stitched up by DS Phil Hunter to save the operation (and his reputation) but yet another girl is fished from the river. Nick suspects he may be in too deep.? Phil has been manipulating the undercover operation since day one, now it's shipment day. The drugs arrive from Holland, the money is ready and the locations are all set, but why does the DCI have such a bad feeling, and since when did Phil play by the rulebook? Unwilling to let sleeping dogs lie, Superintendent Tom Chandler visits Anne Merrick to prove his innocence. There's a can of worms there that don't want opening, especially with Anne's distressed mental state. There are disastrous consequences ahead. It's a humiliating moment for Sergeant Craig Gilmore when Luke brings in a

The Bill S18E54
Episode 54

Episode 045

A rape allegation at Sun Hill. This time it's closer to home, Superintendent Tom Chandler is the accused. Word spreads like wildfire about Tom's arrest. DCI Jack Meadows barely contains his smug satisfaction and Inspector Gold interviews an unravelling victim, Anne Merrick. Tom will stop and nothing to save his skin and makes a play for the stable life with pregnant Debbie McAllister. After being treated so shabbily in the past, will she agree to act as his alibi? PC Tony Stamp storms out of the morning briefing after being publicly branded a pervert. Later PC Gary Best gives the chase of his life preventing Tony from provoking a growing mob outside his house. And there's more trauma in store for poor old Tony when he makes a surprise call to June's house! [Source:]

The Bill S18E55
Episode 55

Episode 046

Tom is getting desperate. He and Debbie hold another secret bathroom liaison, but this time he's on bended knee. Anne Merrick's rape allegation against the Superintendent is in full swing. Only an alibi from Debbie can save him from certain trial. A skinful of scotch triggers Jack to make headway into what is ultimately a catastrophic ending. You'd think a move from Manchester would leave any troubles behind. PC Gary Best gets an unwelcome visitor in the form of a young blonde woman with a child in tow. Is there a family resemblance? Brandon and Cathy team up in search of a missing Asian teenager, but if her parents made the enquiry why are they acting so obstructively? Not that Cathy is much of a step up either. Luke and Kerry are on a hot date, until they spot their sergeant who's clearly been stood up, and you know what they say about two being company... Meanwhile, June and Jim are panicking, they plead with Tony not to spread news of their affair. [Source:]

The Bill S18E56
Episode 56

Episode 047

The Murder Investigation Team has descended on Sun Hill to start a major investigation into the serial killer murders. They have found three bodies, all women, who have been "abducted, tortured, strangled and then cleaned with white spirit before they go in the river" - they are determined to stop the killer before another murder takes place. Meanwhile, Duncan is on top of the world, he is excited about the case, his new role in MIT, not only that but his divorce has come through. But will his attraction to Acting DI Samantha Nixon compromise his integrity? When Anne Merrick is found dead at the bottom of a multi storey car park Superintendent Tom Chandler is summoned to Tintagel House for further investigation. Did Anne jump or was she pushed? If Tom is not involved why would he ask for Debbie to lie for him, and could his alibi be any more implausible? TDC Brandon Kane finds himself in hot water when he gets personally involved in the ongoing case of the missing Asian girl. His cultu

The Bill S18E57
Episode 57

Episode 048

When the body of a man is found decomposing in his flat, PCs Tony Stamp and Gary Best have the complicated job of trying to find his missing wife. A concerned neighbour hasn't seen her for ages and is worried, no one at the 'husband's' place of work has ever heard of her. Will they manage to piece together what has happened to this couple? Back at Sun Hill, there is a faint smell of whisky in the air but will DS Debbie McAllister smell the importance of this lead? And Superintendent Tom Chandler is panicking. He can't back-up his alibi and time is running out, perhaps the offer of an engagement ring might strengthen his case. Front Desk Officer Roberta Cryer goes weak at the knees when DC Mickey Webb returns to Sun Hill. It's not long before Mickey gets himself in trouble spreading news about both the 'big change' in drops a name to local journo Simon Kitson that Tom Chandler sees red about. PC Cathy Bradford is in serious trouble when Sergeant June Ackland discovers she passed on info

