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The Bill

The Bill - Season 23 Episodes

The Bill S23E1
Episode 1

Episode 471

PCs Valentine and Casper arrest a man for being drunk-in-charge. DI Manson and Sgt Doug Wright mount a frantic search for a missing eleven-year-old boy. Sgt Ackland and PC Fletcher attend to an incident of vandalism at Harvey Wallace comprehensive. Ackland's boyfriend is knocked down in a hit-and-run incident.

The Bill S23E2
Episode 2

Episode 472

The Bill S23E3
Episode 3

Episode 473

The Bill S23E4
Episode 4

Episode 474

The Bill S23E5
Episode 5

Episode 475

The Bill S23E6
Episode 6

Episode 476

The Bill S23E7
Episode 7

Episode 477

The Bill S23E8
Episode 8

Episode 478

The Bill S23E9
Episode 9

Episode 479

The Bill S23E10
Episode 10

Episode 484

The Bill S23E11
Episode 11

Episode 485

The Bill S23E12
Episode 12

Episode 480

The Bill S23E13
Episode 13

Episode 481

The Bill S23E14
Episode 14

Episode 482

The Bill S23E15
Episode 15

Episode 483

The Bill S23E16
Episode 16

Episode 486

The Bill S23E17
Episode 17

Episode 487

Sgt Wright supervises the mass eviction of tenants from the Aldbourne Estate, and finds herself having to manage a public order situation. DC Webb traces the driver who ran Sgt Ackland off the road. She and Insp Gold present Supt Heaton with evidence of DAC Hobbs's involvement in the corrupt property development. DS Jim Carver returns to Sun Hill to discuss a case. The station is to survive the forthcoming reorganisation.

The Bill S23E18
Episode 18

Episode 488

Sgt Ackland assists DS Carver on a drugs stakeout. The officers are at loggerheads over their troubled past, and soon find themselves in over their heads. The relief carries out a search of some wasteland following the discovery of a human skeleton.

The Bill S23E19
Episode 19

Episode 489

Sgt Ackland and DS Carver are held hostage by drug dealers. Carver asks Ackland to take him back. Meanwhile, Sun Hill prepares Ackland's leaving party.

The Bill S23E20
Episode 20

Sweet Revenge

PCs Noble and Fletcher attend the scene of a burglary. DS Hunter and DC Masters investigate the assault of a woman running an adult webcam service. DI Nixon sees the chance to put away a villain from her past. Sgt Smith compromises a key witness to the incident. DC Webb and PCs Hinckley and Valentine are assigned to the clean-up of the Jasmine Allen Estate and uncover drug-dealing and joy-riding.

The Bill S23E21
Episode 21

Killer on The Run

Sgt Smith attends a minor traffic incident and discovers a body in the boot of a car. DCI Meadows and DC Webb lead the manhunt for the suspect, who is armed and blames Smith for ruining his life.

The Bill S23E22
Episode 22

Dead Men Don't Tell Lies

DS Turner and DC Webb investigate an arson attack and suspicious death. Supt Heaton suspects an acquaintance of the deceased, a dangerous psychopath with a history of extortion, and warns his estranged wife to leave London. PCs Hinckley and Fletcher deal with a violent assault case. PCs Hollis and Stamp have to find the key witness when he flees court.

The Bill S23E23
Episode 23


The Bill S23E24
Episode 24

Daddy's Girl

The Bill S23E25
Episode 25

End of The Affair

The Bill S23E26
Episode 26

Exit Wound

The Bill S23E27
Episode 27

Pride Before a Fall

The Bill S23E28
Episode 28

Hunter on the Street

The Bill S23E29
Episode 29

Role Model

The Bill S23E30
Episode 30

And Nothing But The Truth

The Bill S23E31
Episode 31

Day of Reckoning

The Bill S23E32
Episode 32

Blood Money

The Bill S23E33
Episode 33

To Honour and Obey

The Bill S23E34
Episode 34

Baby Trade

The Bill S23E35
Episode 35

Lies That Kill

The Bill S23E36
Episode 36

Inner Demons

The Bill S23E37
Episode 37

Getting Away With Murder

The Bill S23E38
Episode 38

Trigger Happy

The Bill S23E39
Episode 39

Do or Die

The Bill S23E40
Episode 40

On The Edge

The Bill S23E41
Episode 41

Better Off Dead

The Bill S23E42
Episode 42

Old Wounds

The Bill S23E43
Episode 43

Judgement Call

The Bill S23E44
Episode 44

A Model Murder (1)

The Bill S23E45
Episode 45

A Model Murder (2)

The Bill S23E46
Episode 46

Match Day Violence

The Bill S23E47
Episode 47

Cop Killer (1)

The Bill S23E48
Episode 48

Cop Killer (2)

