The Cisco Kid

The Cisco Kid

The Cisco Kid - Season 6 Episodes

The Cisco Kid S6E1
Episode 1

A Quiet Sunday Morning

Cisco and Pancho go after three robbers, one of whom is a teenager, who killed a sheriff during their getaway.

The Cisco Kid S6E2
Episode 2

Arroyo Millionaire's Castle

On the trail of an outlaw who killed a prospector, Pancho and Cisco encounter an eccentric millionaire who lives in a desert castle.

The Cisco Kid S6E3
Episode 3


Cisco comes to the aid of a robbery witness who happens to be the niece of the chief bandit.

The Cisco Kid S6E4
Episode 4

Choctaw Justice

Cisco must clear a Native American of a murder charge.

The Cisco Kid S6E5
Episode 5

New York's Finest

Cisco and Pancho come to the aid of a New York police officer who has come west in search of the killer of his former commander. Using a clever ruse, they are able to expose the killer.

The Cisco Kid S6E6
Episode 6

Cisco and the Tappers

Cisco and Pancho help a pair of lawmen capture a band of outlaws who tap into telegraph wires to learn of upcoming gold shipments.

The Cisco Kid S6E7
Episode 7

Young Blood

Cisco tries to keep a youth from taking up with a gang of outlaws

The Cisco Kid S6E8
Episode 8

School Marm

It's Cisco and Pancho to the rescue when a pretty school teacher is kidnapped

The Cisco Kid S6E9
Episode 9

Bounty Men

Cisco and Pancho trail a wanted killer to an Army recruiting station and encounter a corrupt military doctor who enlists wanted men into the service under aliases.

The Cisco Kid S6E10
Episode 10

Quick on the Trigger

Cisco comes to the aid of an expectant father who's suffering from financial woes.

The Cisco Kid S6E11
Episode 11

Gold, Death and Dynamite

A stage line owner, plagued by robberies, substitutes dynamite for gold in his next shipment.

The Cisco Kid S6E12
Episode 12

Jumping Beans

Cisco and Pancho use Mexican jumping beans to help them apprehend three escaped convicts.

The Cisco Kid S6E13
Episode 13


Three outlaws who are after Cisco's hide kidnap Pancho and use him as bait to lure our hero int a fatal trap.

The Cisco Kid S6E14
Episode 14

Six Gun Cupids

Cisco and Pancho try to help a pair of star-crossed lovers find happiness despite strenuous opposition from the man's wealthy mother.

The Cisco Kid S6E15
Episode 15


When their horses are stolen in an ambush, Pancho and Cisco try to purchase fresh mounts but it appears that everyone in the area doesn't want to sell to our heroes.

The Cisco Kid S6E16
Episode 16

The Joker

Cisco and Pancho go after a con man who keeps selling a ranch he doesn't own.

The Cisco Kid S6E17
Episode 17

Man with the Reputation

A newspaper editor wrongly accuses Cisco and Pancho of taking bribes from the criminal element in a town.

The Cisco Kid S6E18
Episode 18

The Epidemic

This time Cisco and Pancho pursue a group of scumbags who are holding a bottle of smallpox vaccine for ransom.

The Cisco Kid S6E19
Episode 19

Mr. X

Cisco tries to rescue a mine owner who's trapped in a collapsed tunnel only to be trapped there himself when the apparent accident turns out to be deliberate.

The Cisco Kid S6E20
Episode 20


A damsel needs the help of Pancho and Cisco when she comes West to take possession of a ranch she just inherited.

The Cisco Kid S6E21
Episode 21

He Couldn't Quit

Cisco and Pancho get involved with three individuals: a gypsy palm reader, a seemingly respectable businessman, and an outlaw seeking his share of the loot from a prior robbery.

The Cisco Kid S6E22
Episode 22

Kilts and Sombreros

Cisco and Pancho try to help a Scotsman get his job with Wells Fargo back after he's ambushed by bandits.

The Cisco Kid S6E23
Episode 23

West of the Law

Cisco and Pancho come to the defense of a young man who's been accused of stealiing the jewelry of an opera singer.

The Cisco Kid S6E24
Episode 24

Dangerous Shoemaker

Cisco and Pancho become entangled in a shoemaker's blackmail plot when Pancho stops off to get his boots repaired.

The Cisco Kid S6E25
Episode 25

The Magician of Jamesville

Cisco uses a boomerang from a magician's kit to expose a crooked politician and apprehend a mysterious killer who uses a blowgun as his weapon of death.

The Cisco Kid S6E26
Episode 26

Tangled Trails

When an old friend of our heroes disappears along with a shipment of money, Cisco and Pancho set out to clear his name.

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