The Bill S18E58
Episode 58

Episode 049

DC Duncan Lennox goes on surveillance to catch Sun Hill's serial killer. Although he spends more time spying on the Acting D.I's rear end. The Sun Hill serial killer is still at large and the police are desperate to follow up any leads. So when a belligerent Mr Finch arrives at the station to report his neighbour, his complaint is taken seriously. Have Duncan and Acting DI Samantha Nixon at last found the killer? DCI Jack Meadows and DC Mickey Webb have Tom Chandler on the run, he's paranoid they're catching up with him. But Jack is torn. He wants to bring down the Superintendent but is determined to protect DS Debbie McAllister. Will he drop his evidence against Tom to spare pregnant Debbie from losing everything? When the Community Safety Unit are called to a bitter family domestic, they are forced by the father to arrest his wayward daughter, Vikki Casson who has burnt all her step-mother's clothes. But is there more to this relationship than just jealousy? And why does the step-mot

The Bill S18E59
Episode 59

Episode 050

It is the day of Anne Merrick's funeral and her daughter Jennie is further distressed when some uninvited guests make an appearance.

The Bill S18E60
Episode 60

Episode 051

MIT have a new suspect for the serial killings - Martin Porter, duty solicitor and former fiance of PC Kerry Young. Young and PC Ashton are kept in the dark about Porter's arrest, as they deal with a case of criminal damage in an off-licence perpetrated by none other than James Chandler. Thrown off-kilter by his brother's arrest, Supt. Tom Chandler blows a vital transfer interview at Scotland Yard, whilst DCI Meadows convinces James to make a statement accusing Chandler of raping Louise Marsden at Hendon. Chandler is rapidly running out of options, but he still has one card up his sleeve - his imminent marriage to Debbie McAllister. Insp. Gold fears a conflict of interest due to PC Cass Rickman's relationship with reporter Simon Kitson, and takes her off the case. Tension flares between Kitson and Nick Klein when Kitson interrupts a night out. DC Duncan Lennox attempts to get A/DI Nixon appointed to the MIT team as a profiler, but DCI Ross has other ideas.

The Bill S18E61
Episode 61

Episode 052

Tom Chandler tries to maintain some respectability by marrying Debbie McAllister. Jack Meadows tries to stop Debbie walking down the aisle, and Mickey Webb finds out that his boss has betrayed him.

The Bill S18E62
Episode 62

Episode 053

McAllister is shattered the morning following her wedding... and Tom's rape. Meanwhile, Mickey Webb and Jack Meadows prepare to reveal the truth about Chandler raping Louise Marsden, when an 'old friend' says he'll testify. Back at Sun Hill, Chandler admits to Debbie that he slept with Louise back at Hendan. Little did he know, Peter Marsden was listening in from the next room. A fight ensues, and Peter eventually leaves saying, "You're finished, Chandler". Facing the horrible truth that he has finally been caught out, he asks Craig Gilmore to give him a gun found in connection with the serial killers, to show to the press. But Tom has his own ideas. He locks Debbie in his office, and reveals that he is going to kill her, the baby, and himself. Jack and Mickey realise that something's not right, and go to Chandler's office to see what's happening. As Chandler makes repeated death threats, Debbie, only 7 months pregnant, goes into very early labour. Chandler is about to shoot

