The Black Donnellys


The Black Donnellys follows the exploits of four young, working-class Irish brothers. Their involvement in organized crime in New York City will put their life at risk and they will do anything to protect each other from the hostility between them and the other New York families who want their territory.

Jonathan Tucker and Olivia Wilde Get Dark with ‘The Black Donnellys’

With The Departed taking the Best Picture honors at this years Academy Awards, the time certainly seems ripe for a show about an Irish American family to grace the small screen. The Black Donnellys follows an Irish family living in New York in a crime-ridden neighborhood. The Donnelly family includes four brothers who are very close and protective of one another. The show is filmed in New York City, and is based on the background of Bobby Moresco, one of the series' executive producer-creators.  The other executive producer/creator who also directed The Black Donnellys pilot is Paul Haggis. Moresco and Haggis are the Academy Award winning co-writers of last years Best Picture Crash.

We recently sat on conference call with Jonathan Tucker, who plays Tommy Donnelly and Olivia Wilde, who plays Jenny Reilly on the show.

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NBC Adds ‘The Black Donnellys’

NBC has ordered the mid-season crime drama The Black Donnellys to air Monday nights after Heroes.

Meanwhile, NBC is taking on the Andy Richter comedy, Andy Barker P.I. from executive producers Conan O'Brien and Jonathan Groff; it will "Barker" will get a five-week run at 9:30 Thursdays beginning March 15.

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