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The Closer - Season 4 Episodes

The Closer - Season 4

The Closer - Season 4

LAPD Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson faces new challenges. Brenda and Fritz struggle with moving into a new home, attempt to plan a wedding and, despite Brenda's need for independence and the demands of her job, grow closer.

The Closer S4E1
Episode 1

Controlled Burn

Griffith Park is a blazing inferno, threatening sections of Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank and San Mateo. With four people dead and firefighters desperately trying to keep the flames at bay, the Priority Homicide Division is called in to begin an investigation. Things turn ugly when a nemesis of Brenda’s – pyromaniac Bill Croelick (from the Season 1 episode “Fatal Retraction”) – enters the scene. To make matters worse, a reporter has been attached to the squad as part of a PR campaign for the LAPD. On the home front, Fritz and Brenda have moved into a duplex, but the owner doesn’t allow pets. That doesn’t stop Brenda, however, from doing everything she can to keep Kitty under wraps, even if it means fighting with Fritz over the situation.

The Closer S4E2
Episode 2

Speed Bump

A recently paroled murderer is found dead in an alley near a halfway house, the victim of a hit and run. Brenda must tread carefully, because the crime for which the victim was convicted was a major press event in Los Angeles. Flynn was the primary on the original case, and the wounds he feels from it are still painful, even eight years later. At home, Fritz spends the day lying on the floor after throwing his back out.

The Closer S4E3
Episode 3

Cherry Bomb

After reporting to the police that she had been raped by one of her classmates, a high-school girl apparently hangs herself in her bedroom. But Brenda is not so sure it’s a suicide, especially given the fact that the boy who allegedly raped her is the son of Mark Yates (Daniel Baldwin), a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. commander. Despite some major head-butting between Brenda’s squad and the overheated and over-protective Yates, Brenda’s intense investigation eventually uncovers a ruthless sexual game being played at a local private school.

The Closer S4E4
Episode 4

Live Wire

A man wearing a surveillance wire in downtown Los Angeles is shot to death at point blank range and the first person on the scene is none other than Ricardo Ramos, who covers Priority Homicide for the Los Angeles Times. The victim’s connections to a drug investigation intersect with Fritz’s FBI work, and the ongoing duel between Brenda and her fiancé for control of the case leads to confrontation.

The Closer S4E5
Episode 5

Dial M For Provenza

Posing as a hit man, Provenza and Flynn successfully bring an attempted murder sting operation to a close only to find all their evidence, along with Provenza's car, has been stolen while they stopped for lunch. Brenda, forced to free her suspect, must face a coolly furious Pope, who insists that Priority Homicide must get the car, the evidence and the suspect back in forty-eight hours.

The Closer S4E6
Episode 6

Problem Child

When a rebellious, adopted 12-year-old boy disappears, Brenda must decide whether he should be treated as a runaway or a critical missing. The further into the case she goes, the more toxic the child seems to be, and Brenda begins to question if the missing boy is a victim or a potential killer.

The Closer S4E7
Episode 7

Sudden Death

After Det. Julio Sanchez’s brother is shot, the entire squad will not rest until they find the culprit. The investigation is jeopardized by an overzealous detective and a leak within the department. Kevin Bacon, who has directed episodes for the past two seasons of THE CLOSER, returns to helm this gripping episode.

The Closer S4E8
Episode 8

Split Ends

After a hair stylist for a television show is murdered, Brenda and the squad must wade through a history of domestic violence and secret addresses to find the murderer. Brenda also has to deal with her parents (guest stars Frances Sternhagen and Barry Corbin), who have decided to pay a surprise visit in the RV on the way to Alaska. And Brenda’s father, Clay, is determined to drop less-than-subtle hints about when they can expect Brenda and Fritz to finally tie the knot.

The Closer S4E9
Episode 9

Tijuana Brass

The bodies of two Tijuana police officers are found in the back of a stolen pickup truck, and all the evidence points towards an FBI informant as the prime suspect. Complicating matters, a newspaper story by Ricardo Ramos paints an extremely unflattering picture of Priority Homicide, a public relations nightmare that’s going to require some fancy footwork by Pope, Taylor and Brenda to set right.

The Closer S4E10
Episode 10

Time Bomb

In the heart-pounding summer finale, Brenda’s newly renamed Major Crimes Division investigates the death of a teenager that might be related to a highly organized plan to massacre hundreds of innocent people. As the squad races against the clock to track down a bomb before it can explode, they are given a stark and sudden reminder that the LAPD can be a very dangerous place to work.

The Closer S4E11
Episode 11

Good Faith

When THE CLOSER left off in September, Detective Sanchez had been shot three times while saving the life of Det. Lt. Provenza as they tried to apprehend a killer. The episode ended as Det. Sanchez was airlifted to a hospital in Brenda’s arms. In this premiere episode, we learn the fate of Det. Sanchez and find that Brenda and her squad must deal with a new round of cases. Brenda and her team are called in by the medical examiner, Dr. Morales, to investigate an apparent suicide that he believes is actually a murder. The investigation reveals that the victim was making an effort to straighten out his life when an unlikely person turned against him. Meanwhile, Brenda’s parents are back in town staying with Fritz and Brenda for a few days on their way to a Hawaiian cruise.

The Closer S4E12
Episode 12

Junk in the Trunk

An extremely overweight body turns up in the trunk of a car, a body that happens to be that of a man who stole $3 million in diamonds from his own jewelry store. But the body is in such bad shape, it’s impossible to determine the cause of death. When the team finally tracks down a possible witness, they get quite a shock.

The Closer S4E13
Episode 13

Power Of Attorney

When a woman is found brutally raped and murdered in her home, all eyes turn towards the prime suspect, a known sex offender who lawyers up before he’s even arrested. The attorney turns out to be a match for Brenda who winds up stringing Brenda and her squad along with a variety of manipulative tactics.

The Closer S4E14
Episode 14

Fate Line

With her parents (guest stars Frances Sternhagen and Barry Corbin) in town, Brenda is busy preparing for her upcoming wedding. Duty calls, however, when a cell phone is found containing text messages that point to a possible homicide. The case becomes a race against time when the police realize there may be more than one killing involved. Tagging along for the investigation is Fritz’s vegan sister, Claire (guest star Amy Sedaris), who fancies herself a psychic (or as she says, “an intuitionist”).

The Closer S4E15
Episode 15

Double Blind

Brenda and Fritz’s wedding is only a day away, but both of them have their minds on their jobs more than their impending nuptials. Fritz is called to a stakeout in the hopes of finally arresting a drug lord known as El Jefe. And Brenda gets tied up in an investigation into a robbery and murder at an escort service. With Brenda’s parents (guest stars Frances Sternhagen and Barry Corbin) and Fritz’s sister (guest star Amy Sedaris) dealing with the wedding details, the question remains whether the bride and groom will actually make it to the altar.

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