The Bill S18E63
Episode 63

Episode 054

After Tom turns the gun on himself, Jack Meadows and Debbie McAllister emerge in shock from Chandler's office. Tony Stamp then takes Debbie to the hospital, so she can give birth to her premature baby. Amid all of the chaos, PC Gemma Osbourne arrives for her first day at Sun Hill, and is immediately sent on the beat with PC Cass Rickman. But later, on a ladies night out, the girls of Sun Hill are in for a big surprise! On the way home, Cass is surprised to meet an old friend's sister, who starts following her the next day. Luke and Kerry find Craig's car in connection with a robbery, and they suss out that it must be his boyfriend responsible, so they keep quiet. But after winding Luke up, he threatens Craig's boyfriend and tells him to stay away from him. Craig confronts Luke, and Luke tells him about the robbery, and reveals that he didn't want him to be caught up in the embarresing situation. Craig takes it as a sign that Luke still has feelings for him, and tries to kiss Lu

The Bill S18E64
Episode 64

Episode 055/056

As he's the one bearing the brunt of Des's temper, Reg Hollis wonders if Taviner's stress leave helped at all. But for a moment Taviner's mood does lift when he spots new PC Gemma Osbourne. Called out to a residents' dispute, Des and Reg discover that a local teenage tearaway, Andy Bennett, is running rings around the police and the local residents. But with Des on his case his luck might change. Acting DI Samantha Nixon is finding it hard to concentrate on her job as her mind is on the serial killer case. MIT receives a letter from the supposed killer saying he has struck again, and Samantha can't hide her frustration at not being part of the team. Will her determination to prove Baxter's guilt lead her too far out on a limb, or will her risky behaviour pay off? Insp. Gold visits Debbie McAllister in hospital to bring her Tom's things, while back at the office, Jack Meadows and Mickey Webb make up, but Debbie is not about to forgive and forget. Luke Ashton is having an uncomfortable d

The Bill S18E65
Episode 65

Episode 057

The fourth victim of the serial killer is found on the banks of the Thames, just as Peter Baxter predicted. Despite Baxter's confession and inside knowledge of the case, Acting DI Nixon begins to have serious doubts about his guilt. Tormented with guilt of his own, Des Taviner discharges himself from hospital and pens a lengthy confession of his role in the Sun Hill fire. He tracks down Reg Hollis who is investigating an assault on a schoolboy. The pair track down the attacker, a young man who threatens to jump off a building. Taviner saves him, but is on the verge of killing himself when Hollis convinces him he's suffered enough. Talking to Baxter's prison warden, Nixon confirms that he is not the killer, and DCI Ross is furious when she interrupts his press conference with the news.

The Bill S18E66
Episode 66

Episode 058

The day of Kerry Young and Luke Ashton's engagement party dawns, with Gilmore still pining over the groom-to-be. Meanwhile, out on the streets of Sun Hill, there are rumours that a rogue prostitute is robbing her punters. A young woman is reported missing by her frantic husband, but DC Drummond suspects they are not being told the whole truth. When the woman turns out to be a young blonde, there is concern she may have fallen victim to the serial killer. The husband tells Robbie Cryer his wife beat him up, but when the sympathetic Cryer visits him, she finds the situation is the other way around. It's a busy night all round at Luke Ashton and Kerry Young's engagement party - Phil Hunter arrives with his new girlfriend; Simon Kitson starts acting strangely after a call from his wife; after a drunken Tony Stamp makes a pass at her, June Ackland goes public about her relationship with Jim; and Robbie Cryer's efforts to ensnare Mickey Webb are successful.

The Bill S18E67
Episode 67

Episode 059

There's trouble brewing on the Bronte estate, where drug dealers and gangs are running riot and two rival "crews" are fighting for power. Sgt. June Ackland investigates when a Bronte resident reports that a young boy is being used as a drug courier by gang leader Reload, but when TDC Brandon Kane and PC Cathy Bradford investigate further, they discover the boy is only trying to ease the pain of his ailing mother. DS Phil Hunter hopes to get some information on the Bronte situation from his new girlfriend, Linda, but later finds that her 16-year-old daughter Chloe is more than willing to be pumped for information. PC Nick Klein, PC Kerry Young and Sgt. Matt Boyden are all attacked on the estate and warned off by Reload, and Insp. Gina Gold has had enough - she declares the Bronte a no-go area for her officers.

