The Bionic Woman

The Bionic Woman

The Bionic Woman - Season 1 Episodes

The Bionic Woman S1E0
Episode 0


The Bionic Woman S1E1
Episode 1

Second Chances

When a devastating car accident leaves Jaime Sommers at death's door, her only hope of survival is a cutting-edge, top-secret technology performed by her boyfriend, Dr. Will Anthros, and with her new bionics come a covert life that she is not sure she is ready to lead.

The Bionic Woman S1E2
Episode 2

Paradise Lost

Lost innocence - - Isaiah Washington Guest-Stars – After Jaime experiences another devastating loss, she encounters a stranger who befriends her.

The Bionic Woman S1E3
Episode 3


Jaime is tasked by the Berkut Group to watch the daughter of a Canadian defense contractor.

The Bionic Woman S1E4
Episode 4


Jaime (Michelle Ryan), while on a mission to rescue an American doctor working in Paraguay, discovers the truth about her bionic lifespan.

The Bionic Woman S1E5
Episode 5

The Education of Jaime Sommers

Bachelors of Love -- Jordan Bridges guest stars -- Jaime (Michelle Ryan) finally gets to experience college when she goes undercover as a British transfer student to investigate a professor who is possibly selling neural implants to terrorists.

The Bionic Woman S1E6
Episode 6

The List

Are you on the list? -- Jordan Bridges guest-stars -- The Berkut Group has to team up with the CIA to catch a dangerous man who is selling a list naming the Berkut Group and CIA operatives.

The Bionic Woman S1E7
Episode 7

Trust Issues

Who's got your back? -- Isaiah Washington and Jordan Bridges guest star -- When an assassination plot of a controversial head of state on United States soil is discovered, Jonas assigns Jaime and Antonio (guest star Isaiah Washington) to thwart it.

The Bionic Woman S1E8
Episode 8

Do Not Disturb

While at a resort, Jaime gets pulled into a deadly game with another guest.

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