The Bill S23E49
Episode 49

Behind Closed Doors

The Bill S23E50
Episode 50

Man Down

The Bill S23E51
Episode 51

Death Or Glory

The Bill S23E52
Episode 52

Copycat Killer

The Bill S23E53
Episode 53

Trail Of Blood

The Bill S23E54
Episode 54

Model Murder Uncovered

The Bill S23E55
Episode 55

Caught By The Killer

The Bill S23E56
Episode 56

Good Cop, Bad Cop

The Bill S23E57
Episode 57

Killing Me Softly

The Bill S23E58
Episode 58

Dicing With Danger

DS Hunter has just come back from an injury he sustained whilst trying to help DI Nixon. PCs Keen and Green tend a situation where a women was found in the park with her peruse stolen

The Bill S23E59
Episode 59

Deadly Secrets

The Bill S23E60
Episode 60

Diamonds Are Deadly

Neil is badly let down by one of his regular informants when a family jewellers is robbed of half a million pounds' worth of stock and one of the partners is shot in the course of the crime. Phil plays the knight in shining armour for casino owner's wife Monica Dreyfuss when she turns up in custody drunk and unable to pay her restaurant bill. Tony and Will are notified of a kidnapping, and Neil and Jo investigate a link to the high-value robbery from the jewellery store - leading them to suspect it being an inside job.

The Bill S23E61
Episode 61

Code Of Silence

A worried mother reports her son missing after a night out clubbing, but finds it difficult to accept he is gay when he is found beaten and raped by Reg and Beth, following an assignation with a casual pick-up. Emma and Sally have some success persuading the troubled youngster to unburden himself and Neil jumps to the conclusion the lad's own friends may have had something to do with the attack. Neil arranges a raid on the homes of the two main suspects.

The Bill S23E62
Episode 62

Crash Test

Terry investigates a loan shark accused of using strong-arm tactics to collect the extortionate repayments she demands. Stories about her employing a vicious thug to make acid attacks on the families of debtors prove all too true and Beth finds herself in danger when the ruffian is cornered. Meanwhile, a Ukrainian woman with no passport or visa is taken to hospital following a road accident but runs away before Sally and Tony can get the full story. Neil finds himself under pressure from Heaton to secure results.

The Bill S23E63
Episode 63

Up In Smoke

Smithy picks up a lead on a drug dealer operating from a burger van and before long Sun Hill's uniform branch are mounting a raid on a cannabis farm - where Diane puts herself in great danger by ignoring Callum's orders. Back at the station, Phil and Stuart muster as much empathy and sensitivity as they can when CID are called on to sort out a love triangle and find a missing bridegroom in time for his wedding. Beth and Tony attend a domestic disturbance.

The Bill S23E64
Episode 64

Deadly Shame (1)

The body of missing schoolgirl Chloe Parks is found in a derelict hospital building, but Crime Scene Examiner Lorna Hart cannot confirm the cause of death. Stone is called to identify the girl's body. Suspicion immediately falls on the victim's boyfriend, who seems to be responsible for recent changes in her behaviour, but a chilling home video given to the police by a classmate changes the direction of the investigation. While Sam and Smithy investigate the circumstances leading to her death, Will acts as family liason officer.

The Bill S23E65
Episode 65

Deadly Shame (2)

The evidence of the videotape convinces Karen Parks her husband has been abusing their daughter. CID arrest him on suspicion of murder, but CCTV footage from an off licence provides him with a cast-iron alibi for the time of Chloe's death and he is released without charge. Will's persistence leads to a tense encounter with the family, and Callum resorts to desperate measures to ensure justice is served.

The Bill S23E66
Episode 66

A Life Of Lies

Phil's latest conquest, Monica Dreyfuss, reports a burglary at her home which has left her bruised, shaken and fearing for her life. A series of beatings on a local estate points to a vigilante campaign against trouble-making drug dealers and the case touches a nerve with Will as he struggles to get over Martin Parks' suicide. Will and Leela respond to reports of a disturbance on an estate and find two badly-beaten men in a flat used by drug dealers.

The Bill S23E67
Episode 67

Russian Roulette

A masked kidnapper threatens to kill Monica if Phil does not return with the money Louis Dreyfuss owes his boss. He is driven to the casino to remove the ransom money from the safe - but stupidly tries to make his escape. Samantha is shocked to learn of his involvement in the case but allows her old partner to carry on with his undercover operation to the point of handing over the money - not realising Phil's philandering ways have made him more than one new enemy.

The Bill S23E68
Episode 68

Identity Fraud

The Bill S23E69
Episode 69

Back From The Brink

Callum briefs the relief on a spate of violent robberies that have occurred in and around the borough. Leela is shocked by Will's tactics when collaring a robbery suspect, and decides to adopt new methods of her own - but her actions do not go unnoticed by Stone. Niiki and Emma attend the scene of a domestic dispute in which a man accuses his wife of having an affair. Sally and Beth attend to the victim of an assault.