The Bill S18E68
Episode 68

Episode 060

A new superintendent, Adam Okaro, makes a big impression at Sun Hill when he foils an attempt to kidnap a child.

The Bill S18E69
Episode 69

Episode 061

As new Superintendant Adam Okaro takes charge at Sun Hill station, one of his first orders is to declare the Bronte Estate a no-go zone for his officers - a decision which causes a media uproar. Okaro organises a meeting with borough officials to discuss long-term solutions, then demands DCI Jack Meadows compile useful intelligence on the main players on the Bronte. PC Nick Klein uses a contact on the estate and discovers who is behind all the trouble - the jailed husband of Linda Kendrick and father of Chloe, both of whom have been seeing DS Phil Hunter, and manipulating him into removing the warring Bronte crews. DCI Meadows and the other officers are sceptical when Okaro takes the risky step of releasing Reload from custody with a kilo of cocaine to secure the release of his young brother. A massive dawn raid by SO19 sees all the key players behind bars... but Linda Kendrick's husband, newly released from prison, arrives to take charge of the estate... and he's after DS Hunter's blo

The Bill S18E70
Episode 70

Episode 062

PC Kerry Young receives a series of mystery calls, warning her off marrying PC Luke Ashton. PC Ruby Buxton's first day at work is spent showing PC Stamp around the Bronte Estate, where she grew up. Although the gang wars of the past week are all but over, when a prostitute is found badly beaten, it is almost certainly the work of Frank Magorian, newly-released from prison. DS Phil Hunter is running scared, as Magorian is after the blood of the copper he knows has slept with his wife and his daughter. When Hunter sees PC Nick Klein talking to Chloe Kendrick, he tells Magorian that Klein is "PC Hunter", which results in a coked-up Klein receiving a brutal beating. Buxton and Stamp pursue a dangerous driver, Craig Gilmore's boyfriend Carl, who crashes Gilmore's car and end up badly injured in St Hughs. Carl admits to phoning Kerry and stealing her engagement ring, but he tells her that Luke is gay, a fact that a flustered Ashton is quick to deny.

The Bill S18E71
Episode 71

Episode 063

Acting DI Samantha Nixon is on a single-minded mission to find the Sun Hill serial killer when a young woman called Vicki Casson goes missing. The latest clue is a website found by Simon Kitson which shows photographs of the body of one of the previous victims, posted by an anonymous user calling himself "The Baptist". When Nixon's teenage daughter Abigail is brought into the station drunk, will Nixon recognise this cry for help from her desperately lonely daughter? When a newborn baby is abducted from St Hugh's hospital, DS Debbie McAllister takes on the case, despite being on maternity leave. PC Kerry Young demands an answer from her fiance, PC Luke Ashton, about his true feelings.

The Bill S18E72
Episode 72

Episode 064

The police are on high alert when a nanny reports that her car has been stolen by carjackers with the kids she was minding still inside. When a bank manager turns up at St Hughs with mysterious injuries, an investigation leads to a sordid S&M dungeon in the basement of a tattoo parlour, and MIT's new main suspect for the serial killings - Shane Pellow. DC Eva Sharpe manages to stop an ex-policeman from running ghoulish serial killer tours in Sun Hill, and she and Okaro go undercover to catch the carjackers who pull out a gun but are soon captured. The rivalry between PCs Des Taviner and Gemma Osborne reaches a new high when Osborne plays a recording of Taviner over the station loudspeakers - a trick Taviner himself had once played on Vicky Hagen. A distraught Acting DI Nixon finds her daughter has run away from home after an argument.