The Bill S23E70
Episode 70

Dead And Buried

Sam investigates the background of an eastern European diplomat accused of a violent assault on a prostitute and learns he could be a murderer. The pressure is on when it emerges the suspect has full diplomatic immunity and is due to be deported within twenty-four hours. Phil and Grace interview a painter, whose valuable nude portrait of an ex-lover has been stolen. Leela accepts a post outside Sun Hill, unaware that her colleague Stone has pulled strings to ease her departure.

The Bill S23E71
Episode 71

Cracking Under Pressure

Stuart works fast to find the children of separated parents when CCTV footage shows the brother and sister talking to a known paedophile. However, his involvement in their disappearance soon proves to be more than meets the eye. New recruit PC Benjamin Gayle is teamed with Will to investigate an assault on a Polish building worker, and finds himself in a tight spot when the victim's colleagues cut up rough about his fish-poaching activities on the common.

The Bill S23E72
Episode 72

Rough Justice

Stuart impresses his Sun Hill colleagues as he makes his debut on television crime show Wanted, hoping to clear up a burglary case during which the victim, lawyer Ian Stroud, suffered a massive heart attack. The public response is overwhelming, leaving the team of Terry, Beth and Ben to pick through a mountain of false leads - including a sighting of a man once defended in court by Stroud who served eight years for a rape he did not commit.

The Bill S23E73
Episode 73

Back From The Dead

Sally and Emma find a badly beaten woman in possession of a bag full of passports. She claims to be an asylum seeker whose political activist husband was murdered in Zimbabwe. However, when her son is abducted, a completely different story emerges and the race is on to rescue the boy from a violent and vengeful father. Gina discovers a bank robber she believed had died in a bank vault blast years ago is alive and well - and back in the country, forcing her to re-open an investigation into a twenty-year-old bank robbery.

The Bill S23E74
Episode 74

Take It to the Grave

Mickey kisses Sally - strictly in the course of his duties - as they trail bank robber Vince Murray, however, the pair are unable to prevent another robbery. Gina visits his family to find out what he's up to back in England. Meanwhile, the old lag's son, Darren proves to be a chip off the old block, staging a burglary with Ian Forrest's lad Kieran, but it's news to the youngsters that Ian was killed in the bank vault explosion while Vince survived the blast.

The Bill S23E75
Episode 75

Uncut Killer

When three teenagers collapse after taking uncut cocaine, Diane and Sally are sent to visit the school they all attend. There they break up a fight and further investigations reveal the two girls involved are both caught up in the local drugs scene as suppliers. While they investigate a new supply of pure-grace cocaine, Grace makes a momentous decision about her career, Phil drops a bombshell on his Sun Hill colleagues, and Jo decides to take a new step in her love life.

The Bill S23E76
Episode 76

Collateral Damage

The Bill S23E77
Episode 77

Line Of Fire (1)

A paranoid schizophrenic is the main suspect in the case of a prowler who attacked a woman and then stabbed Reg, who answered the call for help. When Callum and Grace indentify the prime suspect, Neil recognises the man as someone he arrested four years previously, and takes pity on him when it emerges he did not receive appropriate medical help at the time, and has since been victimised by neighbours on his estate.

The Bill S23E78
Episode 78

Line Of Fire (2)

Schizophrenic Michael Simms threatens Shelley Cooper with a knife and when the woman is later killed, Manson orders CO19 to shoot him, assuming Simms is the culprit. In the subsequent inquiry by the department of professional standards, who also subject other officers in CID to criticism, the DI's judgement is called into question by his own superior officer, and he faces the prospect that his career could be over.

The Bill S23E79
Episode 79

Deadly Intent

Callum and Diane are called to the scene of a domestic disturbance, only to find Diane's neighbour, who has been knocked unconscious with an iron. It looks as if his wife is escaping from an abusive marriage, but all is not as it seems. Meanwhile, Smithy and Nate answer a call from a man who has been sold fake raffle tickets, but the teenage mum accused of the crime impresses the coppers enough to earn a second chance to sort out her life.

The Bill S23E80
Episode 80

Stealth Attack

A limo driver of a fading pop star is suspected of raping a student found unconscious in an alley by Reg and Tony. Jo and Sam investigate the circumstances leading up to her rape. Elsewhere, Smithy encounters Leanne Samuels again, when he and Emma are called to disturbance at a mini market - only to learn she has lost her job after taking time off work to look after her teenage daughter's baby, and this time he's determined to make Carly see sense before Social Services take the baby away from her. Stuart prepares to makes a further appearance on a tv crime show.

The Bill S23E81
Episode 81

Tortured Soul

Questioned for beating up schoolboy Paul Herriot, irate father Bryce Lucas admits to Ben and Mickey he did so because he had been sent a videotape of the boy sexually assaulting his daughter - a pupil at the same school. Further investigation uncovers a cycle of abuse involving the disturbed youngster, but his story doesn't quite add up and there are further shocks in store, even for Sun Hill's most worldy wise officers.

The Bill S23E82
Episode 82

Moving Target (1)

Terry and Jo investigate the serious assult of a man promoting a rock against racism concert. Heaton, anticipating trouble at the concert, has a very public run-in with the local MP, Paul Sagger, who crosses swords in a heated TV interview by fuelling tensions in the local community, in the lead-up to the rock against racism concert.

The Bill S23E83
Episode 83

Moving Target (2)

MP Paul Sagger is exposed as an antiques smuggler who owns artefacts looted from a Baghdad museum, but Manson is unsure of just how he is obtaining the valuables. Officers investigate the double-shooting at the rock against racism concert, and Grace discovers Heaton was one of the intended targets. Jo and Terry uncover a possible connection to the Bulldogs of Patriotism.

The Bill S23E84
Episode 84

Moving Target (3)

Derek Jacobs becomes prime suspect for the rock against racism shootings. Manson leads the investigation into the murder of Abdul Muntqim. The search for the gunman leads to evidence confirming that local MP Paul Sagger is directly involved in the illegal importation of artefacts - and Sagger's partner reveals how he smuggled looted goods into the country in her son's coffin. The case reaches a dramatic climax when the killer turns up unexpectedly at the station.

The Bill S23E85
Episode 85

Love, Lies and Limos

Stuart's driver Trevor Jones helps CID with useful information about a limousine operator who is rumoured to be supplying cocaine as part of the champagne service. Diane and Will respond to a call regarding a hijacked limousine, and Stuart investigates an assault on the driver's wife. Mickey volunteers to pose as a city banker and gather evidence against the villain, but has a few uncomfortable moments when it becomes clear his cover has been blown.

The Bill S23E86
Episode 86


When Stuart's driver Trevor Jones and a female friend are badly beaten up, the detective sets out to link the attack to a mysterious drug dealer known only as the 'Postman'. Meanwhile, Nate and Ben answer a call to a disturbance at a cafe where a boy has had paint sprayed in his face. The assault has racial overtones and the discovery of narcotics at the scene provides a vital lead for the CID investigation.

The Bill S23E87
Episode 87


Stuart is horrified to discover his trusted driver and friend is the mystery drug dealer the 'Postman', who plans to use him as his inside man at Sun Hill, using incriminating photos and unexplained payments into his bank account to blackmail him. Jo rumbles what is going on, but Stuart's efforts to put matters right just lead to greater danger. A drugs bust is thwarted by a tip-off, and Manson suspects a leak from within the team.

The Bill S23E88
Episode 88

The Honey Trap

Alternate title: "The Honey Trap".

The Bill S23E89
Episode 89

Inside Out (1)

Disgraced detective Zain Nadir is interviewed about drug trafficking in Hayesend Prison, where he is serving ten years for perverting the course of justice, after Callum and Will discover the body of a drug addict recently released from prison. He agrees to help his colleagues infiltrate the gang involved. Jack is not sure whether he can trust his mole and fears the worst when a riot breaks out just as the police move in to arrest the operation's kingpin, Zain's cellmate Jason Forbes, who makes good his escape in the confusion.

The Bill S23E90
Episode 90

Inside Out (2)

Zain gets a frosty reception at the station when Heaton secures his release from prison to help Meadows with the recapture of escaped killer Jason Forbes, and Will can't help taking a swing at the man who callously disposed of Honey's body in a bid to save his own skin. Unsurprisingly, Zain encounters hostility from several of his former colleagues. The pursuit leads to a gunpoint showdown, giving Zain a clear choice between escape and doing the right thing.

The Bill S23E91
Episode 91

Assault On Sun Hill (1)

New recruit DS Max Carter joins the Sun Hill team from CO19 to investigate a tip-off about an armed cash-in-transit robbery, only to find partner DC Perkins drowning his sorrows after the informant is killed for his pains. PCs Gayle and Armstrong arrest two girls for failing to pay their cab fare, and a catastrophic train of events is unleashed when it emerges they were carrying a deadly cargo smuggled in from Ghana - and their boyfriends want it back.

The Bill S23E92
Episode 92

Assault On Sun Hill (2)

Sally and Tony are taken as hostages by the gun-men and John and Gina take charge of the situation to evacuate the station when an officer is hit by a bullet. Terry sleeps off his hangover in a cell and finds himself in a waking nightmare, trapped in Sun Hill with two murder suspects, two drug mules in a bad way and a pair of reckless maniacs threatening to kill if they don't get their girlfriends back.

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