The Bill S18E73
Episode 73

Episode 065

A distraught Acting DI Samantha Nixon searches desperately for her missing daughter, Abi, fearing she may be the next victim of the serial killer. TDC Brandon Kane's ex-wife leaves him with their two kids while she tends to her injured mother. Ordered by Supt. Okaro to assist Nixon in the search for her daughter, Kane leaves his unruly children in the care of CSU's Jim Carver and June Ackland. PC Reg Hollis searches for a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig stolen from a city farm. Abi Nixon turns up at Sun Hill, demanding to know who her father is. As PC Des Taviner and PC Gemma Osborne race their police cars across London to reach a call first, their radio traffic and then their cars are intercepted by a furious Supt. Okaro and Insp. Gina Gold, fresh from a meeting at New Scotland Yard.

The Bill S18E74
Episode 74

Episode 066

The Bill S18E75
Episode 75

Episode 067

Insp. Gina Gold and PC Gemma Osbourne visit a local school to investigate reports of drug dealing. Osbourne runs into a teacher friend of hers, Caroline Cotton, who passes on a pornographic tape she conficated from a pupil. Osbourne passes the tape on to CID, but when Caroline arrives at the station, Osbourne decides to take DS Phil Hunter down a peg or two by setting him up with her lesbian friend. Sgt. June Ackland investigates a possibly racial assault on pub landlady Aisha Danvers, and sends PCs Jim Carver and Cathy Bradford undercover in the pub, an assignment that raises a few eyebrows given Carver's history of alcoholism. After a failed obbo on a possible gun buy at the pub, Bradford and Ackland suspect Carver has started drinking again. A furious Carver sets out to prove otherwise, and discovers that Danvers has actually set up her own drug and guns racket on the Larkmead. Osbourne's plan backfires when DS Hunter turns up the next day like the cat that got the cream, and Robbie

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Episode 068

DS Debbie McAllister's post-natal depression clouds her judgement when a father tries to protect his schizophrenic son. Her attitude alarms DCI Jack Meadows who enlists Eva Sharpe to help him convince Debbie to keep her baby. PC Nick Klein, recently released from hospital, and PC Ruby Buxton are asked by a local shopkeeper to get a drug dealer away from his corner. But while Ruby talks to the shop owner, Nick takes the chance to swap his hospital medication for cocaine. Convinced their chief suspect Shane Pellow is the serial killer, DCs Duncan Lennox and Danny Glaze decide to check the victims' phone records to see if there is any connection. They discover that at least two of the victims had placed "Lonely Hearts" ads in the local paper. Meanwhile Pellow's girlfriend, having found a bracelet belonging to one of the murdered girls, tells Cass Rickman she also thinks Shane is the killer. Little does TDC Brandon Kane know that while his seemingly sympathetic partner PC Cathy Bradford gi

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Episode 77

Episode 069

PC Cathy Bradford discovers a case of child abuse involves the son of her partner TDC Brandon Kane, and uses blackmail to force a teacher to push the case forward. But her plan goes awry when Brandon and his ex-wife Tanya agree to call a truce. PC Kerry Young is handing out invites to her wedding, but her ex-fiancé doesn't take it too well. Was he always this violent? Kerry, however, is distracted with plans for the staff Christmas party which Robbie Cryer seems to be organising single-handedly, and the Super offers a hundred pound prize for the best karaoke singer. Simon Kitson comes to Cass Rickman's rescue when she gets into a tussle with suspected serial killer Shane Pellow, so as a thank you she invites him to the party. Later, after he sends a text message, she pulls out of the karaoke trio to meet him at a bar instead. PC Nick Klein finally decides he's had enough of DS Phil Hunter riding roughshod over him and stumbles on a way to get him off his back. Along the way he comes to

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Episode 78

Episode 070

PC Cass Rickman is abducted and taken to a darkened warehouse. When her blindfold is removed, she finally discovers who the Sun Hill killer is - but will her colleagues find her before it's too late? [Source: Radio Times]

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Episode 79

Episode 071

When Cass Rickman's handbag is found in the street, the high from last night's party quickly dissipates. Now it's not just Nick Klein who worries for her safety. Then a body is found in the Thames and everyone holds their breath - but it's not Cass. Interviews with PCs Klein, Young and Best and Robbie Cryer, reveal to DCI Meadows and Insp Gold that three men have an axe to grind with Cass - Simon Kitson, Shane Pellow and Martin Porter. Beside himself with worry, Nick Klein is ordered home, but frantic to find Cass, he wanders the shoreline. Meanwhile PCs Hollis and Taviner find Kitson and Pellow fighting, Pellow saying he was attacked for no reason. Kitson says he was in love with Cass, and Pellow killed her because she had talked his girlfriend into leaving him. Both are taken back to the station for questioning. Tragically, Klein finds Cass's body lying by the river - Sun Hill's serial killer has taken one of their own. Nick is inconsolable, but when Cass's mother arrives he gives he

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Episode 80

Episode 072

The station is still in shock after Cass' murder. Simon Kitson is charged for the serial killing and forensics from his car make his future look grim. Simon commits suicide after pressure from Nick Klein and a visit from his obsessive sister. Nick looks satisfied as the alarm from custody rings through the building. Luke tells Craig that Carl is HIV positive and advises him to go for a test. Ruby and Gary embark on an undercover operation at a department store to try and prevent a predicted armed robbery. Gary is furious to be placed as an elf in Santa's grotto. Gina deals with a boy (Tommy) who has been accused of causing unnecessary injuries during a boxing match. Tommy turns out to be innocent and he asks Gina to find his real Mum (he was adopted). His Mum (Marilyn) turns out to be a cousin of one of Gina's old friends. Marilyn says she wants nothing to do with her son - within earshot of a devastated Tommy. Gina obviously has bad conections with Marilyn - but what has happened in t

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Episode 81

Episode 073

Simon Kitson is found dead in his cell leaving PC Nick Klein with an attack of the guilts, but when Simon's distraught sister appears at Cass Rickman's funeral, Nick sees red. The Sun Hill team attends the funeral, but Luke is worried when Kerry doesn't want to go. Supt Gina Gold plants PCs Gary Best and Ruby Buxton undercover in a department store and PC Gemma Osbourne in a bar, in a determined effort to bring down her old adversary Marilyn Costello. What has her really riled however, is Marilyn's treatment of her son Tommy, who she adopted out years before. When Melanie, one of the hostesses at the bar, starts to look at Gemma more closely, she thinks her cover's been blown, but it seems Melanie has other things on her mind. Meanwhile Craig Gilmore tells his HIV-positive partner Carl that the relationship is over. PC Kerry Young tries on a wedding dress while on duty at the department store with Buxton, and a chase with a shoplifter gets her into a nasty situation. Sensing that Gina

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Episode 82

Episode 074

Insp. Gina Gold is in Supt. Adam Okaro's bad books for ruining the operation at the department store. PC Gemma Osbourne sleeps with Melanie from Marilyn Costello's club where she is working undercover, unaware that she is the insider at the store. Sgt. Craig Gilmore steps in when the store wants PC Kerry Young to pay for the ruined wedding dress, and Young finally breaks down over Cass Rickman's death. Under the pretence of helping her escape the country, Osbourne brings Melanie into Sun Hill, where Melanie makes a statement about Marilyn. The police raid the club, but SO19 are forced to take action when Marilyn takes her son Tommy hostage at gunpoint. PC Cathy Bradford assumes the worst when she is stabbed in the arm with an hypodermic needle. An HIV test proves negative, but she tells a sympathetic TDC Brandon Kane a different story.

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Episode 83

Episode 075

It is the countdown to PC Luke Ashton and PC Kerry Young's big day, but all is not well. Sun Hill's big-time villain Ron Gregory has DS Hunter exactly where he wants him, but at what cost to Phil? DC Duncan Lennox asks Acting DI Samantha Nixon for help with the Sun Hill serial killer. [Source: Radio Times]

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